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"Changed from what we all know and love."
– Changedtale Logo

Changedtale is a Switch Up AU, where the characters swap in pairs (ex. Toriel and Asgore swap with Papyrus and Sans), and, the story's different.


Long ago, two races ruled over Earth: HUMANS and MONSTERS.

When war broke out, there were two sides: MONSTER and HUMAN.

Some monsters and some humans were helping the other side.

If they helped monsters, they were sealed.

If they helped humans, they weren't.

Many years later . . .



Legends say those who climb the mountain never return.

Name the fallen goat.


... the true name.


Dreemurr Family

  • The Caretaker Role - Frisk
  • The Monarch Role - Monster Kid
  • The Soulless Angel Role - Chara
  • The Empty One Role - Toby Dog

Skeleton Family

  • The Judge Role - Asgore
  • The Ambitious Role - Toriel
  • The Forgotten Scientist Role - Goner Kid

Undyne and Monster Kid

  • The Idoliser Role - Undyne
  • The Captain of The Guard Role - Mettablook


  • The Royal Scientist Role - Napstablook


  • The Recluse Role - Dummy
  • The Celebrity Role - Mad Dummy

The Fallen Humans

  • The Fallen Role - Asriel
  • The Player/Protagonist Role - Flowey

Other Changes

  • Flowey is only above ground when
  1. Its a cutscene
  2. He could move otherwise (in a flowerpot)
  • Friskid is canon
  • Charsriel's Canon
  • Areas are the same, with minor changes. They'll be bellow.

Area Changes

Original Area AU Characters Changes
The Ruins The Ruins of Home Toby the Dog Frisk just visits at times
Snowdin Snowdin Toriel, Asgore, Undyne Toriel and Asgore are kids
Waterfall " " Mettablook, Dummy Mettablook, while living there, visits his cousins there a lot
Hotland The Hotlands Napstablook, Mad Dummy Mad Dummy, in his normal form, is a Dummy with a screen
New Home The Non-Ruined Home Monster Kid, Frisk Monster Kid told Frisk the kids gave up their SOULs


  • Dummy - Ruins of Home Mini Boss
  • Frisk - Ruins of Home Boss
  • K9 Unit - Snowdin Mini Bosses
  • Toriel - Snowdin Boss
  • Undyne - Mini Boss on Genocide
  • Mettablook - Boss of Waterfall
  • Mettablook NEO - Boss of Waterfall on Genocide
  • Mad Dummy, &, Mad Dummy EX - Bosses of Hotland
  • Glad Dummy NEO - Boss of Hotland on Genocide
  • Monster Kid - Boss of The Non-Ruined Home on Neutral
  • Omega Rosey - Final Neutral Boss
  • Chara Dreemurr - Final Pacifist Boss
  • Asriel Dreemurr - Final Genocide Boss

Misc. Changes

  • Frisk and Monster Kid are 10 in the AU
  • Chara was Frisk's sister
  • Asriel was adopted by Frisk and MK
  • Asriel and Flowey are the only monsters with Determination to not melt
  • Flowey, while not being able to feel, is not a killer
  • All the fallen were monsters, and, 7 monster SOULs with Traits are needed to break The Barrier
  • Asriel is the only monster in history to be adopted by monsters
  • Asriel was Asgore and Toriel's brother


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