Changed Story Is An AU Where The Charaters Roles Are Changed, But They Still Keep Their Main Traits, Jobs, Relations, etc. Some Non-Related Charaters Will Have Relations.

The Story

Im Too Lazy To Type It So...

Charater Changes

Alphys - Frisk

Undyne - Chara

Chara - Flowey

Napstablook - Toriel

Sans - Napstablook

Toriel - Sans

Gaster - Papyrus / Asgore (Plot Twist!!)

Monster Kid - Undyne

Goner Kid - Alphys

Gaster's Followers - Amalgamates

Annoying Dog / Toby Fox - Gaster

Flowey - Mettaton ( Box )

Asriel - Mettaton ( Ex And Neo )


  • Alphys Betrayed The Monsters And Got To Stay On The Surface.
  • Alphys Fell Down Because She Felt Bad.
  • Alphys Is Now Consirded A 'Traitor' To The Monsters.
  • Undyne Hates Humanity Because The Humans Killed Asgore.
  • Alphys No Longer Wears A Lab Coat.
  • You Can Abort The Genocide Run By Sparing Toriel, But You End Up Getting Killed By Gaster.
  • Toriel Is Still The Queen Of The Underground.
  • Blooky And Gaster Are Old Friends.
  • Papyrus Died During The War, Explaining Why Sans Seems Depressed.

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