ChangeTaleFILE66666 is what happens to undertale after you survive (and fakely kill) Change?Sans.

This game is VERY deadly and broken.


Toriel and Flowey die after they say "6666666". Papyrus smiles when you die. Sans gaster blasters the bridge you are standing on and you fall into a pile of bones. The game "ends" with blood all over the undertale tab. When you come back you appear in a TV static area with a black figure of Sans while the screen quickly changes to a sans with a bloody mouth drinking the blood of frisk's head. The game closes again. You come back in and then you approach Undyne that has her back turned to you. If you walk closer she will slowly turn only her head around and then turn her whole body around. She generates a very bloody spear that misses and she gets hit by a bone that hits her in the neck. She then explodes into body parts and blood. Sans then says "you thought that you could get rid of me" "just by destroying my home" "well I'm a glitch so..." "That won't work (:" "HHahahahhahahah(:" "but don't worry" "I will stay with you forever" "First here is some friendly bones (;" then Sans impairs you fully with bones.You come back and you are in a dark hallway with dead people and blood. Getting to the end will reveal Frisk exploding into blood. Come back and the game is fully black with only a flickering, melty, Sans head in the distance. After that, you play as Sans walking to the end of the same hallway but when you get to the top there is a dead Frisk body and Sans picks it up. He then initiates a battle with your soul. The battle is nearly impossible as Sans sucks you in a gaster blaster sucking your blood everywhere. If you lose a hundred times you automatically kill Sans and blood is everywhere. Then the game breaks and your whole computer is hacked with a bloody sans background, bloody fonts, all the numbers and letters on the keyboard spell out "6" when clicked, and everything says "6". There is no way to save everything, Change has changed your computer.

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