"i never asked for this"
– Chakra! Maguto, explaining to CORE!Frisk

His full name is Ryan Uzumaki


Chakra!Maguto is a Maguto from a genocide route timeline in his AU. A portal opened up sending a force of a power called "Chakra". The force killed Chara, they reset and defeated him. But, it wasn't Chara who he was fighting it was Demon!Calibri who possesed Frisk and killed Chara. He then killed Frisk and restored Maguto as the youngest out of his 3 siblings


He still a lazy, pun-loving skeleton but he's more serious at points and also cares for everyone on the Alternate Underverse Team. He somtimes loses his cool but actually stays calm but due to his many phobias he may actually be mentally suffering


On his multiverse adventures Chakra ran into Crazy Nude Arist Sans and he saw how sad Chakra was after defeating the enemy as he decided to again head back to the Omega Timline but CNAS told him to come with him and live in his AU. Chakra thought about it and decided to permanently live their. He's friends with TUTF as he find a bit leveled to talk with.


He is 5'8, wears a black cloak over a black and red hoodie, grey shorts and black shoes and has a sword on his back


He has white hair and blue eyes when in his human form. His shoes change to sandals and he becomes more agile


He uses a sword in battle to strike and block. He also still has Gaster Blasters and bones but he never uses bones. He also is able to teleport from AU to AU. He can weave handsigns to use Justu that were given to from "Chakra"


He channels lightning into his hand and either shocks a group of people by sending it into the


He creates a sphere of chakra and either charges it or throws it at his target

Shadow Clones

He creates physical copies of him self and most people can't tell the differnces

Charka Release/Types

  • Wind
  • Lightning
  • Water
  • Kenjutsu

Release Types Justsu

Wind Release Rasenshuriken

He unleash a Rasengan with four points appearing to be a fuma shuriken and either throws it or launches it at his opponent


  • Monophobia - He always need to be talking to someone or he''ll start to panic until he fully breakdown
  • Claustrophobia - If he's left in a room to long he can have optical illusion and feel the room closing in on him
  • Severe Depression - His homesickness devolped into depression and whenever he sees a true pacifist timeline with his friends and family he starts to cry and if its a genocide he goes into a blind rage helping the Maguto or whoever is the judge kill the Chara of that universe
  • Insomnia- If it reaches around the time his Frisk fell, he'll start having nightmare about the genocide causing insomnia for him
  • Auditory Hallucination - He hears voices whenever its too quiet and he hears agruements or screams of the genocide

He is pretty cocky and doesn't care if he takes any damage letting him tire out more then normal and if he takes too much damage til near death he needs to teleport away or retreat



He and Mags are best friends. Chakra always pops in on Maguto to make sure he's ok or to help in a Genocide Timeline


He met them in the Omega Timeline and share alot incommon since they both homesick and sometimes wish their lives went different for the better


Heard of him. Seen him and finds him the most annoying thing in the multiverse and attempts to not be seen by him.


He decided to attempt to befriend Create but he was busy doing something so he left and aknowledges his existens.

Chibi Ink Sans

He find her so adoreable even if she is older than him but decides to do pranks by imtating Ink's brush or Error's strings


He feels very scared of him but he always catches him at a good time or if he's with people who can calm him down.

Betty Angel

She's his love intrest or girlfriend and finds her hot as he would say in his mind and pretty as he would say in person

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