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"'If there were two astronauts alone in space, and one threw a rock at the other, would that be f***ed up or what?'"
– Century Gothic

Century Gothic (Or C. Gothic for short) is a main character of CNAS-Tale. He was supposedly a part of Gaster's experiments, but due to an incident with the experiment, he was trapped in a limbo where he didn't exist, similar to Gaster and his followers. He was freed and became an AU protector.


C. Gothic was a test subject for Gaster's determination experiments. Unfortunately an incident occurred, causing him to fall into the core (What this incident was is unknown, even to C. Gothic himself). He did not die, but he was trapped in a dark void. He was given new powers, but some of his memories were lost. He remained in that void until TNF and Sans.T found him. He was freed from the void and was made aware of the Multiverse. With that knowledge he decided to help protect the AUs, with CNAS, TNF and Sans.T.


Century Gothic lives outside the timeline with his friends CNAS, TNF, and Sans.T, and he helps protects the AUs of the multiverse. He lives in a small pocket dimension within The Creative Realm. This pocket dimension is filled with weird abstract artwork, sprites and concept sketches of AU characters. The world is called "The Picasso Pad" by CNAS because of the abstract artwork.


C. Gothic is a skeleton slightly shorter than Papyrus. He always wears a pair of green & black headphones with stock skull designs on the earpieces. He is usually seen wearing a pink hood-less jacket with a yellow badge and a dark green pair of jeans. His body is also covered with damage marks.


Century Gothic is kind and respectful. He acts slightly more serious than Sans & Papyrus, but isn't too serious. He also has a tendency to joke around. Just like Papyrus is more for Physical humor, and Sans is leaning on puns, Century Gothic leans into dark humor.

Abilities & Weaknesses


Just like Sans and Papyrus, he can manifest bones in a variety of ways, however he can also manifest orange bones. He can also manifest lasers without Gaster Blasters, plus manifest explosions as powerful as the explosions of Hydrogen Bombs. He can't modify a soul, but he can control time in a variety of ways. He can speed up time, slow down time, freeze time and even reverse time for 10 minutes. As well as that, he can also manifest clock hands and pendulums made out of bones. He can also levitate a few feet off the ground.


Century Gothic doesn't have much known weaknesses. His chronal manipulation (Time control) can sometimes stop working and also stops the rest of his powers for 10 minutes, plus his powers can tire him out after a while. He is also more pacifistic, only resorting to violence when he absolutely has to.


Annoying Dog
This information is based on alternate scenes or materials, and 'may or may not' be considered canon within the overall plot of any of these AUs. Viewer discretion is advised.


C. Gothic likes TNF but finds him a bit childish sometimes.


C. Gothic respects CNAS' work, but he overall finds CNAS an overly annoying person.


C. Gothic also admires Ink's work, and finds him a great influence on most AUs.


C. Gothic feels the same way about Create as he does Ink.


C. Gothic isn't the hugest fan of Destroyer or his work.


C. Gothic likes Dream's positivity. That is all C. Gothic has to say about Dream.


C. Gothic feels Nightmare and his concept is silly and can't take him that seriously.


C. Gothic isn't a fan of Error because of Error's role in the Multiverse.


C. Gothic respects S.T, but finds him annoying.


C. Gothic has nothing to say about Dark.


C. Gothic Likes Sans.T and finds him his best friend.

Times New Roman

Finds TNR creepy, but respects him as a fellow character from a singular non-existent timeline.


  • C. Gothic doesn't remember Gaster all that well.
  • C. Gothic is colorblind.
  • His relationship with Sans and Papyrus is unknown.
  • He has a photographic memory.
  • Just like Sans and Papyrus, He is also named after a font.
  • Century Gothic's boss theme Clock Lag actually was made for C. Gothic, as well as Gaster.

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