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"You are you and I can't change that.
But I won't let you harm this AU."
Century to Out Of Code Destroyers
-character, and au by AUstation


He was nothing, but nothing since the very beginning of time was tired of being nothing, so he created a physical form to be able to experience life. And being his own ruler in the process. He is mostly just a Au wanderer drifting Au to Au trying to find a sense of adventure. As he travels he try's to befriend as many destroyers as possible, to help save an Au if the time calls for it. His purpose is unclear to him, but he thinks it is to aid in creation, and guarding the AUs.

He has two forms that he has access to, the second being if you actually manage to defeat his physical form, he then merges with his source. Nothingness. Then he becomes way more powerful.

There is a prophecry of his destiny, which is known by king multivers, and the deities.

" One day there will be a Great War, Au turns on Au. Destroyer fights Destroyer, creator fights creator. In the end nearly everything will be wiped out, all except for century and the last destroyer. During this time century has obsorbed the souls of the multiverses inhabitants to try and save them, but to no avail. After the last monster is destroyed there will be a fight between century, and the last destroyer, century will lose, and the destroyer will halt his regeneration. During his final breath he will turn to dust, After centuries death he will transform into his second form. Then he will kill the destroyer with the power of the souls, and ultimately grant the wish of all of the souls. With all of their wishes he will recreate the multiverse with a Big Bang and start everything over again, the ultimate reset. And everything will start again and replay over and over without anyone remembering."

-AUstation to king multivers, and the deities.


Mixture of introvert, and extrovert it depends on the situation. He is a leader and a optimistic person. Mischievous, likes puns, comical: uses sarcastic comedy, energetic and kind, caring, excepting, a helper, kinda a goofball. LOVES music, sensitive, likes chocolate syrup he Carey's around a flask of it, with a bone to be wild label on it. Which is in his satchel, many people take his flask as a prank to toy with him. He try's his hardest to succeed in his goals, he is neither human nor monster, so he can have determination, one of his traits is laziness. He can be really stubborn when it comes to doing things he doesn't want to do. He has a technology addiction he can stay in his Au from hours, to days at a time on the multiversal undernet. This causes his sleep deprivation. He likes some sciences mostly theoretical sciences, like the many worlds theory. He can be very talkative, and annoying, he does have focusing ADHD, he likes jokes, pranks, and puns he mostly does puns. He doesn't like his title as a god, he thinks of himself as a powerful person, not a god. He thinks king multiverse only gave him his position as a god, so he can watch him, and keep him in check. He can sometimes be very negative, but with a little cherring up from a friend he will get positive again. He cares for life, and people he cries when things get hurt, then cries happily when things turn out good. All who know him say he has a good soul.


Was once nothing, but was there before the multiverse. He then decided to join the multiverse, so he created a form to experience the multiverse, he is a eternity embodiment and a creation embodiment at the same time. He went into alphatale and witnessed its downfall at the hands of the genocidal sans. From that day on he protects the multiverse from destroyers. While trying to befriend as many as possible. He mostly try's to stay out of the way of peoples wrath, but sometimes fails miserably. He trys to save and protect as many people, and Aus as possible with his powers. He along the way was brought to king multiverse by the gods, and was given god status because of his abilities, and power.

His one role as god of punishment is basically after the judges judge the convicted they send the convicted to him with one of three levels of punishment, 1st being a warning, second being a minor punishment, and third being a major punishment. He dosent punish someone unless the utterly deserve it. The deities know king multiverse is afraid of him and that's the reason they brought him to king M, and was given god status so he dosent use his powers agents them. The deities also watched the sparing between the king and century and witnessed the draw, and they consider him a match to king multivers, but in reality century was only holding back.

He also has a power with his omnificence, he created himself a way to grant himself NEARLY every power. He has a power where he can be in multi multiversel by creating clones that fit the style of that multiverse. He has powers of healing and resurrection he can brigng people back to life, and restore them from near death with healing. Because of this he has been hunted down by many destroyers to use his powers for evil. However he has escaped them any times. His healing and resurrection are so powerful that the energy that he is producing is enough to resurrect, and heal worlds. He got his scarf fighting error when painless death(aka reaper papyrus) was struck and died. Error then proceeded to slash century across his chest, which the slash then proceeded to spew a special blood-like energy that can heal many things, and tears that can resurrect the dead. He then took the scarf bleeding and proceeded to keep a scarf in papyrus's memory. He is aware of the other reaper papyrus. And ever sence he has had to suffer a painful turning to dust, and reforming from his healing factor over, and over even reaper sans considers this a horrible fate, even worse than death. The even happens every day at midnight, every night.


First form:

His right eye glowes green and yellow, green (kindness) yellow (justice). During battle otherwise he normally has a cyan pupil, he does have some dark grey bags under his eyes visible from sleep deprivation. He wears a white hoodie, looks like a sans except he's not. He has tan slippers, and black shorts with blue stripes, and a green scarf. He also has the pocket in that type of hoodie. That is literally a pocket dimension so big it can, and has stored worlds. He gets stary eyes like blue when overly exited, or happy. He has a yellow glitch covering his eyes. He if forever bleeding green healing, and resurrection energy. It is all over him. If in a state of greif he will cry golden tears, that can resurrect people.

Second form:

His second form is completely shining gold, with angel wings, and glowing silver eyes.

Ability's and Weaknesses

First Form powers:

  • Omnificence ( can't create anything to erase himself, can't create anything to erase anything.)
  • Meta crafting (can't create items that can erase anything.)
  • Erasure immunity
  • Regenerative healing factor (absolute)
  • Supernatural theivory (can only steal LV, and healing items, and wepons.)
  • Gasterster
  • temporal immunity
  • Video game physics
  • punishment
  • 4th wall awareness
  • bone manipulation
  • Healing (through his bleeding green healing energy.), and resurrection (through his golden tears.)

Weakness:  Can be sealed away, can't create something to powerful, has a OK sugar tolerance if he gets to much he gets energetic, with punishment he can't kill or erase anyone from existence if you are powerful enough you can be immune to punishment, he can't kill, or destroy he can only lower people down to 1hp to him that activates his ability of punishment which he considers a defeat to whomever he is fighting. He can't erase anything from existence, change events in time, or kill anyone.

Second form powers:

  • Author Authority
  • absolute immortality
  • unity (because of the souls)

weakness: he can't erase anything from existence, destroy time, or all of existence, or eradicate the whole multiverse, but he can kill, his abilities can't really affect the wiki because the contributors all have the same level of power as him so what he alters, or changes can easily be halted or reset.

(his powers can be found on the Superpower wiki.)


Infectiontale sans: visits and trys to help, and befriend.

Ink: shares ideas for creations

Error: forgives for actions

Blue: hangs out with

Cross: trys to stop his rampages

sask: he considers him a son, and a apprentice.

other gods: it's neutral

King multiverse: doesn't obey or follow his laws, pranks him sometimes, he always checks in on him and plays chess but loses most of the time.


His AU is filled with floating healing items, and LV stolen over the years from people who deserved it. It looks like a giant mountain getaway it has a cabin that looks like it's been there for hundreds of years. What happens when you go in, it's actually a modern style house that is as big as a mansion. Because of his omnificance he made a way to bring back genocide route survivors by obsorbing their souls, then TPs them to his place with him, then he creates a exact replica of their body that is all biolgical, and puts their souls in that body bringing them back to life. They live there as long as they want until he finds any of their family for them to return to.

(This is my first page do NOT edited please unless it is a spelling error.)

(powers, and species info found on superpowers wiki.)

(nothing was INTENTONALY copied.)

( the music is not mine.)

(unknown artist for both photos.)



  • once punished fell by taking his edgyness as punishment.
  • knew error 404 and his brothers when they were normal.
  • once took away errors strings for the genocide of one of his aus as punishment.
  • Once took away crosses knife when he nearly destroyed his secret au as punishment
  • lived in the creative realm for 6 centuries. but left after that.
  • He visits the omega timeline to see if he can help out
  • he is basically immortal because of his regenerative healing factor
  • he can regenerate from nothing, and any of him will always regenerate back if taken, damaged, or destroyed.
  • king multiverse sealed him away, but he was eventually freed by creating a way out.
  • he is a creator/guardian of aus and their inhabitants.
  • using meta crafting he made science sans a computer that can access the wiki, and fandom.
  • blueberry once spiked his chocolate syrup, he woke up in hot land with Mettatons glove, sans jacket, and wearing papyrus battle body.
  • once put a cat in Snowdin, let's say the K-9 unit nearly wreaked the place
  • his nickname cent its definition means one hundredth of a half of a step witch shows he is just a fraction of what he really is aka a sorce of creation.
  • InfectionTale sans is considered his "friend" (!Tale_Sans ).
  • he thinks he might be able to fight omnipotint sans because of he's omificance.
  • he once fought king multiverse, it ended in a draw
  • he once hid inks paintbrush and then returned it afterword
  • he is neither human nor monster, so he can obsorb both types of souls to which he found a way to keep people alive after a genocide route, and bring them back.
  • he can only transform into his second form if you kill him, which is very very VERY complicated, so he can't really achieve his second form, unless someone stops his regeneration.
  • his second form is something king multiverse fears himself, and is the reason he sealed him away in the first place, or at least tried to.
  • the last destroyer is Infectiontale sans
  • he speaks in the font Garamond.
  • he secretly recalls through flashbacks the resets He does at the end of time.
  • he considers sask his biggest, and best prank ever.

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