Central Gaming is a location created by Mae, Sans and Alphys. It is a place where gamers go after Mae has finished creating a game. It is the only place in the Underground where monsters can both play the video game and purchase it. It is a location exclusive to Stonetale. Inside of Central Gaming is where Mae is fought. Mae and Scora are in business together. It's the Underground's 2nd most popular attraction, The CORE being the first. It is an arcade.



On the outside of the store, it is entirely purple in colour. It has a wide door and 4 windows. It has two floors.


The first floor has all the windows, and is decorated with shelves and stands, all of which are made of cherrywood, and are covered with video games and comic books. There is a counter, and behind it is a chair. On the counter is a cash register.


On the second floor are arcade consoles, computers and virtual reality machines. There is a counter up there, with several little toys and things. On the counter is a cash register and behind it is a chair.


  • It's similar to the TARDIS from Doctor Who, beoing bigger on the inside than it is on the outside.


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