Characters able to jump AUs and travel the multiverse, usually having a home base in some sort of void or pocket dimension. Some can only view other AUs.

There are roles to these Out-Codes:


Characters responsible for the creation of AUs.


Characters that are responsible for destroying worlds or AUs or bringing pain and suffering among them.


Characters that protect the AUs.


Out-code Characters who are sworn to protect and guard the AUs and the multiverse.


A subset of Out-Codes that work to moderate AUs in one way or another.

Multiversal Judges

Those with the Multiversal Judge Role have the job of making sure the Multiverse is always in balance.

It is only given to few people and currently, the people are Calibri Ten, Alpha!Sans and Rhosaith, with the newest member being Broken!Science Sans; so don't underestimate people of this role.


Characters that have no alignment with destruction or order, they exist only (By some mystic fate) to right the wrongs of other Glitches in AU's, (Example; If a form of ERROR!SANS were to take over the multiverse, a passing by Retcon character would stop in to make the reality and possibilities of that 'Glitch' to cease existing while not destroying the AU that was effected, or erasing any progress made in that AU, or erasing the said 'Glitch' if it was introduced by a strange accident. like 404ERROR!SANS making ERROR!SANS takeover, they would just erase every trace of ERROR being in control in the first place and set it back to the point before he did) Every Retcon has three things in common.

  • They have no AU to return to, either nonexistent anymore or nothing remains.
  • They all have a limited use weapon that can erase anything from existence as if it never existed and leaves the AU back to how it was just before the Glitch affected the AU
  • Finally, they all have a reality quirk.
  • (Example of a Retcon: Samuel from VoidTale. He has no time line to return to,(Had to destroy it himself to make sure it could never happen again) He uses a six shot revolver as his Retcon weapon, and his quirk is that he can trade positions with a different reality version of himself a few times before he wears out.)


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