Castellar is AskGus in his 'true form'. When in a different multiverse than the real one, this is himself.


Castellar is extremely lazy especially with the accusation of smoke break. He is extremely serious when it comes to idiocy of others such as pointless questions and constant nagging. He is beyond strict with certain policies of his and if they're broken, he can become screwed up. Other than all that catastrophe, he is a chilled-out guy. His favorite type of music genre is electro-swing suggesting he's a retro guy.


Castellar is usually consistently blushing due to insane heat and satisfaction. His right eye shows presents of being cracked and his left eye perfectly fine. He wears a white t-shirt along with a green hoodie circumferenced over it. Finally, he has plain white trousers with white slippers and is constantly holding a Slush Puppy in his hand.



Castellar constantly annoys Gus ( Kristen ITC ) and still thinks him as a friend. Despite Kristen disliking Castellar, he also thinks of him as a friend too.

Underswap Papyrus

They are good friends and rarely considered Senpop's. Many things between them are similar such as the smoking, the hoodies etc.

Bete Noire

Castellar and Betty despise eachother. Castellar even goes as far as torturing her and calling her his torture dummy.

Showcard Gothic

Showcard and Castellar get along extremely well and are brothers, especially in a random conversation about whatever they have an urge to speak about. Castellar puts on a western accent so Showcard can actually understand what he's usually saying.


" one may consider themselves great and fearless, but on the inside, a part of them will always be scared, you, my friend, can help them with all your graduation... but in the meantime, try a damn slushie! " -Castellar giving Calibri reasonable advise.

" alright, bud, what about, top 10 AUs you didn't know got destroyed, ey? " -Castellar simply searching the web.

" okay... Superman can fly, he has lazer vision, super strength and comes from another planet yet what does Batman have? Ice-skates and a super-edgy voice with lots of ridiculous weapons! " -Castellar going into Batman VS Superman.

" I like glue! " -Castellar doing his Ralph Wiggum impression.

" ya know, all ya have to do to do a Hugo impression is say Bob after every sentence! " -Castellar giving his worst advice yet.

" nyagh.... " -Castellar boredly attempting to entertain someone in Halloween.

" y'know, this is the time when we should finally do trick and not treat, ya know why? EVERYBODY ALWAYS GOES FOR TREAT! " -Castellar going to far into Halloween

" so baby, come light me up and maybe i'll let you on it, a little bit dangerous, but baby, that's how I want it " -Castellar mumbling Ariana Grande's new hit song, Into You.

" creeps? HA, you haven't seen scary yet, hone! " -Castellar mumbling to Calibri in HorrorTale.

" that's right, cower, cower till your soul has been extracted by the gods of this multiverse and torn into threads turning you into frail dust, cower, boy, COWER! " -Castellar attempting to scare Showcard despite him having no soul.

" if a hacker hacks a hacker then the hacker who hacked would get hacked hacking the hacker in a hack-hack scenario! " -Castellar going too far into hacking.

"!repraw-emit eht ralletsaC, ralletsaC m'I, yawyna, eforeb siht draeh ev'uoy " -Castellar's unique opening.

" huh, you think THAT'S cringy, well... * puts microphone up to throat * hello ladies and ge-WA! * trips over * hey! Can I get a little help! Cheers! * stumbles drunk onto the stage and shakes his arms rapidly *. Alright, everybody wanted me to be more cringy in my audition so! Ladies and gentlemen, live to the stage * giggles *, ME! So what I'm going to do! * Castellar gibberish * and end up with my pants on my head. So, I can do alot of impressions! * stabs holes in spine * OH MY GOD! HE KILLED KENNY! * hesitates * no? Oh, I've got more! * random Castellar impressions * and as you can see * takes off hood * My pants are on my freakin' head! Now that wasn't cringy... and if it was cringy, what is cringy? " -Castellar proving a bizarre point to Cameronthedarksoul.

" Alright, Showcard, let's cut to the chase! Since you're my brother, if you marry Betty, she will become my sister-in-law! GOD, SHOWCARD, DON'T MARRY THE GIRL, DON'T MARRY THE GIRL! " -Castellar begging Showcard to stop going out with Betty.

" Everyone, pack ya bags! We're goin' to the 1980's! * puts on golden shoulder pads, shades, a purple waistcoat and blue skinny jeens * LET'S GROOVE TONIGHT! SHARE THE SPICE OF LIFE! BABY, SLICE IT RIGHT! WE'RE GONNA GROOVE TONIGHT! " -Castellar bringing back the 80's.

" Jacksepticeye? That guy from YouTubeTale? Oh, Jack! I know 'im! 'E's 'at guy that's always goin' 'TOP IN THE MORNIN' TO YA, LADDY, MY NAME IS JACKSEPTICEYE! '... yeah... we get along well... " -Castellar groaning on about Jacksepticeye from YouTubeTale.

" Hey... why isn't their a FriendsTale, like the sitcom, Friends, I EVEN HAVE IT PLANNED! Toriel would be Monica, Sans would be Chandler, Papyrus would be Ross, Undyne would be Pheobe, Alphys would be Rachel, Mettaton would be Joey, Asgore would be Gary Halvorson! Then, Flowey would be Mike, Napstablook would be Gunther and... that's all I had... " -Castellar wishing Friendstale was a game.

" kid, don't bombard me with fidget spinners, they hurt like Showcard sticking a spike through ya ass. " -Castellar telling LDMO off for hitting him with fidget spinners.

" Huh, nice chicken ya got there... wait... * looks at TV * s---, they're cleaning stuff with a raw chicken! LDMO, GET THAT CHICKEN OUTTA 'ERE, SHOWCARD, CALL 911, YES, I KNOW IT'S AMERICAN BUT WE LIVE IN THE MULTIVERSAL UNDERGROUND YA GOTTA THINK! " -Castellar over-reacting about an advert about a cleaning product.

" These quotes sponsor Arms, a product for the Nintendo Switch coming out in June 16th, fun for all the family, anywhere, anytime, any place! " -Castellar sponsoring Arms for the Nintendo Switch.

" We have to get ready? Ready for the big meeting with Createsans! Look presentable! Hand me my pyjamas! " -Castellar doing the opposite of what he was told.

" Ey? How many quotes are there? Not to mention, how many forth-wall breaks are there? How many questions are there? WHY AM I MAKING SO MANY QUOTES? " -Castellar breaking the forth-wall too many times.

" 'Ho do ya like? Bud, I know who each member of this group likes. Gus has a crush on Broken!Science, You, Showcard, have a crush on Betty, but, now Goth because of a recent marrage... Forte 'as a crush on Create, Calibri 'as a crush on Infected, Goudy Stout 'as a crush on Underswap Toriel. Me? I 'ave a crush on... who do I like? " -Castellar going back to Primary School.


  • Castellar's favorite song is Little Swing
  • He has been able to toy with others from timeline experience
  • They have a short sense of ego for whatever reason

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