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Cartoontale is an AU that places characters from Cartoon Network shows in the roles of Undertale's characters.


Chloe from We Bare Bears replaces Frisk

Tiny Floating Whale from Steven Universe replaces Flowey

Pearl from Steven Universe replaces Toriel

Courage from Courage the Cowardly Dog replaces Napstablook

Ice Bear from We Bare Bears replaces Sans

Uncle Grandpa from Uncle Grandpa replaces Papyrus

Samurai Jack from Samurai Jack replaces Undyne

Princess Bubblegum from Adventure Time replaces Alphys

Jake from Adventure Time replaces Mettaton

Greg Universe from Steven Universe replaces Asgore

Steven Universe from Steven Universe replaces Asriel

Connie Maheswaran from Steven Universe replaces Chara

Theme Songs


  • We'll Always Be in Your Heart (Once Upon A Time)
  • Don't Give Up (Determination)
  • Start Menu (Start Menu)
  • Menu (Full)


  • Premonition (Premonition)
  • Mystery Town (Snowdin Town)

Tiny Floating Whale

  • A Whale Of A Time (Your Best Friend)
  • Ocean Demon (Your Best Nightmare)


  • Warped In (Fallen Down)

Ice Bear

  • ice bear. (sans.)
  • Ice Bear Has Battle Music, It Might Sound Like This/IBHBMIMSLT (STMPWYFS)

Uncle Grandpa

  • Good Mornin! (Nyeh Heh Heh!)
  • Uncletrousle (Bonetrousle)

Samurai Jack

  • Duel With The Samurai From The Past (BAATH)

Princess Bubblegum

  • Bonnibel (Alphys)


  • War of Adventurers (Death By Glamour)
  • Power of MASOCHISM (Power of Neo)

Greg Universe

  • König des Strandes (Bergentrückung)
  • Don't Give Up (Determination) [Possible]

Steven Universe

  • Memories (Memory)
  • Love and Friendship (Hopes and Dreams)
  • SAVE the Universe (SAVE the World)
  • The Child Of The Stars (His Theme)

Deleted Tracks

  • Fallen Candy
  • Fallen Candy (Reprise)


Princess Bubblegum is currently the only character to switch roles. Her theme 'Fallen Candy' was released on February 15 2017 and her confirmed character change was made on May 22 2017 when Kibo released the song 'Bonnibel' confirming this permanent change and that Pearl was Toriel.

When you die in Cartoontale, the message 'If every porkchop were perfect, we wouldn't have hotdogs' which is a reference to Greg's famous line in the Steven Universe episode 'Laser Light Cannon'.

Most of the music is created by Kibo. The songs 'ice bear.' by Docta Dawg TripleOne, 'Mystery Town' by FabiXM and 'Ocean Demon' by SirSerket are currently the only accepted fan songs.

At this current moment, five characters originate from Steven Universe, two from Adventure Time, two from We Bare Bears, one from Courage the Cowardly Dog, one from Uncle Grandpa and one from Samurai Jack.

Omega Whaley is not a real character. It was designed by SirSerket on Soundcloud.

"Don't Give Up" stars Greg's Comet performance. The theme could work for him as well as Chloe.

Kibo has stated that he is not working on the AU any more.


Kibo's YouTube

Cartoontale OST

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