Bán as she appears in KingdomCross

Aliases- War Child, Trouble, The Last Monster

Relatives- Lion and Moon (Fathers)

Species- Wolfgant (Skeleton Hybrid)

Gender- Female

Eye color- Fiery-orange and bright yellow with red rims

Caoin Bán, more commonly known as Bán for short is a main protagonist from KingdomCross who accompanies the human. She's the daughter of Lion and Moon. She's made of dust particles and magic. She's often seen singing by Waterfall or singing with Shyren.


She first appeared when the War took place before Undertale. She was born the moment her father died. It's unknown how she came into existence but it was probably caused by accident when a spell was cast to seal the monsters Underground. After a long quarrel, Asgore got aggravated and killed her father Lion. She almost died by the force of the magic spell and she fell into the Underground along with the rest of the monsters. She ran away and settled in Waterfall. She has a close relationship with Moon.


She's too nice for words and deeply sympathetic for others. She's loud, friendly and enthusiastic. She's very childish, curious and comedic.


A small skeleton that's mostly smoky black with large, expressive, fiery-orange, bold yellow and red eyes wearing a big, plain white hoodie with a large sky-blue pocket surrounded by yellow and a pair of jet-black tracksuit bottoms with a red crescent moon and an 'X'. There's a long, stripy, gold and white scarf around her neck and she goes barefoot. A bushy, messy, smoky, grey-black mane of hair forms around her head with pixels and dust running through it.

Deletion request

I've forgotten about how to delete pages. There's no need for this character anymore unless anyone wants to adopt her. If someone does adopt her you can change her name if you want. This character was replaced by Eras. The AU is no longer called Kingdomcross. It's called OverIsland.

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