List of Candytale Characters

Peppermint Frisk - the seventh human to fall down to the Candyground. They are eight years old and currently live with their adoptive mother Toriel. They are sweet and very lovable to be around. Unfortunately, some of their past actions have stirred up old memories, and thus are connected with Spearmint Chara. Their official nickname is Pepper.

Spearmint Chara - the first human to fall down to the Candyground. They were eight years old when they came, but died about half a year later. They hold a deep grudge for humanity, but also hate monsters and creatures in general. They are also believed to hold supernatural powers, but the extent of these powers is unknown. Their official nickname is Mint.

Taffy Sans - the younger brother of the skeleton duo. He is much smaller than normal Sanses, and while he holds base stats of 1 in HP, ATK, and DEF, his magical abilities are astounding. He has a sugar deficiency due to complications of his artificial birth, which means he cannot go more than seven hours without having a crash. He is happy-go-lucky and blissfully naive some of the time, but has shown to be very responsible at times. His official nickname is Taffy.

Chocolate Papyrus - the older brother of the skeleton duo. He has a love for looking cool and making pastries of all kinds, even if they're hardly delectable for humans. He has also shown to have a deep passion for puzzle-making, and has begun creating them from an early age. He's more level-headed and responsible, though he can be seen acting in a childish way. His official nickname is Peppy.

Butterscotch Toriel - A kindly goat monster who once had her home in the Cake Ruins. She is calm and sedentary, and enjoys reading about snails and baking pies. She has always aspired to become a schoolteacher, as she believes that nurturing young minds is very important. She is currently caring for Pepper as her own child.

Cookie Asgore - the king of monsters. He is very docile and kind, although he does not take well to seeing his family or his subjects be harmed. He may have an uneven sense of morale, but he has always wanted the best for everyone, no matter what it took. He is currently raising Pepper alongside Toriel.

Strawberry Asriel - the would-price of the Candyground. He has unfortunately passed away, but can still be seen on the Candytale blog as a visible being. There is talk of being able to separate Asriel from his soulless counterpart, and perhaps even bring the shy, lovable prince back to life.

Lemonflowey - A soulless lemon with a flower stem and two petals. He is incapable of feeling love or anything positive. He has sworn to destroy humanity and monsterkind again and again. He lives on tricking innocent monsters and humans to their demise. He seems to care only about Mint, even if they eventually betray him.

Jawbreaker Undyne - a fish monster who loves snacking on hard candy, especially jawbreakers. She is very keen on the sense of justice and will fight anyone about it. Even then, she cares very deeply for her friends and will never do any harm to them if she can help it. She enjoys suplexing boulders and even monsters, just because she can.

Pocky Alphys - a nerdy lizard monster who has a stutter and is a little antisocial. But she adores Undyne and will do anything to please the Captain of the Jelly Bean Guard. Alphys also loves anime to death and has countless merchandise all over her room. She is currently the Royal Scientist, and her favorite snack is mochi.

Poptart Mettaton - a fabulous ghost who was gifted a robot body and thus became a superstar. He enjoys striking dance poses and hosts almost all the TV shows that can be seen on television. He is not shy or antisocial at all; in fact, he gets uneasy when alone.

Muffin Muffet - a greedy, yet lovable spider monster who cherishes gold and her pastries. While her pastries are expensive, they are extremely delectable and almost worth all the expense. She has a cupcake spider pet.

Cinnamon Grillby - a bartender who owns the diner "Cinnaby's". He's made ouf of fire, and his specialty are malt shakes with cherries on top. He is normally very quiet and professional, but it seems that certain monsters can shake him out of his shell. Unfortunately, he endured a tough childhood, but is willing to move forward and be a successful adult. His official nickname is Cinnaby.

Candy Corn Monster Kid - a happy-go-lucky monster kid who is fascinated by heroes, specifically Undyne and Peppy. He is optimistic and very clumsy, and he considers Pepper to be his bestest friend.

Temmie Flakes - the main Temmie who owns the Tem Shop in the hidden Temmie Flake Village, but almost every Temmie shares the same name. These catdogs(?) enjoy gorging on cereal flakes which are given the name "temmie flakes". They are the only species that the player can sell their goods to.

Wafflepants - a nineteen-year-old who works full-time at Mettaton's hotel. Despite his pessimistic views on life, he secretly wishes to become an actor. He's friendly enough to have a conversation with.

Salt Cracker Jerry - Jerry, but as a moldy salt cracker. He enjoys hacking wifi with his phone and doesn't seem to care about anyone. If anything, he inconveniences everything and everyone he comes across. Everyone knows Jerry.

Oreo Riverperson - a mysterious riverperson who offers to give anyone a ride on their banana-split boat. The only other dialogue they give is cryptic sayings which can have double meanings at times.

Cherry Annoying Dog - an annoying dog with a cherry on its head.

Soda W.D. Gaster - [REDACTED]


Pictures of these characters can be seen on the Candytale blog. They will be uploaded here at a later time. Thank you for your patience.

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