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Candletale follows Frisk through the Underground. Same old, right? Wrong. Let's go in order, okaay?

The Human

  • Frisk fell into the underground after 7 other humans. The first one being Chara. The flame surrounding Frisk's soul was weak and the only way to save them was for Chara to possess them. This kept Frisk alive. On the Genocide Route, Chara leave's Frisk's body after everyone is killed and leaves them dying. Frisk has a dark purple and dark yellow sweater. A flame sits atop all the human's heads which all represent their condition.

Weak Flame = poor condition

Regular flame = normal health

Bright flame = special ability, stronger, etc.




  • Toriel is the caretaker of the RUINS ,which holds many great secrets of monsters. The monster's flames do not appear unless they are injured. Toriel is VERY clingy and will not let any harm come to the humans. Toriel asks the human if they prefer chocolate pie or pumpkin pie. Her fight is much more depressing, making you feel like you are leaving your own mother.


  • Sans has a yellow eye-light in his left eye socket and his right eye socket has a blue eye-light. His jacket follows the same pattern but switched. He will fight to protect his AU and everyone he loves. If his AU is attacked.....well.....that person is in for a......B A D T I M E. (Please don't relate any of this to Flametale, I think I came up with this AU and I really like it ;-;) Sans is being forced by his brother to be a member of the Royal Guard, he will do anything for him. Sans has found his soul animal in the Royal Guard, it's little fire dragon that HATES his laziness. (the fire dragon is about three feet tall, so smol) The ends of his jacket are ripped.


  • Papyrus is attempting to become one of the Royal Guards. Everyday he tries to climb the ranks of the Royal Guard in order to be the leader. He trains with Sans at times. Papyrus has to earn his own spirit animal by joining the Royal Guard. This animal will help him fight in wars, and stay with him at all times. All Royal Guards have them. What he doesn't know is that his secret abilities will cause him to get one of the strongest fire soul animals out there, a fiery phoenix. He just has to learn and connect to his inner self. Papyrus is very optimistic and determined. A yellow scarf is wrapped around his neck, orange is at the end of the scarf. He wears the classic battle body armor but instead is yellow.


  • Undyne, the leader of the Royal Guard with the most powerful spirit animal. This spirit animal comes from the owner's SOUL. Most Royal Guards at least have some problems with their fiery animals. Her soul animal is very rare. It is a nine tailed fox (this nine tailed fox is VERY strong and powerful. It is almost as Undyne herself). These soul animals will join with the owner's essence and bring them to their ultimate power. She trains the Royal Guards to work WITH their soul animals and not against them. However, not even her training could stop one Royal Guard from abusing this power. Her armor is colored with a grey color. Her hair is a fiery red color. She holds a staff with her at all times which is said to hold her soul animal's energy in. Which is why so many people seek to steal it. Her Undying form shows her with bright red armor. Her staff glows showing that the power of the nine-tailed fox is now with her, fighting. She acts with courage and bravery. But her worry for the Royal Guard can not be hidden, she wonders if the Royal Guard will be able to all successfully summon their soul animals.


  • Royal scientist Alphys has had a crush on Undyne for a long time. Undyne showed Alphys how to see her own soul animal. Her's was a a red furred bunny. She is shy and loves anime. Ask any question about her favorite anime and she will instantly know the answer. Alphys is a little less extroverted around the human. During the Genocide Route you can see her frantically running out of her lab when you first walk in, Her lab coat is faded grey. Before SHE became the Royal Scientist, she used to be Gaster's assistant. She built the robot Mettaton after the king ordered her to do so. Her favorite candy is peppermint.


  • This star of the Underground is a human killing fanatic. He thrives to destroy the Human when they reach him. Though, he tries this multiple times. The box version of Mettaton has two wheels instead of one. His big dreams to become the star of the world above is going to be achieved only if he defeats the human and crosses the barrier himself. He doesn't have a soul animal but Alphas is currently working on that. His soul is surrounded in a protective flame that burns others that it touches but doesn't harm him. Atk: 50 Def: 46. His hair is black with a single yellow streak on the side. His body armor is colored a peppermint-style color.

Asgore Dreemurr

  • The king of the Underground, murderer of six children. How would you see him? Six children fell down. None came out. The first human, Chara fell down and was adopted by him and his wife. Then the child became sick. Asriel broke the barrier to fulfill the human's wish and died in the process. Angry flames of humans chased him back to the barrier. Asgore declared war on the humans once again and Toriel left him. With that he had nothing, he spent most of his time watering his flower garden. Everytime he got a human soul, he would place a single candle on the wall where they were captured. He then placed it on the front wall of New Home. One more human soul and he will become a God. Atk: 90 Def: 80. His cape is light orange and his amor is silver.

Flowey the Flower

  • Flowey is the resurrected flower version of Asriel. He used to be nice and helped people but now he is rude toward the protagonist. Flowey woke up to see he was a flower.....with no emotions toward ANYONE. Asgore discovered this and cried. Flowey really did try to feel something with Asgore, his old father, but he felt nothing. Flowey felt nothing for Toriel when he arrived at the RUINS. Then the human fell down and he felt nothing towards them but HATRED. He wanted to destroy the human for his grip of the world faded because of them falling down. He has orange and red petals. His stem is still green. Omega Flowey has a base color of fiery red. The thorns on his body are green. Tubes that connect to him are silver. Atk: 24 Def: 99, 0 when weakened.