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This AU has no further presence online than this page.

Are you looking for the other Candletale?

CandleTale is a Crossover AU between a Creepypasta, Candle cove and Undertale. It's also a community AU since a creator is not confirmed by the Community.

Candle cove is made by Kris Straub.

The AU


CandleTale, in Concept, was a show instead of a game. Frisk imagined themselves as a friend of Pirates. The characters play the roles of Candle cove characters. ( Ex: Frisk is Janice. )


IMPORTANT NOTE: I know they are all fake. Poppy, Milo, Banana king, The Wiki, EVERYTHING is fake, but I want to fill the whole AU, and without them, it will not be completed.

The characters play the roles of Candle cove characters. Their personalities, appearances, and abilities are changed to fit the theme of the AU, such as Sans and Papyrus no longer having Gaster blasters or blue attacks. And Undyne no longer has spears.

  • Frisk takes the role of Janice. They imagined what would it be like to be friends with Pirates and be included in their Adventures.
  • ??? takes the role of Pirate Percy. They are not a very good pirate since they are a coward.
  • Papyrus takes the role of The Skin-taker. He grinds people's skins for his hat and his cape. There are many scars on his body.
  • Sans takes the role of Horrace Horrible. He is a side kick of Papyrus.
  • Undyne takes the role of Poppy. She is a fearless pirate. She is also the one who gave the scars.
  • Asgore takes the role of Banana king.


Locations in CandleTale are replaced by Islands, and some other places. For example, New Home was replaced with The Salty Sea, and Snowdin was replaced by Snowflake Island. Most of the Islands don't replace the places in Undertale since they don't have a place that fits them. But they are still there.

  • Ruins was replaced by P.A.N.I Island ( Previously-Abandoned-Now-Inhabited Island )
  • Snowdin was replaced by Snowflake island.
  • Waterfall was replaced by Amantis.
  • Hotland wass replaced by Sand Lands.
  • New Home was replaced by the Salty Sea.
  • Asgore's Castle was replaced by The Castle.


  • The author of Candle cove is Kris Straub.
  • Undyne and Papyrus are arch-rivals because of an unknown accident.
  • Undyne didn't grind Papyrus's skin, just like in Candle cove. She only grinds Papyrus's skeletal body, giving him his scars.