"Aren't you a sight for new eyes?"
– Cameron before her battle

Cameron is a human. Her soul is purple, which stands for Perseverance. Despite being human, Asgore allowed her to join. She is fought in the CORE.



She is slightly headstrong, and often boasts about Asgore sparing her and having Undyne train her. She is incredibly artistic and hotheaded. She is not the person to be messed with. Her abnormal height of 6" 5 makes her more threatening.


She has copper-light brown hair. She formerly had dark brown eyes, until they were removed to make her more monster-like. Despite her lack of eyes, she can still somehow see.

She wears a variety of outfits. Her most popular one consists of a grey tank top, a green skirt with colorful specks, a red hoodie tied around her waist and red boots. Her armour consists of a bluish grey T-shirt, a dark grey chest guard, blue shorts to her calves and black boots. During her fight, her normally shoulder-length hair is in a small ponytail.

AUs involving Cameron

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