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CNAS-Swap (TNF-Tale)is the Swap version of CNAS-Tale, as well as one of the joke parody AUs of CNAS-Tale. CNAS-Swap(TNF-Tale) follows the adventures of TNF (The Swap version of CNAS) and his friends exploring the multiverse and creating art for AUs with bad / no art and protecting the AUs with or without art. CNAS-Swap(TNF-Tale) was made by TheNitroFlamer.

Inhabitants of the AU

The nitro flamer (TNF)

The nitro flamer(TNF for short) is the main character of the AU CNAS-Swap.He is a human who exists outside of timelines to help the creation of artwork/spritework for AUs that don't have any decent artwork, or any artwork at all, for that matter. TNF' concept was created by Wikia, Youtube & Gamejolt user The Nitro Flamer, but his crazy design was created by himself.

artist sans

Artist Sans, or AS for short, is a main character in the AU CNAS-Swap. Just like his 'friend' TNF, AS lives outside the timeline, and he helps AUs and their creators by creating sprites for the AUs with bad art, or no art.

T is a main character in CNAS-Swap. He is a mix of Sans and S.T originally made as a joke comment by the real S.T, but became an AU protector. Sans.T's concept was made by UndertaleAUwikipersonandthings but his character itself was made by TheNitroFlamer.


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