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CNAS-Fell is the fell version of CNAS-Tale, as well as one of the joke parody AUs of CNAS-Tale. CNAS-Fell follows the adventures of Violent Gilded Artist Sans (The Fell version of CNAS) and his cronies across the multiverse vandalizing each AU and torturing innocent people. CNAS-Fell was made by TheNitroFlamer.

Inhabitants of the AU

  • Violent Gilded Artist Sans (VGAS)
  • TheNitroFlamer (TNF, CNAS-Fell version)
  • Century Gothic (CNAS-Fell version)
  • Sans.T (CNAS-Fell version)
  • Times New Roman (TNR, CNAS-Fell version)
  • Impact (CNAS-Fell version)
  • TheUnderTaleFan355 (CNAS-Fell version)
  • Corly (CNAS-Fell version)
  • Faxgore (CNAS-Fell version)
  • Rlopkid23 (CNAS-Fell version)



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