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Buttontale is an Underswap/Coraline crossover with cameo characters from a few other aus, such as Underfell sans.


Following the death of Gaster, Sans's and Papyrus's father, the two were forced to move into a new house as Papyrus could not afford the rent. Now Sans's sole caretaker he has to work multiple jobs to make ends meet, thus Papyrus becomes overworked, stressed and has little time for his brother. Being only 10, Sans doesn't really understand what Papyrus is going through, and misses the bond they shared before moving. That's when he finds the door to the "other" world.


There is no Frisk in this AU. Instead of Frisk, Blueberry takes the role of the main character.

Underswap Sans (aka Blueberry)- takes the role of Coraline. Is ten years old.

Underswap Papyrus- Sans's caretaker/guardian while still being his brother, essentially taking the roles of both parents.

Asriel- takes the place of Wybie.

Toriel- Asriels mother. Takes the place of Wybie's Grandmother.

Muffet- takes the role of Mr. Bobinsky.

Mettaton and Napstablook- take the roles of Miss Spink and Forcible.

Flowey- takes the role of the cat that guides coraline, or in this case, Underswap Sans.

Chara, Classic Sans and Underfell Sans- take the roles of the ghost of the children who died.

Other Brother- Like in the film there is the "Other" family. In this case the other brother looks the same as Underswap Papyrus, but his eyes are replaced with buttons.


Blueberry Sans


art by under missed on deviantart

Other Brother

Otherbrother by roddy kangaroo-da4x37h

art by roddy kangaroo