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Crazy Nude Artist Sans (or CNAS for short) appears in UTAUWikiTale, taking the role of Burgerpants.


CNAS looks just like he does in CNAS-Tale, except he wears a pair of AU Burgerpants shorts. His sprite is also slightly more detailed.


CNAS' personality is the exact same as his personality in CNAS-Tale. He constantly feels trapped in his work in this AU, because he was dragged in it against his will (even though he wanted to be in the AU, don't ask me how that works...)


CNAS has absolutely no abilities, except his impression skills and his paint powers which have been toned down majorly.




  • This CNAS is the same one as CNAS-Tale CNAS.
  • In this AU CNAS insists people call him Crazy Pantsed Artist Burger, but most people call him CNAS, or on very rare occasions, CPAB (For Crazy Pantsed Artist Burger).
  • Ironically he is the same age as the actual Burgerpants.

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