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Stylus is the Createtale version of Burgerpants. He is a tattoo artist that currently resides in Createtale. His medium of creativity is tattoos.



He is loudmouthed, sassy, smart and a bit of a jerk. He would go to extreme measures to prove he’s the best, showing signs of narcissism. Whenever he does something stupid, Create or Etch end up saving him. He loves tattoos, and often sees his work as "true masterpieces". He is quick to forgive and apologize, shown when he was giving The Demon a tattoo, despite her fear of needles.


His fur is orange, and the tips of his ears are dyed blue and teal, and the tip of his tail is dyed green. His eyes are yellow. He has a green dragon tattoo on his left arm.

He wears a blue t-shirt underneath a black leather jacket, dark jeans and combat boots. His medium of art is tattoos. He wears a brown belt with ink in various colors, needles and other tattoo stuff.

Weapons and Abilities

Needles. Nuff said.


If he hurts someone, he feels tremendous guilt, even if forgiven.

His food distraction is catnip. If he sees it, he forgets what he was doing. Despite his love of catnip, it makes him "drunk".


The Demon

He sees her as his mother. Once, he gave her a tattoo from her word, despite her fear of needles. He, to this day, feels extremely guilty for hurting her, even though she constantly tells him that it's okay.


  • He uses narcissism to hide his anxiety.


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