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Buddytale is a self insert AU by UndertaleTrash3 and Co-owned by Saku. It was created because UndertaleTrash3 wanted to make one.


Hello everybody Saku here to make an Announcement ~ !!! We already made the wikia of Buddytale AU AND THE FORCE IS WITHIN ME!!! SO GET YOUR ASS THERE AND EDIT!!

Guidelines on how to get a role

  • If you want a role ask them on their Message Walls or in Chat.
  • You can ask on here, but only Trash can reply.
  • You can have two roles.
  • Any of your AU made character, OCs, and Offsprings can join too but must have a role.
  • For those missing main characters, side characters, and secret characters role just put them in if you already have their roles.
  • You can add your role on the page, we don't have to do it for you. If you don't have time or something, we'll be happy to do it for you!


Main Characters Role

Side Characters Role

Secret Characters Role


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