Brokentale is an au were most of the monsters have gone mad after being trapped so long.It is similar to

UnderFell and Horrortale in ways but has its own dark story line.The game is currently being worked on but is not yet finished.

About The AU

After Falling into the ruins Chara's soul broke half of it seemed to disappear.But Chara maneged to live on.Years later when Frisk falls the same things happens but this time the missing part of Chara's soul appeared and connected with Frisk's broken soul.Frisk with the help of Chara's Spirit Has to fix the broken minds of the monsters.Eventually They have to fix the monster twisted broken soul left,Flowey.Unless They choose to kill,if they do they will not only face the judgment of Sans but Chara as well.


  • Chara will speak there mind,telling you what they think of your actions.
  • Chara and Asriel both get brought back to life after a true pacifist run.
  • After fighting Sans Chara will be brought back to life and will fight you.
  • Almost all the monster have gone mad.

Main Characters

  • Asriel


New chara

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