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Brokentale is an AU were most of the monsters have gone mad after being trapped so long.It is similar to

UnderFell and Horrortale in ways but has its own dark story line.The game is currently being worked on but is not yet finished.

About The AU

After being trapped underground for many years,most monsters have gone mad.Frisk,the last human to fall,is the only hope to bring the minsters sanity back,as well as free them.


  • Chara will speak there mind,telling you what they think of your actions.
  • Chara and Frisk have the same soul.
  • Almost all the monsters have gone mad.

Main Characters

  • Frisk
  • Chara
  • Flowey
  • Toriel
  • Sans
  • Papyrus
  • Undyne
  • Alphys
  • Mettaton
  • Asgore
  • Asriel
New chara

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