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Brokentale is an AU of the popular Undertale, Where the monsters have become broken minded. Well it is meant to be a creeper AU, in a similar way to Underfell or Horrortale, It focuses more on making you feel sad for them rather than being scared of them.

About the AU

Brokentale's plot is one where instead of becoming killing machines after all the monster went mad, they became more melancholy, but still won't hesitate to kill even if it's not necessary. If the player chooses the pacifist route, Frisk will help monsters see a happy end, by flirting, joking, and simply talking with the monsters. Chara's spirit will use what little she had left to help you. If the player chooses genocide, Frisk will slaughter everything, including Flowey, the only person helping you now.


  • Frisk is male
  • Chara is female
  • Chara will show disgust if you kill
  • Sans asked "Do you really wanna die?" instead of "do you wanna have a bad time?"
  • Sans enjoys torture
  • Chara and Asriel can be saved



A child, about somewhere around 10 years old, who ended up underground.He can either try to save what was left of the monsters kingdom with Chara or kill them all with Flowey.


The spirit of a dead human child, who was also the first human to fall. She would do anything to protect her family especially her little brother Asriel. She has a deep love for monsters, and an unexplained haterade for "Those disgusting human kind."Chara is the game's narrator and will say what she thinks of your actions.


A twisted and soulless flower who lacks feelings. Out of pure boredom and his large amount of LOVE he continuously kills and reloads, or at least he did before losing the power to SAVE.He is also the embodiment of what Asriel used to be.


After the loss of her children, she isolated herself in the ruins. She tried her best to stay sane. However, over time the loneliness got to her. By the time Frisk fell she couldn't let another child leave, or she'd probably kill herself out of loneliness. Rather than trying to keep Frisk safe, She wants to keep him all to herself to keep her company and will kill without regret to keep him. Instead of calling him "my child" she calls him "Little boy"


Due to his depression, there are very little things that can bring him joy, besides he brothers. He tells bad puns so Papyrus will think he can feel happiness, the same way a normal person can. He his very blunt, and hardly if ever does things to please someone who isn't his brother. He enjoys watching other pain and presumably has torched humans in the past.


The second in command to Undyne and the royal guard, Papyrus spends most his time looking for a human, so he can keep his position in the royal guard, and any free time watching over his brother. He prefers a quick and merciful death, unlike his brother.


Undyne is the fearless, and violent leader of the royal guard. Her goal is the kill all humans and will do it even if it kills her. Instead of an eye patch, she has a vine, with red thorns wrapped around her eye.


The mad scientist responsible for building Mettaton. Spends most her time working on "Something" to free monsters, however, no one knows what. She always wears gloves to cover her slightly melting hands. For some reason, her lab coat is always dusty.


A human killing machine made by Dr. Alphys. He wants to kill a human so he can poses it's body rather than a box if metal.


After his children's death, in a fit of anger, he declared all humans would die. However, he didn't actually want to kill any. The other humans had been killed before they got to Asgore. However Frisk made it to Asgore, Forcing him to kill an innocent child he did not want to hurt.


After the death of his best friend, Chara humans blindly killed him. He had one of if, the kindest soul in the underground. After being brought back to life he lost all his love but the effect of it did not wear off adamantly, causing him to still want to kill everyone.