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"oh howdy"
– maguto introducing himself



He deals with PTSD, depression and severe aniexty, which causes him to sutter alot. His PTSD is from Calibri Gaster beating him and his adoptive sister, telling them him he;s nothing and he should've died with his mother. If told he's useless or worthless. He lose it and attempt to kill you or hurt severely. He aslo has sinsomia meaning he goes 1 or 2 days without sleeping.

After Pacifist Run

He's now more postive and more outgoing, he no longer suffer PTSD in the day but can happen in his nightmares, he started sleeping normally but has nightmare on his multiversal travels


He is a skeleton with no hair and is his orginal height. He instead wears a light blue and gray-ish hood, black shorts and black slippers.

Human Form

His hair is long annd wavey, his eyes look a skeleton and he has tan like skin


He has access to Gatster Blasters and Bones. Also can teleport and use telekinies.



Maguto and Karma are actually estranged and don't talk actually after the years of abuse and after Calibri's fall. She moved to the Ruins with Toriel for a while and Maguto got a house next to Sans and Papyrus.


He and Maguto are best friends. Maguto nicknames his AU counterpart "BrokenMags" to repersent the 2 of them and let other not be confused.


A friend of his who he met through his best friend and as he calls brother Samuel and was attracted to her, he got over it through


He found him pretty cool and the only person to relate to him

Season 2 of UTAU Wiki


He's more tired than normal, he's happier especially when Talya is around, he can be serious but tries not to since he comes out as mean but is very apologetic


He has gaster marks due to his dad giving Mags his soul to save him after Saver!Sans attacked once, he wears a white lab coat and a black sweater under it, his eye glows black with a dark blue flame, he now works as a scientist, he stays in his human form mostly with short brown hair and same clothing, he grew to be 6'1 as his near permanent height, he's 24 years old



He can teleport him and people over mass distanctes using his magic, he can pick people and things up and sometimes can levitate himself for flying

Gaster Blasters

He uses them to block instead of attack but sometimes he uses them as a attack

Shifter Gene

He can change into his human or skeleton form and summon multiple choices of weapons



He cares about his adoptive sister more after she took the Infected pill, he thought she would never be the same but she came around with a sans that held a axe, both eyes black and patch over a part of his skull, He knew it was Infected and grew adjusted to him over time


He cares alot about Talya as she been hurt before and doesn't want to see it again happen, he has romantic intrest in her and asked her out after hiding his feelings for a while and telling his friends


His estranged half brother, he cares about him as hasn't seen him for over 5 years and thought he died due to Saver!Sans but ended up suriving and living his own life for 5 years.

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