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BrokenTale is an AU where every character has a mental illness or has suffered from abuse. This AU is currently a work in progress. There are no references of this AU yet, except this Wikia, but it will be updated as soon as comics, stories and/or game trailers/announcements will be made. If any user of this Wikia wants to make a fan art, comic, etc. of this AU, they are more than welcome to.

There is however another AU named Brokentale. In order to differentiate the two, the AU's use a category system. This AU falls under the 'Psychologic' category, while the other Brokentale AU is in the 'Horror' category. Do not mistake the two. Also, this AU's name is written with a capital 'T' while the other is written with a small 't' to avoid confusion as much as possible.

Main Story

Before The Game

In this AU, Frisk is a non-gender conforming teenager, although their sex is female. Their age is 13. Frisk originally climbed Mount Ebott while fleeing from their father, who had the intent to kill them when he learned they were pregnant. In a desperate attempt to get away, Frisk jumped off the mountain and surprisingly survived.


The Pacifist Route is one of the two routes available. During the fight with Asgore, Frisk can only Beg, Kneel and Check. Mid-way through the battle, all the characters gather to protect Frisk, just like in the True Pacifist ending of the original Undertale. The fight with Asriel Dreemurr is the only time Frisk can use the FIGHT option in self-defense. By using the FIGHT menu, Frisk doesn't gain any LOVE or EXP, but Asriel's defense gradually decreases until it drops to 0. If Frisk dies during this fight, the soul of their unborn child will latch onto theirs and give them the determination they need to keep them from dying.


After the fight with Asriel Dreemurr, Frisk enters labor. Since the Barrier was broken by Asriel after he spared Frisk, humans gather up the mountain in fear that a human is being attacked by a monster. Toriel heals Frisk during the delivery while Sans has to lend them his magic, or else Frisk and their child would both die. Alphys takes the role of the nurse, being the only one with knowledge about birth and having helped with deliveries in the past before becoming the Royal Scientist. Undyne and Papyrus have to fight humans who try to approach Frisk, but after a few humans engage a fight, the crowd stays back when they learn that Frisk is in labor, and Asgore helps Alphys, bringing cloths, clothes, a first-aid kit and other things (like food or a pillow), meaning he runs through the Underground back and forth, which brings monsters to follow him to the Barrier. That, obviously, caused annoyance to both monsters and humans, but they restrain from fighting for Frisk's sake.

After Frisk delivered their child, their father arrives. Only then is it revealed that Frisk was impregnated by their father, who sexually abused them since a very young age. Frisk passes out after confessing about their abuse. Frisk's father then tries to fight Undyne and Papyrus, who block him from coming close to Frisk. When their father almost fatally hurts the two, Sans engages a fight with him. The fight comes to a halt after Sans tries to kill him by slamming them onto the floor, which is covered in bones with sharpened ends, because he refuses to have any mercy, and killing him would be an act of mercy at this point. It's Frisk that finishes him off, the same way Sans intended to do, having a quarter of their soul being filled with Integrity (Sans' soul trait) from the magic they've been given during the delivery. The player's perspective of this fight is from Papyrus and Undyne's points of view, before Sans takes things in hands and the perspective changes to his point of view. Frisk's attack happens once their father's HP is 1, and the perspective doesn't change. The final attack is seen as coming from outside the fight, which it is.

On the Surface, Frisk is adopted by Toriel and Asgore, who become roommates after they become friends again. Frisk also considers Sans and Papyrus as their older brothers, and Undyne and Alphys become their best friends. Although they are not related, Frisk's child calls the two brothers and Mettaton his uncles, and Alphys and Undyne their aunts.


The Genocide run is impossible in this AU, Frisk lacking the FIGHT option in battle. (Except for Asriel Dreemurr's battle) However, there is an alternative route.


The Victim route is this AU's version of the Genocide route. Only this time, instead of killing monsters, it's yourself. You can access this route by using the Encourage option in the ACT menu. This encourages the monsters you encounter to kill you. While this works on random encounters, it only works on corporeal bosses. Napstablook simply floats away. Bosses will end their lives before ending yours if you use the Encourage option during the fight. At the end of the route, you meet Chara and learn their story. After, they offer you to "end it once and for good." Regardless of what your answer is, they will kill you. When you reopen the game, they offer to bring you back to life with only one request. Instead of wanting your soul, they want the soul of Frisk's child, so they can have another chance to live. Refusing will result in the game closing until you agree.



During a fight, Frisk's main option in the ACT menu is Beg, as they want to protect the life of their child. After a few attacks, generally one or two, the encountered monsters spare Frisk when they notice they are carrying a child. (It is visible because of the small soul shining through Frisk's belly. In-combat, it is represented with a red heart above a smaller one. The smaller heart doesn't move, though the attacks never reach it; they disappear before touching the small heart.


BrokenTale Frisk

Frisk is non-gender conforming, though they are of the female sex, and is attracted to women. When they fall in the Underground, they are carrying a child conceived when their father raped them. Having been sexually abused since a very young age (first non-consenting touching at age 3 and first rape at age 5) they suffer from severe PTSD, combined with an abnormally severe ADHD. Though they are kind and funny, they tend to self-destruct pretty easily when insulted or made fun of. During the events of the game, they are 13 years old, but seem to have little to no social knowledge, as they were rejected and bullied by others on the Surface. Also, call them a slut and they'll rip out your eyeballs. This is the only thing Frisk doesn't accept, refusing to be shamed for something they unwillingly endure and have no control over. They once sent someone to the hospital with a concussion, a broken arm, both broken legs and temporary paralysis, because they have been called a slut for not being a virgin at age 10. That person was their phys. ed. teacher. Contrary to most AU's, Frisk can talk. It's actually their ability to talk using the right words and their rich vocabulary that saves their life. Although the dialogue is Chara's naration (from the player's perspective) Frisk has an impressive knowledge of the English language, despite being born and raised in Canadian French.


Frisk is about 5 feet 4 inches tall and weighs around 70-80 lbs. The reason they're underwieght is due to their father often starving them. They have short brown-ish hair that goes a little over their soulders and their skin, usually olive-like, is abnormally pale. They fall in the Underground only wearing boxers and a sweat shirt, since their father started chasing after them in the middle of the night and Frisk had put on some clothes after their father had... (You know what that asshole did) It is Toriel that gave them proper clothes after finding them. When crossing the Barrier, they wear Chara's old clothes, the clothes given by Toriel being soiled with blood and sweat from the delivery. They walk around with two different shoes, one being an old Converse and the other being a surprisingly resistant flip flop.


Toriel is the same as in the original game, except for her behavior towards Frisk. Unlike anyone else in the Underground, she knows that Frisk has been abused by their father. Toriel, in this AU, doesn't really suffer any mental illness, but the loneliness of The Ruins are certainly weighing down on her. She tries to convince Frisk to stay with her, clinging onto her last hope of not being alone for eternity. She finally lets Frisk go, admitting that she wouldn't be able to help when Frisk would enter labor.

During the True Pacifist ending, Toriel leaves The Ruins and heads to New Home, trying to prevent Frisk and their unborn child from being killed by Asgore. She heals Frisk when they are giving birth and adopts them after crossing the Barrier.


Flowey is the same as always. He, obviously, has anti-social personality disorder, but this is due to him lacking a soul. He mocks Frisk when they fall in the Underground, and he doesn't even care that Frisk is pregnant, even after seeing the small soul that they're carrying. He's the one to tell Papyrus that Frisk is in danger and that tells him to call everyone he knows. That, obviously, is a trick to reunite everyone and steal the human souls while Asgore is distracted. At the end of True Pacifist, he goes to the Surface and Frisk keeps him as a friend. Despite not regaining a soul, Flowey progressively learns what compassion is and becomes able to mimic it unconsciously. He also becomes the 'Best Friend' of Frisk's child.


Sans' illness hasn't been decided yet, though he either suffers from chronic depression and insomnia or dissociative personality disorder. (Your time to choose)


Papyrus, although he doesn't suffer from any particular disorder or anything, his loneliness does get to him a lot. Because of that, his self-esteem has dropped low. He does his best to hide it and look oblivious to everything and it seems to work with almost everyone. Frisk, after meeting him, sees right through him and agree to be his friend. And not by pity, purely by appreciation for him. His puzzles mostly consist of sliding ice blocks. The snow Papyrus he built is a snow construction of him sitting down and hiding his skull in his kneecaps. During the True Pacifist ending, he calls everyone he knows to go and help Frisk with Asgore.


[*The heroine of the Underground? More like the shame of the Underground!] - Undyne to the protagonist during her fight.

Undyne is the 4th boss you encounter and fight. As opposed to the original game, Undyne doesn't wear her armor. She is always in her sweat shirt and jogging pants. She does wear her boots though. The first time she encounters you is when Papyrus goes to talk with her. She right up throws a spear at you but accidentally hits Monster Kid, who just brushes it off as an accident.

[*Don't worry Undyne! I'm not hurt that badly! Besides, it was not your fault, that spear slipped out of your hands.] - Monster Kid to Undyne the first time she encounters Frisk.

The second time she encounters you, she outright fights you. She even disregards the fact that Frisk is pregnant after noticing it, due to her enormous ego. She is spared by running away until reaching the room before the one with four paths leading to Alphys' lab, the River Person, Hotlands elevators and the way back to Waterfall. She can be spared once you attack her.

When you hangout with Undyne, she tells her story about how her father used to beat her and how Gerson welcomed and took care of her. She also tells you about how she met Papyrus and how she began training him and all that. She then realizes that Papyrus was supposed his painting class and decides that since he's not here, you are gonna have it for him.

During the victim route, she refuses to kill you, though she refuses to kill herself too. She slowly reduces her attacks until they're all dropped to zero, meaning that no matter how many times she throws a spear at you, it doesn't do a single damage. She ends up letting herself fall off the bridge on which she fighting you, therefore killing herself.


Alphys is the Royal scientist that works for Asgore. Although she tries to hide it as much as she can, she suffers from an anxiety disorder and has low self-esteem. She also has suicidal tendencies. She built Mettaton but says that "she can be extremely violent" and that "you shouldn't approach her, since she's dangerous." She tries to help you during Mettaton's puzzles and throughout the CORE. After you fight Mettaton AL, she guides you to the elevator that would usually lead to Asgore, but while reprogramming the Hotlands and the CORE, she accidentally deactivated it. Instead, she guides you back to her lab and leaves abruptly, giving you access to the True Lab. After you've completed it, she comes to meet you and explains what happened to the Amalgamates and how that mistake caused all her problems.

During the True Pacifist ending, she says she came to Frisk's aid so she can "pay them back for helping her." With a little help from Frisk and Mettaton, she asks Undyne on a date. The two start chatting and planning, but Toriel interrupts them to bring the attention back to Frisk. On the surface, Alphys lives with Undyne and Mettaton, since he needs to be repaired pretty often.


Mettaton is the 5th boss you encounter through the Hotlands and the CORE. Mettaton suffers from depression, however, it is only a side effect of him suffering from gender dysphoria. When he met Alphys, he asked her if she could make a body for him, so he could feel whole. First, in his box form, but Alphys announces that she installed another feature that would "make her look almost human." Only, that feature is the EX form.

He starts off in his EX form, which he dislikes. His 4 intermissions are the Quiz Show, cooking with a manly robot, the news report, and BrokenTale : The Musical, in which he plays Rometon. When you meet him at the end of the CORE, he tells you that Alphys rearranged the CORE and also made his body extremely feminine on purpose. When Alphys calls you during the prefight, she tells to make him turn around so you can flip the switch on his back. The said switch reveals his AL form. (The two first letters of Alpha) He fights you as the guy he always wanted to be and even after you defeat him, he thanks you for revealing his true self.

His AL form consists of a shorter fringe that reveals his other unfinished eye, aqua shoulder blades and thigh blades, dark blue leather boots, kinda like Undyne's, a medium blue chest plate and light blue joggings.

During the Victim fight, he uses his Omega form, which is pretty much the same as his AL form, except for the rocket shooter on his right arm and his black wings. (which are only there for looks) He decides he cannot bear to stand in front of the person who caused all his friends to die and kills himself on live television, using his rocket shooter.


(Has yet to be done)

Other Characters

Temmie Of Wind

(Has yet to be included, confirmation from the creator needed)

<note from creator of Temmie of Wind: you do have permission just ask me for any questions /side note and yes this is the official creator\>



Talya can be encountered as an NPC in Alphys' Lab. She was abused when she was younger and suffers from persistent depressive disorder, which was caused by the physical abuse from her father and from the death of her mother. 

Frisk cannot fight her unless they are doing a Victim run, in which she tries to convince them to stop doing what they are doing and try do be a Pacifist. If they still refuse, then her attacks (which consist of fire attacks and literal bookworms) will slow down and in the end, Talya will burn herself to death.


Talya is a 14-year-old female goat monster. When she was a child, her mother became sick with a rare disease and by the time a cure was found for it, she had already fallen down. Her father, who had fought in the war against humans, was already mentally unstable and when his wife died, he began to drink and beat Talya as she reminded him too much of her mother. When she turned 12, she finally ran away from him and lived on the streets for two years before being caught trying to steal from MTT Resort. She was depressed already by then and had attempted suicide multiple times, until finally telling Mettaton to just kill her as her punishment for stealing. But before he even tried to, Alphys intervened, which distracted the guards holding Talya and she knocked them down and stole one of their guns. She hid in the janitors closet and was about to shoot herself when Alphys stopped her. She brought her to the Lab and tried to comfort her, which stopped her from trying to kill herself (sometimes she tries, but stops herself at the last moment). She now lives with Alphys and Mettaton. Her and Mettaton have a brother-sister relationship.


Broken!Mags is told to be a boss in New Home when you enter and doesn't kill themselves in the Victim Route instead escaping with Karma's daughter with human souls


(Has yet to be done)



Caldi (last name Forcalio) is Undyne's mother. She is also best friends with Grillby and (formerly) the previous royal scientist, Wingdings Gaster, since childhood. She was and still is part of the royal guard, however in another branch of it. (See article about the royal guard here) Her former partner, Maavon, was Undyne's father.


(Has yet to be done)

Frisk's Father

(Has yet to be done)

Note From The Creator

A Letter Of Gratefulness And Appreciation

Since beginning to make this AU, I have received nothing but constructive criticism, appreciation, clever suggestions and support. I have to say, this AU means a lot to me, given that a lot of the additional character traits I have given to the characters are actual things I have or am still going through. Mainly, with Toriel, Papyrus, Undyne, Alphys and mostly, both Mettaton and Frisk for the most part. (Plus Sans with insomnia) I made this AU, originally it was to help me cope with everything in my life, but from the moment I made it, people loved it. In fact, I noticed my AU has grown to become, in the short span of only a few months of existence, one of the wiki's most beloved and admired AU's. And when I say that, I don't say that to brag about it, I say that to thank everyone. I honestly find it hard to believe that what started as a basic AU concept to help me cope has blossomed into an AU loved by many. And for that, I want to thank everyone who has visited, commented, helped improve, suggested ideas, encouraged and appreciated this AU. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

New Interactions With The AU

That's why today, during my lunch break at work (I eat at home though), I have added two new tags in particular. First one being the Add tag, and the other being the Community Shared tag. That's right, I have made the decision to let everyone add a little bit of themselves to this AU, share one of the darkest sides of them with everyone, while still being protected by the anonymity of me re-editing afterwards, if requested. That way, BrokenTale doesn't only belong to me, it belongs to everyone. Just like it was all along. But now, not only can you come to this AU to help you cope with things that happened to you, to help you relate to characters on an even more personal level, you can also reshape it and improve it by adding your own characters, whether they be mini-bosses, new bosses, new supporting characters or random encounters.

New Pages


I am aware that letting everyone edit the AU and add their personal touch to it will lead to one big problem: my AU's cast will soon become overcrowded. And for that, I believe I have found a solution. Something I have noticed in the game, that, to my knowledge, only a few other fans have picked up too, is that we have a missing area. Fan games such as Undertale Yellow, to name one in particular, have found a clever way of exploiting Undertale's universe to its maximum potential by adding in new areas and letting us see new parts of the areas we all already know. For the sake of letting everyone become involved in my AU at their will without causing a major problem with an overcrowded cast or Underground, I have decided to do the same and exploit the only area we don't get to see in-game: the Capital. We hear about that place through a few characters. The only one I can remember for sure though is Onionsan, who mentions that all his friends have moved to an aquarium in the Capital. From that single information, we know that 1, there's an area we don't get to see, named "Capital", 2, it's not New Home because nowhere there do we see an aquarium, nor do we see any other traces of life aside from the few random encounters (who are only there for narrative purposes anyway), 3, it has a major problem with overpopulation and 4, since we never see it, we're free to exploit and design it however fits our needs. And so, this area will be exploited. It will mainly serve as the encounter location for many added characters, but we will also get to meet our old friends and the other friends they have, meet their circle of friends and families, so on, so on.

Another thing is, since I know many people will want to add characters and place them in already know areas, I will try as best as I can to make their first encounters happen in the Capital, then, we will be able to interact with them in the location of their creator's choice. I will soon start making new wiki pages for the various areas of BrokenTale, including an entirely new page for the entirely new area.

Original Characters

As I mentioned previously, I will allow everyone to add characters to my AU at will. I honestly think it is an amazing idea, one that will not only make BrokenTale feel more like home in a sea of thousands of AU's, but also to give everyone the freedom to share their experiences and struggles through their characters. I'm pretty confident that this is the best decision for this AU that I have made so far. But, since I already know things will get crazy and slip out of my control very soon if I only say "Go ahead and cram up this AU with all the characters you want limitless!" And so, I have decided to make rules for adding characters.

Rules For Adding Original Characters

-It has to be your own character. If it is not, you at least have to make sure that the original creator of your character has agreed to having their OC added in this AU, but it also has to comply with all the other rules

-There's a limit to everything. Within the entire cast of characters added, I will only accept 5 skeletons and 5 OC's that are related to horses and ponies. I am very aware that those two monster species are among the most common when it comes to original characters. But to make matters clear, this is not Sanstale, neither is it MyLittlePonyTale. I have set a limit of 5 OC's for each of those species, which is a number I deem to be very high for only two species, considering I also have limits for the type of characters. That means, if all 5 original bosses are of the skeleton species and 5/10 mini-bosses are of the horse/pony species, it will leave little to no room for other original characters. Please be considerate of others.

-The maximum count for each OC category will be:

  • 5 original bosses
  • 10 original mini-bosses
  • 13 supporting characters
  • As many random encounters as needed

-ABSOLUTELY NO AU'S!!! This is already an AU, and a unique one at that, seeing as it doesn't rely on other AU characters to sustain as a world. OC's from other well-known AU's such as Betty from Glitchtale, Herman (or anyone for that matter) from AskFriskAndCompany, Dalv from Undertale Yellow, etc. will not be accepted either. I have decided to open this AU to the people who want to add their own touch, to leave a piece of their imagination or themselves in it, not to add mainstream AU characters or OC's to turn it into some other AU 'whose popularity rides on ripping of other AU's and stealing from other creators' as I call them. This AU is for us to enjoy and relate to, not for the wide public eye to see and modify for the sake of popularity. I deem BrokenTale to be popular enough as it is, I do not want to turn it into something that begs for attention and gets pitied.

-Original characters that come with headcanons need to go along with already existing headcanons for this AU. If your character follows a headcanons that goes into contradiction with a headcanon already put in place for this AU, either you will have to adapt your character to BrokenTale's headcanons, either you will have to rework/use another OC that blends in with the AU.

-For each new character a new theme. But don't try and fool me. You have made an original character? Find an original melody for it. There's no reusing character leitmotifs from the original game for your OC. Some motifs, such as the Hero leitmotif or Snowy leitmotif can be re-exploited in your character's theme, but no, you can't reuse the Metal Crusher melody for your artist ghost OC. (For further information on which melodies belong to characters and which are free for you to use, please go visit the Leitmotifs page on the Undertale wiki) If you struggle with your character's theme or just can't do it on your own, I highly recommend you to not give up! There are many, many, MANY kind musicmakers you can find on SoundCloud or YouTube that will gladly accept to make a theme for your character. Or if you can't find anyone to do it, just message me, I'm a musician too and I write a lot of music, I will be more than happy to help!

-Regarding themes, here is how it goes:

  • For bosses, a minimum of two tracks is required, one being the casual theme and the other being the fight theme. Accordingly with details such as 'are there any cutscenes or other interactions with your character that would require a different theme', you could make 3 or more songs for them, or just look through the official Undertale soundtrack for a song with a certain motif or ambiance that could fit, I'll be remaking the entire soundtrack à la BrokenTale style for things such as comics, fan games and others. Just let it be known on your OC's personal page.
  • For mini-bosses, you can choose to make a track if you'd like. Just remember that a character with their own song is more likely to be remembered and appreciated than one without a song. Again, if your character also reappears in another situation that would require a different track, you can make your own, or just... look through the soundtrack.
  • For supporting characters, an original track is not even necessary. It all depends on what role you want your character to play and your headcanons regarding your character's relationships with other official or original characters.
  • For random encounters, I will design a few versions of battle themes that could be used in the Capital/rework the official battle themes to include them in this AU. When I will be done with the area's themes, I will make polls to let you decide which songs you want to hear in the Capital.

Already Existent Original Characters

One of the reasons I took the decision to open up my AU to original characters is that I have encouraged others to do so since the very beginning. Above, you can already see a list of original characters that I included (with their creator's consent) and the list will grow longer as people will add their OC's.

I kindly ask you to get in touch with an original character's creator if yours is added (which it will most likely be anyway, if you make it on time and find a spot for your OC before they're all taken) before applying a headcanon including the character. It's important that, since this has become an AU shared with the entire Undertale AU community, you ask before making your headcanons, and especially that you obtain the creator's consent before editing this page and adding in your headcanon. For the sake of community, creative liberty, creative rights and mostly, respect, it's important that we get along and all agree before making changes that involve someone else's creative work. You worked hard on your OC? They did too. I'm certain that if someone were to apply a headcanon involving your character without your consent, especially if you disagree with said headcanon, you would not appreciate it at all. Be considerate of the hard work of others.

Fight Mechanics

If you want to add your OC into this AU, it's important that you are familiar with the AU itself and, most importantly, its battle mechanics. This AU has Frisk fighting other monsters with the soul of their child latched onto their own, lacking the FIGHT menu, instead having it replaced with the ENCOURAGE menu. This AU also doesn't have a Genocide route, only a Victim route. If your OC is a boss, a mini-boss or a random encounter, their fights have to comply with the AU's battle mechanics. This becomes especially crucial if your character has a specific fight for the Genocide route, in which case you will have to adapt them to this AU contraints of having no Genocide route and having a Victim route.

Many genocide bosses are one-hit fights in the original game, the same essentially applies to the Victim route of BrokenTale. Keep it real, not all of your OC's are Sans or Undyne (they can't all be anyway, because I put a limit), so obviously, most of your OC's will not have any Victim route fight, unless they'd be one-hitters. If an original character stands out and has everyone approval for an actual Victim route fight, then you're lucky. However, don't push too much, don't go too far to make your OC stand out from the rest. As stated multiple times before, this is an AU for the community, not an AU just for you. Work hard on your OC's, let others appreciate them, and if your character is liked by most, enough to become an "iconic" figure in BrokenTale, then congratulations, you have the freedom to choose if you want your character to have their own Victim route fight or to give it a pass. As Undertale manages to prove perfectly, you don't need the most intense or impossible fights to become a loved character in an AU. Just look at the likes of Papyrus, who is a one-hitter and still brings players on the edge of tears in the Genocide run of the original Undertale game. Or even Alphys, who's completely absent from the Genocide run, aside from a few mentions here and there, and people still recognize the critical role she plays in that playthrough of the game! The lesson we need to learn from this is that there's no absolute need for a kickass boss fight to become a kickass character, or a humble one, or even just a loved one.

Also, in the original game, mini-bosses aren't that present. We can encounter Glyde, that is, if we're willing to wait half an hour just to fight him and grind some bonus EXP, and we also have to hold off from killing every monster in Snowdin if we want to even have the slightest chance of meeting him. Napstablook stays relatively the same, unless you empty the Ruins of any trace of life beforehand, in which case they just vanish and you don't get to meet them at all for the rest of the game. Mad Dummy becomes Glad Dummy, then you just kill them in one-hit and move on. It is impossible to encounter So Sorry during a genocide playthrough, as he is evacuated with the others. Muffet also becomes an ordinary one-hitter and even Temmie, who is usually so 'hAPI twoo cee da hOUmaN!!!1!' is tough to find, or even impossible to find if you kill every monster of her area before reaching Temmie village. (Although BrokenTale has Temmie of Wind, I'm pretty confident she will be scared by all her friends taking their own lives and hide) That means, don't be too extravagant with your mini-bosses either in the Victim route, there's not much to be done there.

If you want your OC to have a fight during the Victim route, despite them being a supporting character and therefore, not being a fighteable monster, it is allowed. My only question to you, in this eventuality, is this: how are you gonna build up the atmosphere to lead up to your fight? If you manage to do something that makes sense and doesn't just copy another character's Victim route fight, you're good to go. However, I place a reasonable limit of two supporting characters fights, to leave room for the main cast and bosses.

For your random encounters, you just have to make sure their SPARE mechanics make sense and comply with BrokenTale's battle mechanics. And make sure they're not impossible to kill. Or else it will be a bummer to be stuck fighting the same Sad Froggit for two hours. But that doesn't mean you can troll players à la Jerry style and give your random encounter astonishingly high DEFENSE stats, just to annoy players who don't use the ACT menu to make it go away or don't leave the fight.

Headcanons And Character Theft

I mentioned it before, but your headcanons need to fit in nicely with the universe of the BrokenTale AU and its already existing headcanons. Also, if your headcanon includes an original character that's not yours and is also in the AU, you have to reach out to the character's creator and ask for their consent about using this headcanon with their original character. It's called respecting creative rights and it is something I greatly respect, defend and encourage, being a creator myself. If by any means, I learn that you did not ask for the character's creator's consent before using your headcanon or didn't get their approval of it, yet you still used it in my AU, your character will be removed from the AU and your headcanon will be invalidated and deleted from the AU by me. The same applies if I hear about you using a character that is not your own in my AU without its creator's consent. And on top of that, I will notify the wiki's administrators and moderators about your violation of creative rights and whatever happens next will be up to them.

I will NOT tolerate ANY creative work theft or creative rights violation IN MY AU!!!

I am HEAVY when it comes to creative rights and I have a great disdain for creative work theft, creative rights violation and I despise those who practice it. At the end of the day, community shared AU or not, BrokenTale remains MY AU and I make the rules when it comes to others changing it. I am willing to share my AU with everyone, to trust everyone in this wiki's community with a creative work I hold I would hate to see it or anything in it being trashed, salvaged or stolen. It takes a lot of trust to let someone see what you create. It takes even more to let an entire community do so. And you need an incredible amount of trust to let anyone change it, let alone an entire community change and reshape it. By letting everyone add their grain of salt when it comes to what should be added in my AU and letting others make it theirs a little more, allowing everyone to relate to it on an even more personal level and sharing a part of themselves with everyone else, I am sharing with you something I put my blood, sweat and tears in (literally) in and whispering "Take care of this, I trust you." in your ear. All I'm asking in return is to respect my limits, respect other's limits and not snatch all my hard hard work away from me, laughing as you remove my personality from it. So please, take care of this, you have my permission and my trust.


(Section to be done)

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