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A Friendly Jolteon who was born in Sunyshore City, in the Sinnoh Region.



A Jolteon who resembles his own Jolteon, Messy.


A very kind Jolteon who searches to help those who need it. If asked kindly, he'll join you on your quest to leave the underground. Though, in a no mercy route, he will refuse to help kill due to his heart of kindness.


Main Story (optional)

He was trapped underground & hates being in such a terrible place, he feels trapped in a giant jail with a bunch of others. Even though he has a smile on his face, he's just trying to deal with being underground with his Jolteon Plush he named after his Jolteon, Messy. When you come by during Pacifist/ True Pacifist, he will help you on your quest, but, in No Mercy he refuses and a fight begins.

His Battle theme is based on the title of Fire Emblem Fates Conquest's Chapter 7: A Dragon's Decree.

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