"hey, i'm bratty. bratty the 'gator."
– Bratty upon meeting

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Storywarp!Bratty is Storywarp's version of Sans. She is basically the exact same as him.


Storywarp!Bratty has curly blonde haur, Paris green skin and yellow eyes. She wears a pink hoodie with a light blue T-shirt/tank top underneath it, black knee length shorts and pink sneakers/slippers. Her left eye flashes yellow and orange in battle. Unlike Undertale Sans and Papyrus, she is taller.


She is basically the exact same as Sans, only instead of drinking ketchup, she enjoys drinking Barbeque sauce.


She has the same powers that Undertale Sans has. She can walk away and then reappear in the next room via "Shortcuts". She can also use "Muffet Blasters".

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