Booktale is about the Library of Beginnings where all the ideas from Creators come to reach completion.

They appear on the shelves as books with pages made from light. If you open a book that contains a universe you get sucked into the story and can never escape. Well, unless the librarian saves you and he usually does. He's a mighty nice fellow.

About the AU

The Library of Beginnings is an anomaly in the multiverse. It's alive and it has the mind and will of its own. The library changes place often, jumping from one universe to another. It hides itself in a space-time pocket that appears in the form of golden mist. The mist is impossible to navigate and you get stuck in it until the library changes universe again.

As far as stories and myths go this library has existed even longer than the multiverse. Every universe that exists today has been on its shelves when they were still just thoughts in their Creator's mind. You could call it a hatchery for alternative universes.

However, all the universes don't get to reach completion. Sometimes the Creator doesn't have time, motivation or inspiration to continue creating their universe. When a Creator gives up on their universe, the book containing that universe gets covered in hard, black shell and becomes Forgotten. The Forgotten stay on the shelves forever, without ever reaching completion. But the Forgotten are anything but useless. For they contain huge amounts of raw energy. This energy is an unrefined version of the energy Gaster Blasters shoot.

Whenever a Creator starts creating a new world their mind generates raw energy that goes into forming the universe. That energy resides in the mind of a Creator so books containing unfinished universes don't have it in them. But in case a universe becomes Forgotten all the raw energy of the Creator's mind flows into the book and gets trapped under the Forgotten's hard shell. In other words, Forgotten are containers for the most powerful energy source in the whole multiverse. Raw energy is much more powerful than the refined form that flows through the multiverse, tying the worlds together

Many have tried to reach the Library of Beginnings in order to steal and use the raw energy in Forgotten. But where there's a library there's also a librarian. So, even if someone was able to break through the mist they'd have to get through the librarian next. And that would be the hard part.


Page (Sans)

Page is the librarian and the guardian of the Library of Beginnings. His memories were erased when the library summoned him from a universe far away to be a librarian He had his mind wiped clean and the knowledge about the library, Forgotten and alternative universes was inserted. In Page's mind, the nickname Page was the only thing left from his old life. Ever since then Page has protected the Forgotten and spent his time in solitude.


  • Page can summon up to 7 miniature Gaster Blasters, all with different powers and personalities. Page has even named them.
  • Page has magical glasses that enable him to read universes without getting sucked in and they allow him to see anything in any universe.
  • Page also has a magical notebook and he can summon any object with it, as long as it's smaller than the notebook (summoning happens by writing the objects name in the notebook).
  • Page can absorb the powers of a character in any book and use them for a while (there is a vague time limit).


Frisk is a 7-year-old child who got lost in the golden mist and found their way to the library. Page still doesn't know how. Frisk is from a universe ripped apart by war between humans and monsters. The war has been going on for decades and it has plunged the world into chaos. In that world, Frisk grew in a small village all alone. They were left in front of the village's old library and the old librarian raised them. Frisk never left the library and learned to read at a very young age. Frisk never learned how to speak and they never really had to learn since you can't talk in a library anyway. Frisk was out raking the leaves when they noticed the mist floating among the trees behind the library. Of course Frisk went to investigate and they were never seen again. Well, there was nobody to notice anyway. The old librarian had died years ago and a couple of days later the village was destroyed. Everyone was killed.

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