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"If Papy and Kitty are cool with you, then I'm cool with you too."
– Bonnie when you speak to her in Waterfall

Bonnie is a skeleton who will follow Frisk/Chara throughout the game, no matter what route they take.



Bonnie is a female skeleton as tall as Sans. She has two white pupils, a constant grin, and a ponytail that looks like its part of her skull. She wears a black hoodie with four gray lines, 2 going down her sleeves and two going down her front. She wears matching sweatpants, a torn up brown scarf, and black converse.


During Bonnie's genocide fight, she will not be wearing her hoodie, scarf, or constant grin. Instead, she will be wearing Papyrus's scarf, Sans blue jacket, and Kitty's bracelet. Her grin will instead be a murderous frown. Sans's jacket will not be zipped up, revealing a white tank-top. Her right pupil will be glowing purple.


In the Overworld, Bonnie will look almost the same as she would normally, only she will have a newer, purple scarf.


Neutral and Pacifist

In the neutral and pacifist routes, Bonnie will be shown to be laid-back and extremely silly, often making bad jokes(Mostly puns), hanging with Sans, and annoying Mettaton. Although she is laid back, she will become serious when needed. During her neutral and pacifist fight, she will tell the player stories.

No mercy and Genocide

In the No Mercy route, Bonnie will still be laid back, but will not make as many jokes. She will always be with Kitty, keeping her safe. If the player kills Kitty during the No Mercy, during her "Second Judgement" She will ask if they are sick. If they say no, she will call them a "Dirty friend killer", just as Sans would say"Dirty brother killer."

During a Genocide run, the only times the player will see Bonnie will be will be when they meet her and Sans, in Waterfall, and during her "Second Judgement." Bonnie will not speak until the judgement.

Main story



During the neutral routes, Bonnie will first be introduced with Sans. While Sans is laughing at his prank, the sounds of branches being snapped and snow crunching rapidly starts to sound, getting louder each second. At the last second, a black figure will run into the player and Sans from behind, causing a fight to start. Bonnie's and Sans's sprites appear laying down. If the player ACTs, they will be given the options Poke, Scream, or Laugh. Each will cause the two skeletons to get up, ending the fight.


"You poke each of the skeletons. They both get up."


"You scream at the sudden encounter. The two skeletons get up covering their.... ears?"


"You laugh at the two skeletons. They get up and start to laugh with you."

If they choose to FIGHT, they will attack them. The two of them get up before you harm them.

If you chose Poke...

Sans will be confused, but then chuckles when he realizes it was only Bonnie. Bonnie then introduces herself to the player(Sans does in a no mercy run).

If you chose Scream...

Bonnie groans, saying she has never heard such a loud noise. She then introduces herself to the player(Sans does in a no mercy run).

If you chose Laugh...

Bonnie laughs, saying that she was planning on going on a "trip" until next "fall". She then introduces herself to the player.(Sans does in a no mercy run).

If you chose FIGHT...

Bonnie quickly tells the player that she and Sans are fine. She then introduces herself.(Sans does so in a no mercy run.)

Afterwards, Sans and Bonnie will tell the player about how Papyrus and Kitty are human catching fanatics. They then see Papyrus up ahead and tell you to go through the gate, saying that Kitty forget to put vertical bars to keep people out. After the player hides behind the lamp, Kitty and Papyrus will show up scrowling their older siblings. After they leave, Bonnie will tell tell the player that neither Papyrus or Kitty have ever seen a human, and asks you to play along. The player again sees Bonnie, this time with Kitty, after the player finishes Papyrus's first puzzle. Bonnie then points the player out, causing Kitty to get excited and activate her first puzzle: having to find a button in a pile of snow. If the player looks behind the pile and finds the button, Kitty will seem surprised. She will then exclaim that she will help Papyrus capture a human before running off. If the player speak to Bonnie, she will thank them before warning them that they better learn about orange attacks. After wards, the player will once again see Bonnie with Sans selling his fried snow. Speaking to her will lead to her explaining that Kitty isn't really Kitty's name, but it is in fact Katrina. They will once again see her with Sans, Papyrus, and Kitty at the color tile puzzle. Speaking to her afterwards will lead her to remind the player to learn about orange attacks. She also explains that the bracelet Kitty wears was one she made for her during a little arts and crafts game Papyrus had forced them to play. Kitty hasn't taken it off since then.

Snowdin Town

Bonnie will once again be seen after Papyrus's last puzzle. She will be standing next to the welcome sign.(She will not be there in a no mercy run.) If she is spoken to, she will simply read what the sign says. If the player enters Grillby's, Bonnie will be sitting by herself in the empty table. If spoken to, she will explain that she was "on break". She will once again remind the player to learn about orange attacks. She will then be seen after the player fights Kitty. If the player spared Kitty, Bonnie will thank the player, and give them a piece of candy that heals 55 hp. If the player killed Kitty, Bonnie will not say anything, and will teleport away.


She is seen once again next to the statue. If the player speaks to her before putting the umbrella, she will say that the statue had been there since the monster came to the underground. If she is spoken to again after putting the umbrella over it, starting the music, she will say that she had heard the tune before.


Afterwards, Bonnie is again seen at the water cooler in Hotland. She will watch and see if the player gives the water to Undyne. If the player gives the water to her, Bonnie will thank the player before teleporting away. If the player doesn't give Undyne the water, Bonnie will simply teleport away.

New Home

The next time the player sees her, it will be after Sans's judgement. She will then explain that this will be their "Second Judgement". She will then tell the player a little bit about timelines. She explains a few thing, then finishes it off with the words "I know about everything you done." The player will then fight her. If the player acts, they will only be given the option to listen. Bonnie will explain that she has followed them since they fell into the Underground. She will explain that the black figure they saw each time they beat a boss monster was her. Afterwards, the fight will end, and Bonnie will tell the player goodbye. The last time the player will hear from her will be in the phone call after beating Omega Flowey. Her words will vary depending on the people who were spared or killed.

True Pacifist

In the True Pacifist route, Bonnie will be exactly as she was in a neutral route. The only differences are when the player meets her, Grillby's, Waterfall, and her "Second Judgement". When the player meets her once again, they will move to the side before she runs into them and Sans.( Such as they will shake Sans's hand before he tells them to.) She will act surprised. She will then introduce herself. Afterwards, she will seem to be acting the same as in the pacifist, until her "Second Judgement". She will then ask the player why they restarted and will then act like she would in a neutral . They will then see her again when she, along with Kitty, try to stop the fight with Asgore. They will appear after Sans and papyrus, but unlike Kitty, who is serious about stopping the fight, Bonnie will simply shrug and say," What she said." Just as everyone else, Bonnie then has her soul absorbed by Flowey. She will then appear as a lost soul with Kitty. To restore her, the player must point out Kitty's bracelet or retell one of her earlier stories. Once restored, Bonnie won't say anything. Afterwards, she will NOT be in new home with everyone else, but is instead in her and Kitty's home. Talking to her will lead to her repeating the history of the monsters. She will then ask the player if they say "Him" If the player says yes, she will thank them then teleport away. If they say no, she will laugh and tell them about her ability to tell when someone is lying, but she won't scowl them. Afterwards, she will be with everyone else looking over the mountain. She will last be seen riding skates next to Sans in the ending credits.


In a genocide run, Bonnie will be the opposite of her pacifist self. She will not be seen in neither Waterfall or Snowdin. Instead, the player will find her in New Home, but instead of her normal "Second Judgement", She will ask the player why they did what they did. She will ask more questions, ending with her catchphrase,"Its strange... I cant decide if you should live or die!" She then will fight them, having a fight similar to Sans's fight. The player must survive the first phase, which consists of normal bone attacks and her consistently dodging. She will then ask the player if they want one last chance to reset everything and try again. If the player mercys her, she will automatically kill them with five gaster blasters, with leads to the game over screen and the words,"Reset then. Go ahead. I've decided that you should die." If the player attacks her, they will miss, leading to her looking down, then laughing. She will then tell them that they choose their fate. The second phase will began, being much harder than Sans's fight. The only way to beat her is similar to Sans's: Waiting for her special attack. When she does uses it, she will trap the player in a cage of bones. They must wait until she falls asleep, which leads to one of the bones disappearing. Then player must then tap on all four walls, until they tap on the left one, which will say fourth. The player must destroy it to get to the fight button, which will make Bonnie wake up and dodge. Unlike Sans, however, she will dodge all extra attacks. She will laugh at the player, reminding them that she had followed them, making her close her eyes. This is when the player will finally beat her. She will then say she is going home, asking for forgiveness from her friends, then will dust off screen.

Flavor Text


  • Strange... she doesn't seem to be attacking? [Check]
  • Bonnie starts a fight. [Encounter in New Home]
  • OK, listen, this isn't a real fight. Just listen. [After check]
  • Are you really trying to fight me? [Fight]
  • Bye [Spare]

True Pacifist

  • Bonnie smiles at you.[Encounter]
  • She's proud of you.[Check]
  • Thanks for sparing all the monsters that tried to attack you.[Listen]
  • Why fight now? [Fight]
  • Ok, I'll let you go on your way. Thanks for listening. [Spare]


  • Bonnie walks up to you creepily. [Encounter]
  • Just get on with it. [Check]
  • You tease her. She shakes with anger. [Tease]
  • You plead for mercy. Her attacks only get stronger.[Plead]
  • Bonnie is giving you one last chance to change everything. [Before Second Phase]


Quotes Bonnie will say throughout the game.

  • "Names Bonnie, Bonnie the Skelly!" [Meeting Bonnie]
  • "Human, huh? Looks like Kitty and Papyrus have a chance after all." [Before meeting Papyrus and Kitty]
  • "Hey. kid. Before you go, Kitty and Papy have been down lately." [After meeting Papyrus and Kitty]

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