This is all Creations ( AUs, Ocs, and Characters ) by the user named Bone Apetit


AUs i made, or Co Created!


AUs created by myself! ( IN ORDER )

  • Virtuestale - My First AU ever created, its very cringy for me since i used to like my idea, and i don't think its good for me anymore. I am not very creative with the character's clothes. So i decided to Cancel it. I am waiting for someone to adopt my cringy AU.
  • DELETEDtale - Gosh, i am very proud of this AU, even though its my second AU, but i like my typings, and my ideas in that AU, not just the person who played Undertale deleted the game, but how i look at the characters, and their personalities.
  • BeforeFell - My Third AU, that is what i think before Underfell was made. It's still work on Progress.
  • Enderfell - My First AU with a helper helping me with a Plot.

Co-Creator of it

AUs that i help! ( NOT IN ORDER )

  • Shiptale - I know i made this AU xDD, but i probably let Kk take care of it, i take care of the other one.
  • Self-InsertTale - We made it for some reasons.


Characters i made!


  • Spherm - My First Undertale OC.


  • Negative!Sans - My first Outcode. You might already know him since i always use him in rps.

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