* But nobody came.

* This article may contain any information that is from a cancelled AU. It may also contain non-canon information. As such, some info may not be released yet or will never be.

* Plus, if you want to adopt this AU, please ask permission from the creator if you want to make their AU yours.
However, if the creator isn't/wasn't inactive or hasn't left the internet forever, then you must discuss it with them.

The owner received a permanent ban. Their AU will remain here for those who wish to read it.
Is one of the hidden secret endings of Hatredtale. In this ending the bombs are launched in the Underground. It's can be call 10 Days Ending.

How can you have this ending ?

- Don't finish the game and don't move.

- You have to wait 10 days in real life.

- A cutscene of the bombs launched in the Underground will play. After this ending,you and every monsters will die.

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