As the pellets moved in closer to Frisk and Bokina, Flowey and Sirius smiled as if this was the greatest moment in their lives. Bokina knew something was up, and dodged as soon as a pellet got near her. Frisk on the other hand, slowly walked up to the pellets in awe, about to touch them.

Bokina: "Frisk, NO! Get away!" But as soon as she shouted that, Frisk had already hit the pellets, which she reacted to by doubling over in pain. They both looked up to see Flowey and Sirius, but Flowey's face was more sinister looking, and Sirius had Green eyes.

Flowey: "You you really think we'd pass up an opportunity like this?"

Sirius: "In this world..."

Frisk and Bokina look in shock as Flowey surrounds them with a circle of pellets.

Flowey and Sirius: "IT'S KILL OF BE KILLED!" They both started laughing as the pellets moved in closer to the two defenseless children, as they cowered together and braced for the attack, when suddenly, it instead healed them.

Flowey: "How'd you two do that?! Well, I'll just-" Right as he finished, a fireball came out of nowhere and blasted into the duo, causing them to flee. After they had left, two female figures stood into view, and helped Frisk and Bokina up.

Toriel: "What a miserable creature, torturing such a poor and innocent youth..."

Akabon: "If you'd just let me at em' I would've told em' what's what!"

Toriel: I think they've learned their lesson for now, not be afraid my children, I am Toriel...Caretaker of the Ruins." right as Toriel finished her sentience, Akabon jumped in front of her, an excited expression in her eyes.

Akabon: "And you can call me Akabon! I'm the...uh...well, actually I'm just a really close friend." Frisk and Bokina situated themselves and waited for Toriel's next sentience.

Toriel: "Come now, innocent ones, let us show you through the catacombs!" Toriel and Akabon walked off to a doorway that led into the Ruins, followed closely by Frisk and Bokina. As they entered, they saw something peculiar, a yellow star shaped object that the other two didn't seem to notice. They walked up to it and looked in awe and pure curiosity.

What will you do?

  • SAVE your progress (Work in Progress)
  • Continue without SAVING (Work in progress)

*-Sorry this one took so long to make, as I had a lot of personal things going on that was blocking my way. This is just a reminder that Bombertale ISN'T cancelled or permanently unfinished, and do NOT believe anything that other people say about this topic, unless it has been confirmed by ME to be true-*

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