6DragonSlayer9 takes the role of Bob The Temmie in the AU called Playertale


6DragonSlayer9 is a human murderer and is powerful enough to rely on his intelligence to do the fighting. Most of his powers are hidden and he is usually seen break dancing or reading books. He also likes to eat Temmie Flakes like the rest of the Temmies and he uses correct grammar unlike them.


6DragonSlayer9 is usually wearing a blue sweater like the rest of the Temmies. He has black hair and black eyes also like most Temmies. The only difference is that he has a hidden Illuminati on his forhead (Ear Rape Illuminati Song Intensifies)


Δ 6DragonSlayer9 is secretly a member of the Illuminati. He is also capable of noscoping 5 humans with one bullet.

Δ His favourite food is McDonald's, since it is impossible to get McDonald's in the Underground the Illuminati sends him the food from the Surface.

Δ His favourite drink is Pepsi, he also gets it from the Surface.

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