Cameronthedarksoul takes the role of Blueberry sans in Spinofftale.


Spinofftale Cameron is basically Underswap sans but Very dark (like a demon) is dreaming to capture a human (Don't he know he's a Half-human too? Oh whatever His inside are bones anyways So he's really not Full human) He wishes one day too become a royal guard But he's in training with Alphys His Catchphrase is not Mweh Heh Heh or Nyeh Heh Heh it's actually Muah Har Har. but he really does not like Cats but spinofftale Papyrus doesn't really care.

Spinofftale Cameron Like too make meals his favortite is Pancakes (The original Cameronthedarksoul likes Cereal instead of Pancakes) Many fans see Darkberry Cameron as Evil,Demonic Cute Charecter Not to mention that his Clothes are Orange.

Darkberry Cameron is very Addicted to Honey buns and Sugar cubes if he takes Honey buns and sugar cubes at the same time he will go insane and run as fast as the speed of light And will cause to ruin everything in snowdin,waterfall and Hotland so whatever you do DON'T GIVE HIM HONEY BUNS OR SUGAR CUBES.

In Battle: Spinofftale Cameron acts likes Undertale papyrus and Underswap Sans although He's a close inch to Spinofftale papyrus he has a big Smile (IM TALKING ABOUT LIKE HOW A DEMON SMILES just like original Cameronthedarksoul) Even know his eyes are the same as Underswap sans and Undertale papyrus he has a winter scarf that ties up his neck which you would see in the overworld appearance.



When he sees Chara he wants to be friends with her (My Opinion is that she's a girl so yeah) He is joyful to have Chara as a friend but is sad because He won't be able to join the royal guard since he's friends with a human.


The brother of Darkberry One thing you should know is he likes too make puns But Darkberry can't stand puns from His Brother Papyrus He tries to make Papyrus work but it never works (Since He's very lazy at times).


Cameron and alphys are best friends

Cameron does want to join the royal guard

but alphys secretly doesn't want him to be in the royal guard (Since he's too cute and harmless to fight anyone) They hang out all the time

Not to mention that Alphys is training him.

Temmie: Cameron starts a Fan club with Temmie (Temmie said that in the neutral route) It was Comfirm that temmie Hates Cameron But it is unknown What Cameron thinks of Temmie.


Cameron doesn't know that much about Frisk

But can only See them in Chara

(If they were doing a Genocide route).

Name changes:

Darkberry ( Well since My name is Cameronthedarksoul i thought of the word dark and i replace blue with dark and then comes Darkberry Cameron so yeah).

Okay that's all! Now all i need is a sprite I'll either see if Kk will make the sprite for me.


one thing you should know is he wears Boots (because it is snowdin) he wears glasses (Trust me it will look cuter with them glasses).

and he wears a shirt Called Cool Demon (Well basically in his cases he thinks that Half-human counts as a demon but he only wears that on the dating session) And he wears Jogging shorts (he loves wearing them it's his favorite) And his battle body is a Silver Kinght armor (He thinks that there is a universe where everyone is in the medieval times *Wink* *Wink* ;) And there's a little logo that says THL and SP (He loves The loud house and spongebob since he watches it everyday after he is done with his mission).

Edit: Okay so here's one thing since Darkberry has bones on the inside he uses a shirt to cover it.

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