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Bloodlust was created by underfllow. Bloodlust is an alternate version of Underlust, where everyone is a Vampubus. A Vampubus is a cross between a Vampire and a Succubus. A Succubus/Incubus is a sex-obsessed demon, which tries to seduce people while they are asleep, and a Vampire is obviously a blood-sucking demon. A Vampubus does both of these things. They try to seduce the victim while they are asleep and then after they are done with them, they then suck the victim's blood. When the victim's blood gets sucked, all their stats go to the Vampubus, also the victim's soul turns black. Drained souls can also break the barrier. Some characters control their lust, and some do not. The plot is very, very similar to Underlust. Vampubus prefer to seduce the victim first, and then suck their blood (Because they are still lustful Succubi), but if the victim is not interested, then they will just suck their blood. Vampubus can possess people after they sucked their blood.


Frisk: Frisk is a normal human and an older version of the normal Frisk (Around 17-18) who tries to survive the Underground and get back to the surface. This version of Frisk is Male.

Chara: Chara is a Vampubus, who tries to possess Frisk, and kill everyone. This version of Chara is female. Her mother is a Succubus and her father is a Vampire. In one timeline, she possesses Frisk and kills everyone, and becomes an out-of-code character.

Flowey: Flowey is sort of a cross between a Vampubus and a Flower.

Asriel: Asriel is a Vampubus who is the son of Toriel and Asgore. He used to be Chara's "step-brother" but Chara and Asriel were secretly in love.

Toriel: Toriel is a passive Vampubus, but she controls her lust, and tries to make Frisk to stay with her, becasue she knows what will happen if they leaves the ruins.

Sans: Sans is a Vampubus, but he also controls his lust. Sans is his normal jokey, depressed self.

Papyrus: Papyrus is a passive Vampubus, and is still trying to get into the royal guard.

Undyne: Undyne is a Vampubus, and tries to kill Frisk to break the barrier. She turns into a Passive Vampubus after you spare her.

Alphys: Alphys is a passive Vampubus, she's the same as she is in Underlust.

Asgore: Asgore is a Vampubus, who tries to kill Frisk and break the barrier. He's the same as he is in Underlust. He turns passive after you spare him.

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