[NOTE: Bloodfell is a W.I.P game currently on gamejolt made by Patched.]

Bloodfell is canonically based in an alternate timeline where the monsters have been stuck in the underground longer than 201X. It is currently 214X, and the underground has reached almost insanity, the thing that set most things off was when the "Snowdin Massacre" occurred.

The Snowdin Massacre was when a group of monsters slaughtered most of Snowdin, and taking most food supplies. The only characters who have not gone completely insane yet are: Sans, Papyrus, Toriel, and Undyne.

Characters + Status

Flowey - Presumed Dead.

Toriel - In hiding.

Sans - Former Royal Knight.

Papyrus - Leader of the Royal Knights' defence squad.

Undyne - Former Royal Knight leader.

Asriel - Presumed Dead.

Gaster - Gone insane.

Asgore - ???

Alphys - Presumed Dead

Mettaton - Entertainer

New Characters

Serif - New Royal Scientist who replaces Alphys

Titan - Leader of the Royal Knights' offence squad

Shadow - Second in command of the Royal Knights' offence squad.

Cypher - Weapon supplier

Shogun - Papyrus's Bodyguard

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