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The new Waterfall of Hatredtale become Bloodfall ! Why ? The waterfalls is now blood from the killed Tortured Subjects and Amalgams.


The Waterfall become dark purple and the waterfall blood. The houses have a dark color and Undyne House become dark blue with a broken window.

Story of this location

If all the blood come here is cause King Asgore that the blood was everywhere in the Torture Lab. So he change the Waterfall with...Blood...

What will happen here ?

- Undyne will fight you. You can save Monster Kid ( Her shield ) you have to escape of her and she let Monster Kid.

- If you return to Bloodfall the Undyne house is destroy ( Habitants decided to fight against the Evils Monsters ).

- If Napastablook see you i will fight you.

- When Monster Kid going to fall you have to :

[Help Him] : Take his head and pull him to the ground. He will become your best friend and join you.

[Let Him] : You let Monster Kid fall and he die.

- Sans will teleport you and him to Grillby Restaurant and you have no choice. He will talk about you're death in the Last Corridor.After he will teleport you to Bloodfall and go.

- If you open the mysterious door in Bloodfall you will fight against Gaster. And at the end of the battle he will disappear...

- When you go to the secret room in playing the good notes of the piano. The artifact will be here but Annoying Dog is not here to steal this. But the artifact is really burning let this at his place.

- When you are at the umbrella moment there are 6 different thing happen :

1.You take the umbrella and you travel the Bloodrain.

2.You don't take the umbrella and you travel the Bloodrain. You will be cover of blood.

3.You take two umbrellas for Monster Kid and you two travels the Bloodrain.

4.You take one umbrella for you and you two travels the Bloodrain and Monster kid will be cover of blood.

5.You take one umbrella for Monster Kid and you two travels the Bloodrain. You will be cover of blood.

6.You don't take umbrellas for you and Monster Kid and you two travels the Bloodrain. You and Monster Kid will be cover of blood.

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