Blood!Sans belongs to the Bloodfell AU.

In this AU sans was a Royal Knight but quit due to almost dying and seeing his brother, Papyrus, nearly get beaten to a dusty pulp while defending Snowdin from the Snowdin Massacre.


Sans wears a grey hoodie with dark red pockets and a grey shirt, he also wears grey socks and red slippers.

Sans' eyes are black because during training he was taught that he should never let his guard down unless he knows he is in a safe environment, and when his eyes are black his speed, HP, DEF and ATK increases.

When his eyes are white his speed, ATK and HP decreases dramatically so he can reserve more magic than normal for when threats emerge. But his DEF increases 7140% just in case he gets ambushed


Papyrus - Brother

Mettaton - Friend

Protagonist (Genocide) - Worst enemy

Protagonist (Pacifist) Best friend

Flowey - Forgotten

Toriel - Friend

Undyne - Neutral


PM!Sans is just regular sans.

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