• DustyTheGoat
    1. Unlike most Paper Mario fans, I actually enjoyed Paper Mario: Color Splash.
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  • ChickenFries231

    Fell:*sitting at the table with waffles*

    Edge:*takes waffle*

    Fell:*bitch slap* LEGGO MAH EGGO BIATCH!!!!!!!

    • static*

    Edge: What am I looking at here?

    Fell:*laying on the floor, sleeping with Doomfanger and Frisk laying with him*

    Edge: *grabs baseball bat* >:3


    Frisk and Doomfanger:*run in different directions*

    • static*

    Fell:*angry nyehing*

    Horse:*angry neighing* 

    Fell: ITS NYEH! NOT *amazing impression of a horse*

    • static*


    Me: Because ur my favorite character from my favorite AU. 

    Fell: Well maybe I wanna be hated for once.

    Me: Your hated.

    Fell: By who?

    Me: Them.*points to angry Edge fangirls holding signs saying things like "STOP ABUSING SANSPAI, BITCH!"*

    Fell: Maybe he's just weak, ever think of that? May…

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  • ZoneKing246

    I might as well make my kingdom's forces.

    All Guards are the same rank.

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  • Vincent Endethyst

    Ask Vincent Blog!

    December 11, 2017 by Vincent Endethyst

    Just ask me any questions. However, do not ask any stupid questions, education-based questions (Ex. What is the common name for the element compound NaCl? Well, it’s salt, or Sodium Cloride, or whatever, but I want no questions like this, thanks). But feel free to ask for my opinions on certain things. Alright, ASK AWAY.

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  • StingrayBoy102

    Ask My OCs

    December 11, 2017 by StingrayBoy102

    This is an ask blog. For my OCs:

    • Artemis 
    • Amelia

    One rule: Remember Art is age 11, and Amelia is age 6, so be careful when asking questions.

    Have fun!

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  • Ringadoodles


    December 11, 2017 by Ringadoodles

    Hoi! I recently created an AU called Novatale. Check out my Deviantart page to see pictures of Nova, and help me spread it across the interwebs. Those of you who know how to make pages, make one for me so I can revise and edit. Thanks!

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  • DustyTheGoat

    Time to Put This to Rest

    December 11, 2017 by DustyTheGoat

    Alright, I've had enough of this, the fued has gone on for to long. I'm sure some of of you are wondering this, so it's time to get this out of the way.

    This is the current (and main) reason I hate the user ZoneKing246.

    Is it because he constantly argues with me? No, that's his problem.

    Is it because of his OC? No...

    Is it because he makes AUs that are unbarably cringey? No, I partially feel like he's doing it on purpose.

    Well, then what is it?

    It's because he uses my real name. Allow me to explain.

    Basically, my name isn't actually Dusty. It's Robbie Rotten Rick Astley Shrek John Cena Logan. However, I HATE it when other people use my real name on this site and hence don't want anyone using it. Except Billy. It's fine for him to use it.

    Anyways, Zone …

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  • Undercraftfangirl

    Why Questions

    December 10, 2017 by Undercraftfangirl

    Forget it I’ll just leave it here.

    Why does everyone care about others, but don’t give a shit about us?

    Why can't people just get along?

    Why do I end up the one caught up in the middle of everything?

    Why is our brain so fucking messed up?

    Why do we always get into arguments?

    Why do people never bother to think about our feelings too?

    Why do people not acknowledge that we're trying to change too?

    Why can’t people acknowledge that we can't change just yet?

    Why are people so stereotypical?

    Why do people use their weaknesses as excuses to manipulate others?

    Why can't we all just help each other get through stuff?

    Why do people say that others would be better off dead, and then cry when they are?

    Why do I have to be the one asking if everyone else is okay?


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  • Midnight from DITLOR

    Okay, here I will be explaining a few things, such as:

    1. More serious matters, such as how I don't get on the wiki as much anymore.

    2. Less serious matters, like AUs and things like that.


    3. ..Some random stuff, idk.

    First off, serious matters.

    I have a few reasons for not getting on the wiki as much as some users would like me to, and one of them is because school has been a lot more stressful lately and when I get home, I don't feel like putting up with any drama on the wiki. I still try to respond as much as often, though, so do not worry about that.

    Another reason is that I find myself slowly leaving the Undertale fandom as I become more of a fan of other games, musicals, etc. No, I have not left it completely, and I probably never will,…

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  • ChickenFries231


    After the Christmas that was almost taken over by Halloween, Santa Claus returns to HalloweenTown to visit Jack, but something about the town has changed, its a lot bigger than it used to be, and Jack and the other residents are nowhere to be found. The only thing there is a pitchfork stabbed in the ground, it has a sign on it, telling Santa how things work in the "new" HalloweenTown.

    Santa is the protagonist

    Big Witch is Toriel

    A ghost is Napstablook

    Oogie Boogie is Sans

    Jack is Papyrus(Him and Sally are dating)

    Sally is Undyne

    Dr.Finkelstein is Alphys

    Jewel is Muffet

    The Mayor is Mettaton

    The Lady Of The Lagoon is Onionsan

    Little Witch is Asgore

    Corpse Kid and The Mummy are b…

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  • AprilWiki98

    Finally i made the chapter i'm just checking well .

    I hope that will be cool !  I'm active in a wiki enjoy , and keep some word well ...

    • Intro productions* (1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 ) *Undertale intro font music *

    Episode : If the route , is kind Strange?

    • intro  main menu song *

    Person : which name can i add in this game steven,fuji? nan prefer called 'Cayde'

    Brother gmaing : DUDE you just adding the name of a character popular

    person:hmmmmmm pfff why?

    1 hours later.

    Cayde: Were  i am ?

    Flowey : you didn't know what this underground ? huh , i'm flowey flowey the flower .

    Cayde: What the hell

    narrator : A button pink appear write 'ACT'

    Cayde:okay? also can i click him?

    narrator :you  looks flowey isn't evil

    cayde : hm?


    Cayde: …

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  • ChickenFries231


    After the Christmas that was almost taken over by Halloween, Santa Claus returns to HalloweenTown to visit Jack, but something about the town has changed, its a lot bigger than it used to be, and Jack and the other residents are nowhere to be found. The only thing there is a pitchfork, stabbed into the ground, it has a sign on it, telling Santa about how things work in the "new" HalloweenTown. 

    Santa is Frisk(but he's less of a Frisk.)

    Big Witch is Toriel

    A ghost is Napstablook

    Oogie Boogie is Sans 

    Jack is Papyrus(he is still dating Sally)

    Sally is Undyne(she is still dating Jack)

    Dr. Finkelstein is Alphys

    Jewel is Muffet

    The Mayor is Mettaton/Mettaton EX/Mettaton NEO …

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  • DustyTheGoat

    Once, quite a while ago, I joined the chat and told everyone there a story about a man in a green truck stealing my garbage (as a joke). A couple users ended up saying that 'rubbish sucks' and hence we ended up sacrificing them to the garbage. It was... weird, to say the least.

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  • ChickenFries231

    okay, yes, I stole this damn idea, but here's some weird shit about meh:

    1. I start to yell angrily if someone says something negative about Harry Potter >:3
    2. Iliek(insertnameofdumbHPcharacterpeopleprobablyhate)and(she-s=he)ismyfav
    3. I want any Harry Potter/Jack Skellington merchandise I see. 
    4. When people have inflatable decorations in their yard, I always want to see them, I like them.
    5. I used to not want to sing in front of people, but my voice is beautiful. :3
    6. I swallowed a quarter once, and I cried for a while. And that quarter wasn't mine, it was my sister's. I wanted someone to get it out of me, but my parents said to let nature "do its thing."
    7. I get angry easily now, its just a problem I have.
    8. I wish I had a pet chicken, but I also wish for a rat,…
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  • ZoneKing246

    Well then. Here's 10 weird facts about me.

    1. I'm a night-roamer. At some points, I get up for some unknown reason at night and do some things.

    2. I eat both mashed potatoes and broccoli with ketchup. It's my opinion on food.

    3. I have a high addiction to peas. I just do, okay? I love eating them.

    4. The reason I tell jokes is because my mom loves to tell jokes and we joke around a lot.

    5. Don't get me wrong, but I have a love for LEGOs.

    6. I have a bad sense of smell. It's handy for when someone farts.

    7. I have a love for dead memes.

    8. I rant a lot. I bet you all knew that.

    9. When I was younger, I swallowed a screw, but no surgery was needed. I let nature do its thing.

    10. My stomach is a bottomless pit that will only allow one group of food to …

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  • Vincent Endethyst

    Now, recently, I’ve been getting a bit upset because I feel like I’m not a good enough person to users here. When I see user opinions, there’s almost always something negative about me. When I see opinions on other users that are so much better, I get upset because I know I can’t be good enough for the people in this community. Well, I guess it serves me right a little bit. So yeah, there you guys go.

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  • AnonomyousAnonomoose


    December 7, 2017 by AnonomyousAnonomoose

    Welp, its ya basic Moose here. Back again with a stolen idea. Just ask my OCs anything, more info about them is located in my profile page.


    AA (Main OC)





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  • Eeveetale


    you can ask skull and me cause I am a OC with my powers, and my eeveetale

    heres the cast for eeveetale umbreon:sans Flareon:papyrus Slvyeon:toriel Vaporeon:undyen Glaceon:Mtt Jolteon:Aplhys Espeon:Asgore Leafeon:Asriel Leafeons top leaf: flowey

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  • DustyTheGoat

    Howdy! I'm Dusty! DustyTheGoat! Welcome to this bottomless hellhole of endless pain and misery known as the Undertale AU Wikia!

    Down here, there's romance! Drama! Action! More drama! And... uhm... did I mention there was DRAMA!?

    This place has many pages of which you can read, including those of very famous AUs, such as:

    • Underswap - Literally the most unoriginal thing in existance!
    • Underfell - Edgy McEdgyson.
    • Swapfell - ...This exists.
    • Storyshift - Ooh, something interesting!
    • Storyswap - Um... wait, what?
    • Storyfell - Oh no.
    • Storyswapfell - OH NO.
    • Altertale - Who's idea was it to make Toriel and Asgore SIBLINGS in this!? Also, this AU exists solely for Soriel.
    • Alterswap - ...Because we needed another one.
    • Mettatale - Who needs clever AU ideas with legs…

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  • StingrayBoy102


    1: Go to the Alphatale Wiki and look up Infected.

    2: Go to the Undertale Rho Wiki and look up Artemis and Amelia.

    If you had seen my profile, you know I have an upcoming fanfic of Artemis vs. Infected. I will write the chapters one by one on different blog posts. The first chapter/blog post will be released on December 16th. I'll see you then! (NOTE: I will type one chapter every Saturday, if possible.)

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  • ZoneKing246

    The names of the soon-to-be songs are up here.

    1. Once In A Lifetime

    2. Load-Up Page

    3. Your First Pal

    4. Descended

    5. Mt. Moon

    6. Wow! So Quiet!

    7. Wait For It...

    8. Unwanted Insecurity

    9. Wild Pokémon Approacing

    10. New Face

    11. Willpower

    12. Dome

    13. Dome (Music Box)

    14. A Heart Left In Turmoil

    15. guzma.


    17. Breezy

    18. Wow! So Cold!

    19. Firebanjo

    20. Mysteries...

    21. Stoutland

    22. Twist Mountain

    23. Pokémon Center

    24. Psychic Doubt

    25. Visit Start!

    26. Visit Realization!

    27. Visit Battle!

    28. Unshaken

    29. The Feeling Of Being Watched

    30. Shelly

    31. Seafoam Islands

    32. YA BETTER RUN!

    33. Silence

    34. Willingly

    35. Pidgey That Flies You Over To The Nearest Possible Ledge If Necessary

    36. One MAD Cofagrigus!

    37. Morty's Gym

    38. Bellring

    39. Bellch…

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  • Billybobmcjoe

    so, i realized that if i ever want to make a medeivaltale game, it better have an OST. so, im putting it here for all to see. its not very complete yet, but its here!

    also some songs will have the same name just because those names still work fine for the AU

    also also the OST will be in a very different order, due to many reasons

    what i have so far:

    your most loyal squire(your best friend)

    your traitorous squire (your best nightmare)

    wounded in battle(fallen down)

    fighting the dead knight (ghost fight)

    defying the queen(heartache)

    jester. (sans. (such a creative name i've thought up, huh?))


    peasant village(snowdin town)

    announced capture!(bonetrousle)

    spear of the protector (spear of justice)

    but she pledged to give her life (but the earth…

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  • AskCastellar

    First of all, before you read this, I recommend that you read Overthought Drama Chapter 2, part 2 before reading this, we cool? We're cool!

    So, this is a first-person story based on the supporting character: [TOP SECRET]! I seem to have become really interested in him, so I decided, "Hey, I wanna remember this 'cause, quite frankly, this series put me on the map! So, why not do this!?". Right, enough said.

    I'm lazy. What is there else to say? I generally can't give half my ass to care about what anybody has to say. Now, it's not like Sans, who we'll talk about later in the story, because he's kind of a dick but kinda cool, but me? I'm just really a dick. Now, I have my customers... Showcard, Castellar, The Three Unoriginal Idiots, Calibri, V…

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  • Rubyshade

    ASK MY OCS!!!!

    December 5, 2017 by Rubyshade

    HOI PEOPLE!!! I made this blog just for fun!! So hope you enjoy! Here are the oc's!

    Ruby, Sapphire, Jade( Ruby's mother), Candy, Chris, And fell! Ruby

    Sorry there are very few! But if you want you can ask my newest addition to the addition* drumroll* EEPS THE FLOOFY DINO!!!

    Please no nsfw questions. Read more >
  • DustyTheGoat

    New OC Ask Blog!

    December 5, 2017 by DustyTheGoat

    Alright, THIS time around you're ONLY going to be able to ask my OCs.

    The last one didn't work... and so, I created a new one!

    My OC information is on my profile page, but I will list them down here because why not?

    • Dusty
    • Delilah
    • Logan
    • Daisy
    • Edgar
    • Ivy
    • Axle
    • Chloe
    • G
    • King
    • Glitchy
    • Garamond
    • Mufferaw
    • Algerian
    • Verdana
    • Rockwell

    Alright, get to asking those questions!

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  • AprilWiki98
    • So is a blog talking about fnaf but i'm in youtube of a live with video game news for such watching .
    • And my blog that will talking about fazbear simulator .
    • Which case at night will can survive us ?
    • Purple guy is back?
    • Were freedy ?
    • Circus baby is broken?
    • Why then have such mingame and not jumpscare?
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  • DustyTheGoat

    So, I was reading the UnderZone OST and thought to myself "I could come up with better names than these!"

    And here we are.

    1. New Song Name (Original Song Name) {Dusty's Notes}

    ??? = I'll add the song name later when I think of one.

    N/A = Song is removed from my version of the soundtrack.

    1. A Story That'll Make You Lose Hope (Hopeful Story)

    2. Just Your Generic Menu Screen, Nothing To See, Move Along! (Menu Screen)

    3. Friend From The Skies (Your Little Pal)

    4. ??? (The Fall)

    5. ??? (In Ruin)

    6. The Temperation is Killing Me! (Unwillingly Temperate)

    7. ??? (Wait...)

    8. Where Are You Going, Momato? (Unneeded Suspense)

    9. Are You Ready? FIGHT!! (Battle Start)

    10. A Gallade's Invade (Angsty Battle)

    11. Game Over! You Suck!! (Quite Determined)

    12. The Smell of H…

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  • Raytaygirl

    Ask my OCs

    December 5, 2017 by Raytaygirl

    After being away for a bit, why not BE ORIGINAL! :D

    Ask anyone down here:






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  • MissingInAction1

     What did you expect? 

    Ask my OCs whatever the hell you want. 

    Here's a list of em':

    -S.T (Any generation)








    -Le Puppet

    -The Strings



    -Attack Helicopter


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  • Vincent Endethyst

    Hello peeps! This is a long list of my OCs whom you will be asking questions (or you will die. Jk o3o). Feel free ta ask them anything! Also, this idea has come from several people, but I have done this in the far past as well. Welp, here ya go. Note, only my most developed OCs will occur here.

      • SANSES









      • OTHER OCS
    • SINS OF 12













    (Ex-Sins are Raiden, Vorakor, Dread, Spectron, Arsonus, and Infernox)


    Archie McCrawford (England)

    Conan Murphy (Ireland)

    Tavish Frazier (Scotland)

    Jürgen Scharfschütze (Germany)

    Adríen Benoit (France)

    Yuri Morozov (Russia)

    • Fa…
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  • DustyTheGoat

    This poll is closed as Psuet is a bloody genius!

    You can see her comment down below!

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  • AprilWiki98

    Hey there i'm AprilWiki98 and i like this wiki since to august 2017 because this month i am in morroco RIP may and juin after if i join or not .

    My AU i will imagine is :



    FalloutTale : Survive of wars

    CrossTale know about batim

    and the final is


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  • Psuet

    I’m doing this because... well, many things happened over the last two months of me joining.

    It’s really made me uncomfortable, and once I considered leaving because of just how much was happening.

    Well... this is definitely a path off what I usually do with my blog posts, but... I’ll start now.

    Now, this point is basically that... well, if you pressure me hard enough, I will literally say or do anything. So... please. I really don’t want to do anything that’s against my will.

    However, if it will harm my friends in any way, you can be sure I will not give in. So please don’t try.

    I’ve been... accused of hating people. I honestly don’t. Everyone here is... either neutral or friends. I do not dislike anyone here, so... please stop.

    Heh... most of …

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    Alright its been a while since i posted somthing sooooo here goes nothing

    Now i bet everyone here wishes that they could be in the christmas Au special comic, well i cant give you guys a comic, but i can make an image for you guys sybolizing the prgress of the Wiki.

    • Now i'm only doing this for Aus that have a good checkout with they're Page so any Aus that aren't ok with the Admin. can't be featured in the image.
    • You must give an image of your sans or whatever Undertale related Charecter you want me to draw soooo No Ocs.
    • And Finally, This wiki has been veyr stable since the wiki wipe and i would like for it to stay that way while i work on this, which means that if there are any issues with the wiki while I'm working on the image then that mea…

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  • Billybobmcjoe

    do you wanna know what i think? no? well... FUCK YOU! im gonna state my mind anyways

    i have two problems with most character shifting AUs. for one, most don't do anything with frisk. why? i mean, frisk is a character too. but only a select few change frisk's role. for fucks sake people, do something with them.

    my other problem is flowey characters. i'll have to explain a bit more. look at flowey. he turns into asriel, who is almost a completely different character. look at underswap temmie(if you ask me, underswap(and fellswap, and swapfell, by extension) do the flowey right). underswap temmie becomes underswap monster kid, an almost completely different character. now look at pretty much every other character shift AU. storyshift? nappstabl…

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  • Psuet

    Ye, this is original.

    December 1, 2017 by Psuet

    See, told ya it was original!

    Today, the Feesh of Truth(‘tis I!) will answer any and every question you have. I’ll overelaborate. A lot.

    Just a warning.

    And it’s gonna be reaaaalll long.

    And I’ll use vocabulary better than this. Probably.

    They’ll seem very posh and refined, unlike the words I’m currently speaking(or typing? Who knows?)

    The answers are probably gonna be longer than this blog post so...

    Prepare your minds for paragraphs of warping intensity and confuddling turnabouts.

    Note: No NSFW questions, but as for questions that may embarrass me, by all means, go ahead! I’ll take any question as long as it’s not NSFW.


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  • Midnight from DITLOR

    Nope nah this probably isn't original. Just another one of them ask things. Cause why not. I actually decided to make this after seeing Dusty's and Casts's so... ye :v. Uhhhhh ya can ask meh OCs something or me something if ya see this or want to. Here's some of the OC's (some you may have never heard of):

    • Oliver
    • Siren
    • Anemone
    • Clover
    • Talya
    • Tess
    • Dylan
    • Catch
    • Bone
    • Doggo Jr.
    • Goliath Hendrickson (AKA, Radio Guy)
    • Mediocre Dog
    • Sandy
    • Bob the Dog
    • Jasperblook (not related to the Blooks. Part of a headcanon I have.) 
    • Unnamed human (Note: The Main Protagonist of Afterground)

    (Technically the next six are not really OCs, more like headcanons for the 7 SOULs for meh AU)

    • Brian (Bravery)
    • Peter (Perseverance)
    • Patience (Patience, I am so creative, aren't I?)
    • Isacc (Integrity. N…
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  • AskCastellar

    Ask My OCs! Again...

    November 30, 2017 by AskCastellar

    Says it ALL there!

    1. Nothing offensive! ( e.g, Calisto, why are you gay, that's wierd. Or, Calibri why do you exist? )
    2. That's it! I'm fun, 'ey?

    • Castellar
    • Showcard
    • Calisto
    • Calibri
    • Gus
    • Playbill
      • Season 2 Castellar
      • Season 2 Showcard
      • Season 2 Calisto
      • Season 2 Calibri
      • Season 2 Gus
      • Season 2 Forte
        • Season 1 Castellar
        • Season 1 Showcard
        • Season 1 Calisto
        • Season 1 Calibri
        • Season 1 Gus
        • Season 1 Forte
    • Cliche!Sans
    • Goudy Stout
    • Refusal
    • Showstellar
    • Calplay
    • Calisto ITC
    • Any AU equivalent of Castellar, Showcard, Calisto, Calibri, Gus and Playbill
    • 'Me'
    • Rosart
    • Times New Romance
    • Mrs. Constatia
    • Mrs. Linowrite
    • Mrs. Rakoon
    • Budmo
    • Insomnia
    • Ancherr
    • Rechtman
    • Computerfont
    • Docktrin
    • Secesja ( insert in-coming cringe )
    • Random mace woman...
    • Vivaldi
    • [TOP SECRET]
    • Peony
    • Troduct
    • Evandook
    • That... other weird version o…

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  • Billybobmcjoe

    sprite making

    November 30, 2017 by Billybobmcjoe

    since i found a site where the sprites i make can be uploaded to the wiki (thanks again for telling me about psuet) ive suddenly become very interested in doing all the sprites. ALL OF THEM. so, um, if you want a sprite but are too lazy to make one yourself or just not confident in your ability, talk to me. i'm not sure it will be the greatest sprite ever, but it'll be a start, and you won't be the one making it!

    if you are going to request i make you a sprite, here are the rules:

    i need the name of the character, so i know what to name the file so i dont lose it or mix it up with other sprites

    i need a basic description of what you want the character to look like so i have a starting place

    im not very good at sans, and i want to …

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  • AaronReturn2004

    You know Underswap Sans? Well he's basically a nicer Sans and is also a superhero!

    Wait a minute, he's a superhero? That's not how he's supposed to be, because Team Switched are ruining everyone's thoughts on Sans himself.

    Well, at first they CORRECTLY followed the trueness of Swap!Sans, and then changed his look a lot of times, ruining his cuteness, niceness and star-shaped pupils. 2 months ago, he got his last change, and this was totally the worst. HE'S A SUPERHERO, and I think he has the same powers of his vanilla Genocide fight? That's terrible!, and I hope it makes Papyrus an easier genocide final fight.

    Move onto his themes, the older ones were just fine (basically sans. in the style of BONETROUSLE), but his new ones (skeletal showdown…

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  • DustyTheGoat

    You heard that right!! Ask my OCs questions right now!!! Do it!!!

    DO IT!!!

    If you don't know my OCs, they're on my userpage.

    Also, you can ask me questions about KoopalingTale and other AUs I have... just nothing spoilers.

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  • ZoneKing246

    Q&A: My AUs

    November 29, 2017 by ZoneKing246

    Any questions about my AUs may be asked here (Except for UnderZone and UnderCaptor).

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  • MoonCakeStarPun0


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  • Corly Deluxe PC

    It's just that,I don't feel like doing one,Sure,Others can do it,But me? no,I Don't feel on making one just to get it on the Popular blogs list,I Don't want to also offend people,So Thats WHY i Don't make one,Now im not saying you should not do one because of these reasons,But rather why i should not make one because of this,And im NOT saying i hate everyone,There are people who i Like in pure heart,Like,Neutral,Dislike and Hate,So..Here ya go,This is why i don't make a User Opinions.

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  • Vincent Endethyst

    Yeah, no description at all. Welp. Here are the ranks I’ll be ranking you guys.

    Here are the ranks:

    • MY FRIEND, HERE IS YOUR GOLD MEDAL: Basically the best I can rank you. It means you’re special and I love being your friend!
    • WUNDERBAR!: I really like you as a person.
    • Ja, indeed!: You’re not the best but I do like you!
    • Hmmm, are you feeling mediocre today?: You’re ok.
    • Agh, was ist los?: I don’t like you too much.
    • NEIN!: I dislike you.
    • N-no! OUT! OUT!: I really dislike you.
    • YOU WANT ME TO SEND YA TO INFERNOX, BUDDY BOO?!: You’re one of my least favorite people on this wiki.



    • MickRunner: NEIN!
    • AskCastellar: WUNDERBAR!
    • Psuet: Agh, was ist los?
    • ChibiLadyLover: Agh, was ist los?
    • Wiki…
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  • Corly Deluxe PC

    Deal time

    November 28, 2017 by Corly Deluxe PC

    ALRIGHT,So,Form to today to ALL December I'll stop being fucking suicidal because its the best month of the year,Even if i try,I would fucking punch myself in the eye Just because of suicidal Or i just take a break and FRICKIN BREATH---Yeah punching myself in the eye is a fucking lie,So by next year,Imma be prepared for the new me,So Hope ya'll have a Great time in Christmas n.n

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  • Gamer Geek Faxs

    Ask Faxs And Co. V2

    November 27, 2017 by Gamer Geek Faxs

    Heya So U Can Ask Me Or My AUs Any Question and i mean ANYTHING Here is A list on what to Ask

    Swap Faxs 

    SwapFell Faxs

    Fell Faxs

    Normal Faxs

    User Faxs (The Real Me) 

    Printed Fate Faxs ( Inverted Fate)

    Lust Faxs 

    Mafia Faxs

    And Any AU Faxs 

    I might be late for replying

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  • CreativeSkeleton95

    hey i can answer questions and since this is a blog 


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  • Bone Apetit

    User opinions *UPDATED*

    November 27, 2017 by Bone Apetit


    Idk who made it first.

    So, do you guys remember last time, my user opinions v1? Well of course you forget, because IT'S A LONG TIME AGO!

    So, here is my updated version.

    Oh, by the by, i am including blocked users, but in section of "Blocked"

    Oh boy, here comes the little creative-cinnabun here, his funny, his nice, and his always positive when it comes to stuff! I remember going to the chat and try to talk with him, but his always inactive. But now? He changed, and his now a popular-always-active-too-sweet-for-this-world-10/10-IGN-accepted-idk-what-should-i-add-more-probably-more-here-comes-random-letters-sadisadisandisad-done cinnabun! Your the best!

    And coming right up, beautiful tomater! I can say, she is the m…

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  • AnonomyousAnonomoose


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