• DanaDanone1


    August 17, 2017 by DanaDanone1

    (first, excuse me for my bad English also i'm new :3)

    UnderReverse is an AU of Undertale but everything is reversed (characters, places and story)

    for Example: instead of snow in Snowdin, there's sand and it's a desert.

    it's not called snowdin anymore.

    here's the story:

    Chara didn't hate humanity.

    some time after meeting the Dreemurrs, Chara's plan wasn't to kill all humans but to actually make peace between humans and monsters.

    • souls can be fused and absorbed without being killed.

    Chara told Asriel to fuse together and pass through the barrier.

    when they were on the surface, they greeted the curious humans and unfused,

    that is when the plan went wrong and the humans grabbed Chara and took her before she could escape.

    approximately 10 years later, Fr…

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  • Createsans

    Happy Fucking Whatever

    August 17, 2017 by Createsans

    Tomorrow, I'll have been on this Wikia for a whole year.

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  • Asriel3333

    Hokay... its probably not a great move for me, but... what the heck. So, if any of yall want me to draw their OCs, AUs, or other, just ask in the comments.

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  • Fuhuhuhuhu


    August 16, 2017 by Fuhuhuhuhu

    I notice stuff.

    (I have changed it. Let me get another account set up-I don't really like this one due to reasons. Sorry)

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  • Faxs The Skeleton

    Drawing Request

    August 16, 2017 by Faxs The Skeleton

    I Would Like Someone To make a drawing Of my new design of Faxs

    He Has A Orange Tank Top

    And Blue Shorts 

    Blue And orange Eyes Like old faxs 

    Can u please make Faxs Hand Up

    Please do this

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  • Wiki Temmie

    I'm losing hope every day that passes for the wiki ;-;

    Staff Problems

    Most staff dont know what they're doing, and do not seem to have any experience on Wikia. Some users, like ColtenEnsor are only ten to eleven years of age, amd some are known to harass users.

    The Wiki and it's Pages</font>
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  • Wiki Temmie


    August 16, 2017 by Wiki Temmie

    Today is my birthday, I already feel like there's gonna be a fight or something, and its gonna ruin my day :|

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  • AskCastellar

    Alrighty, we're continuing with my series that I HAVE FULL DETERMINATION ON! And will not give up. However, there is an announcement I have to make before we start: The series will continue on August 22nd because I am going on holiday to Spain as I write this and I'm being FOREBODEN to bring my computer with me, so, this is where it will be for now. Of course, I have to give out sponsors so, strap in and have fun.

    First of all, I would love to sponsor Mega Maker, it's a free Mario Maker type game but, of course, it's a Mega Man Maker, you can create your own Mega Man levels and play others too and here's the catch, IT IS COMPLETELY FREE!, so before Capcom shut it down ( which I doubt they'll be doing anytime soon ), go get it!

    Second of all, …

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  • Vincent Endethyst


    August 15, 2017 by Vincent Endethyst

    I'm sorry if I'm not as cheerful as usual. It's just that one of my friends is going through a conflict that I've been through all too many times. Honestly, I feel awful for him. I will not mention names or tell what happened being loyal as I am, but it greatly saddened me. I might lash out by mistake at times,so forgive me if I do.

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  • Createsans

    Y'all awesome.

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  • MickRunner

    Elizabeth slid her tail down Murder back and tickled him with cause she was bored

    Elizabth; Murder i'm bored ummm tell me a story please?

    Murder!Mick; ... uh sure Liz

    Murder sat Elizabeth on his lap and she rested her head on his chest and he smiled and sighed

    When I was in college, I usually was stalked by this frat and stuff. At least one member was in all my classes, Even if I majored in Quantum Physics, But, the day I turned 21 I wish I was sick or had something important. My roomate made a cake for me that i saw and thought i would eat it later. My friends and people who i didn't even think liked me said "happy birthday". Even teacher i that may not liked said "happy birthday". But it was 7:00pm and I was nearly at my dorm when I was jump…

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  • MasterSlenderTR

    For badge

    August 14, 2017 by MasterSlenderTR

    For badge.


    its kill or be killed.

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  • MTT AU maker


    August 13, 2017 by MTT AU maker
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  • Puns and hotdogs

    Am back!

    August 13, 2017 by Puns and hotdogs

    Hy guys  I am back to the wiki and the reason actully 2 reasons why I wasn't for a long time

    1.there wasn't anything i was interested.

    2.some of parts of this wiki, including my own, is cringe

    no offence to anyone am still going to be apart but only to get information about other aus so yeah

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  • AskCastellar

    Here we are, chapter 2 of the thing everybody is excited for but nobody wanted, Overthought Drama Chapter 2. Of course, if you don't know, each post will have a sponsor before the beginning and... this is it? Whatever, who cares.

    First of all, I'd like to sponsor Cuphead, a game coming out on computer and Xbox 1 in September 27th. It looks like a really great game and I recommend you check it out!

    Second of all, I'd definitely love to sponsor the Inverted Fate theme: sans date. for some reason inspiring this entire series with just that piece of music, so I'd love you all to listen to it! After this, of course * wink *.

    Now then, I've got work to do, so let's start!


    Hesitation. It seemed to be the only thing that would e…

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  • DustyTheGoat

    Ask the Dusty Crew!

    August 13, 2017 by DustyTheGoat

    Before you ask, I made a collection of OCs based off of my original one, Dusty. So, I made one. And then another. And then a few more... and now I have a lot of them. And here, you can ask them questions! Why, BECAUSE WHY NOT!?

    Alright... well, I better give you all some information about these characters. Also, has anybody seen Faxs in awhile?

    The first OC I created, Dusty is laid-back, lazy and sarcastic.

    The fell version of Dusty. Ed acts all tough, but he really doesn't want to hurt anybody.

    The swap version of Dusty. Logan is nature-loving and active.

    Swapfell Dusty. He is controlling and bossy. Also... ☟☜🕯💧 ✞☜☼✡📪 ✞☜☼✡ 😐✋☠😐✡📬

    The emotionless royal scientist, and the Gaster version of Dusty. He has a high LV count, so he doesn't feel much rem…

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  • Corly

    Cor: BOI HERE WE GO.

    Coral: WOOOOOOO



    Corly: k no moar fourth wall breaking,STARTIN NAO-

    Episode zero: Intro.

    Cor: *Making some Team Skull Moves*

    Blue-Erry: SisStaph-

    Cor: k

    Coral: HALP ME---

    • Anqua Rancoon is Shooting at Coral with her mirror*

    Cor: not nao- *Summons Bazooka*

    Blue-Erry: *Summons Yoyo*

    Coral: *goes to a random shelter* ffs

    • Some random fight later*

    Anqua Rancoon: screw u *Goes away*

    • end*

    Me: Im done,omfg this is just the pilot,Dont worry,theres gonna be a Real Episode For Later or never-END ME- *COUGH COUGH* Anyways,I dont know a plot for the story so ya,im just gonna go with the meeting the Characters. Yes this is short,IDC So uh...Yeah.

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  • MickRunner

    For once, Maguto was at a lost of words, he grinned as the sunrise of the Surface showed and the felt the unease of the world and he looked at Sans and saw he noticed and then a reset happend. Maguto woke up and sighed, "Not this time bastard". Maguto jumped out of bed got on his clothes and dragged Sans awake  and got him dressed and head for the gate and he waited for the human.

    A Few Hours Later

    Frisk's feet crunched on the snow, they wiped the dust from their knife they spared Toriel but thought those Ruin monsters desevered it. "Why Frisk WHY!? THEY DID'NT DO ANYTHING ARGH!". Chara screamed at Frisk but they kept a blank stare and continued on.

    "Mags but the kid didn't do anything". Sans looked anixous and he grinned nervously.

    "They did …

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  • Wiki Temmie

    Holy shit..

    August 12, 2017 by Wiki Temmie

    If you go to my profile and press and hold on my profile pic (the large box with a pic of nepeta on it), it will flip into a circle! How cool is that?!

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  • TheBiggestFanOfUndertaleEVER


    August 12, 2017 by TheBiggestFanOfUndertaleEVER

    When all kinds of drama is going on around me and I'm just like:

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  • TheNitroFlamer

    I'm outta here

    August 12, 2017 by TheNitroFlamer

    As you can guess from the title, I am lo longer going to stay as a prominent part of the wiki, as I am suffering personal stuff IRL and to be frank, I just don't have the interest to do this stuff anymore. I won't be gone permanently as I may visit on one or two occasions but other than that, I just wont be here anymore. As for my AUs, CNAS-Tale will go to the 2nd biggest CNAS-Tale contributor TheUnderTaleFan355 and my other AUs can be inherited by whoever wants them. This has been TheNitroFlamer and I wish you all the best when I'm gone.

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  • CorgiMaster


    August 11, 2017 by CorgiMaster

    so now im going to the N.O.W. i will only viset infitedrawer8 sometimes. and i will be there for a couple weeks.  well bye

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  • AskCastellar

    So... I decided to make something everybody was waiting for but nobody wanted, a series where a skeleton gets offered a place into Multiverse Font University and she accepts. As she ventures through the school, she finds new friends, makes enemies and the touch bit more drama enters her life. Before we start, I'm going to begin with some sponsors.

    First of all, I would like to give a sponsor to Midnight from DILTOR for giving me permission to use Siren, Oliver and Clover in my series, Overthought Drama. This project could not be complete without that special permission request so thank you so much!

    Second of all, I would love to sponsor Dafont, a website where you can download custom fonts to use in Microsoft documents. Several of there cust…

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  • Kinji Takigawa Party Night


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  • Asriel3333

    Art Contest

    August 10, 2017 by Asriel3333

    Hello guys! today we are going to have an Art Contest. Use any software, but i need the entries tommorow. please save as .png ... 

    The character is....


    so send em in!!!

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  • LunaDeaminac

    Ok, let's get this first thing out of the way. I don't want to come back to the wiki. I really, really don't. The wiki's too social and too many members are kids for someone like me. I have actually been keeping tabs on this place during my break and nothing I saw encouraged me to return. I'm a reclusive, non-social person who hates communicating with people I don't know and it just seems like that is all there is to here. Some of you may be wondering 'how did you become Bureaucrat then?', the answer is fairly simple. I was just offer the role (I think that was only because I was a competent writer IDK ask Wikiperson) and I only accepted because there were very few frequent users on here and I could handle that. When the wiki became bigger…

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  • CorgiMaster

    so im looking for somone that can either make anime art or good art the rason for this is so i can replace some pictures i have. also if you do make art i will give you full credit for the art heres a picture of the art i made...

    please support my pages i know my pages arew crap but i would like if you did support my pages.

    also dont forget to check out my other blogs (if you want)

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  • Laneytheskelalover3

    well it all starts when Laney is a human and instead of her name being Laney it is Angelica and it is a normal day she is in her room dancing (very horribly) to a song and near the end she sits on her bed singing along. Then she feels warmth on her legs, butt, and back and feals a cold knife on her neck and hears a dark crackly voice (Underfell) say "If you are smart you won't scream or run" that stiffened her up till he tensed up and said "GOT THAT" she says in reply "yes.. yes sir" then she started shaking because this was the most exciting thing that happened to her and squealed a lil bit before he said "hey why don't you go get me some mustard" and pushed her she stumbled but didn't fall and quickly walked out got him mustard and got h…

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  • XXK1rbyF4nB0y69Xx
    • The Protoganist: Steve
    • The Fallen: Alex
    • The Caretaker: Failboat
    • The Judge: X-TERMIN-8 the Sylveon From Failboat's Pokémon Moon Nuzlocke Challenge
    • The Ambitious: Oshawat the Oshawott From Purple Shep's "Pokémon GO" Video
    • The Captian of The Guard: Purple Shep
    • The Royal Scientist: Pink Sheep
    • The Celebrity: Herobrine's Mom
    • The Monorach: ExplodingTNT
    • The Empty One: Hacker The Flower
    • The Soulless Angel: The Hacker

    I'll Be Releasing Overworld Sprites Soon

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  • Alphasaith

    !PRETEXT! This is just for entertainment purposes ONLY. Any "evidence" found here of corruption is there just to spice up the story.

    Ink arrived in the wiki March 1st, 2017. They left the wiki soon after.

    WikiC(Sans), though they had great power, was struck down from their seat of power after Ink left. The king, UTAUWPAT(Asgore), rebestoded that power. Eventually, after WikiC had a FANDOM-User executed, UTAUWPAT took WikiC's power. WikiC then riled up an attempted uprising against UTAUWPAT, though just as one before hand, and many to come, they failed.

    During one of the uprisings against UTAUWPAT, one that seemed as though it would succeed, UTAUWPAT granted Alphasaith(Migosp) an Ultimate Power Stone. This item gave Alphasaith power that equal…

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  • MTT AU maker

    Image test

    August 9, 2017 by MTT AU maker

    some off my imiages don't work so i will post them here and gettheir code

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  • Laneytheskelalover3

    I recommend letting me know when it could be possible to make a wiki page to my character and when I do get that notifacation I will tell of what my character is.

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  • Asriel3333

    Annoying stuff

    August 8, 2017 by Asriel3333

    ok, i know sometimes people arent on the wiki 24/7/365... but at 3:00, I would assume everyones free. no offense, but does it really take an hour to respond??? especially to big things. Anyway just a message from me! have a great day

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  • UnderFan4Life

    AAHHHHH GOSH. OK. This has almost 0 percent of happening, but, I've been wanted to preform Undertale the Musical (By ManOnTheInternet). We would need A LOT of people and time. BUT! I'm willing to try! Comment who you want to be down bellow!


    • When will it be? - Most likey in the next 2 years.
    • But that's a 4-hour show! - We will record and edit it together, not preform live.
    • Can I be ____? - As long as that part isn't decided on yet!
    • Can I be on crew? - Sure! We can use as many crew members as possible!
    • Can I be multiple characters? - Sure! I would say 2 characters at the most, however.

    Some Simple Requirements-

    • Able to (somewhat) memorize lines and songs.
    • Speak English fluently.

    Taken Parts-

    • Chara - (Doesn't use wiki), Cinder,
    • Asriel - Asriel333, W…
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  • MickRunner

    Mick groans, "Mid I'm bored like super bored what should we do ARGH!". He falls off the couch and hears Midnight laugh. "Oh shut up idiot". He pouts and then flips himself over.

    Midnight scoffs, "you fell of course i would laugh to make it up you want coffee or something". She looked at him with look of sarcasm and held her hand out, He took and they teleported to Starbucks caue why not, Midnight got a normal decaf coffee while Mick got vanilla frappuccino. Mick grinned.

    "Good idea Mid", he drank his frappe and smiled, a genuie smile but then his expression darkend. Midnight looked at him with concern and then nudged his shoulder.

    "Mick are you ok". She looked at what Mick was looking at and rushed out the door

    Error Sans was outside destoryin…

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  • XXK1rbyF4nB0y69Xx

    SENSEPANTS: Normal Ending

    Grillby: Stop it AND Fight (Slaps Undyne)

    Undyne: (GASP) (HEAVY BREATH IN)


    Grillby: Please fish... take my soul

    Undyne: I don't wanna kill papa

    Grillby: We are GOING to be a Family (Hugs Undyne)




    Undyne: (GASP)



    Once upon a time... two races ruled the earth. Skeletors and Nemos.



    Sans: Heya, its me sans. Sans the SkeletonnnnNNNNNNNNN



    Undyne: NO! I'LL FIGHT YOU!


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  • Puppycornashlynn

    Long ago, two races ruled over Earth: HUMANS and MONSTERS.

    One day, war broke out between the two races.

    After a long battle, the humans were victorious.

    They sealed the monsters underground with a magic spell.

    Many years later...



    Legends say those who climb the mountain never return...

    a human named CHARA didn't listen.

    They hated humanity.

    Frisk had fallen. Their head hurt.

    ... is that..?

    It is! Its The Surface! Frisk tried to jump up.

    ... guess I'm not getting out that way.

    They continued forward.

    "Howdy! I'm FLOWEYFLOWEY the FLOWER!" a flower exclaimed.

    How is that flower talking? 

    "Your new to THE UNDERGROUND aren't'cha?" he asked.

    "Well, someone better teach ya how things work, huh?"

    "Guess little old me'll have to do! Ready? Let's go!" …

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  • Asriel3333


    August 8, 2017 by Asriel3333

    so, there is a lot of things I need to say to everybody.

    one, i will not be going on live chat any further.

    i will not be in any RP's, sorry EveeTale.

    i might leave, because a lot of people on this server curse. i know that the internet is free, and that junk, but im morman and i dont feel comfortable with people swearing and using bad words. i dont want to rise a wiki war.

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  • MTT AU maker

    Learning how to fly

    August 7, 2017 by MTT AU maker

    Showcard, Bone and Ethan walk to Grillbys

    Showcard: Ethan did someone copyright your look

    Ethan nods his head

    Showcard: Heh

    Ethan: Showcard how did you get those tasty cupcakes and not BURN down the house

    Showcard: well i called Createsans over and we baked them


    Showcard finds them and clicks add to cart really fast

    Back to reality

    Bone: > Flipped the sign "Alright.."

    the gift flies away

    Showcard: well sh-t, f-ck *whispers i wasted $6.00 for it to fly away

    Bone: > Flips the sign "Oh wow..." <

    Showcard: i should off put more balloons on it

    Bone: > Flips the sign ", what now?"

    Ethan: we can go to her birthday or we could just lay down in the snow thinking what if we could fly like those cupcakes

    Bone: > Flips the sign. "Let's la…

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  • CorgiMaster


    August 7, 2017 by CorgiMaster

    So im going to a diffrent wiki for a couple of weeks. The wiki is called the N.O.W . Hope you all have good time without me. Before i leave i have some things to do like finesh papyrus404

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  • InfiniteDrawer8

    Drawing stuff

    August 7, 2017 by InfiniteDrawer8

    Heye, Infinite here....I just made a sketch dump..I don't even know if it IS A SKETCH DUMP, but I assume it here..take a go hug Mai smol ones....

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  • BartechTheScavengerTraveler

    (Doing this for a presence for an AU.)

    Bartech: Sooo, im done watching Flight, what now?

    Suddenly Error broke into the tower.

    Error: Hey stupid! Wanna DIE?!?!!!?!


    Bartech goes into an AU Portal, leading to Ultra!tale.

    Bartech: Woah, it is sooooooooooooooo DED.

    ????: Hey, are you not supposed to be here?

    Bartech: The heck are you?

    Sudennly Error appeared

    Error: You idiot!

    Bartech: Oooo heck no!

    • Reset?                          Continue?


    Error: NO!!! YOU, YOU, YOUUUUUUUU-

    Bartech: Cameras, on!

    Bartech and the rest went to Underswap

    End of Chapter 1.

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  • MickRunner

    Maguto breathed heavily while looking at the ruined Judgement Hall then retied the oragne hoodie, blue bandana and checked the bracelet he has on his right hand.

    "Human please stop it's hurting me to hurt you, i don't want to but". His eye glows black and blue, "i might have to ... im sorry." He hears music start playing and smiles.

    "The Megalotrousle i never thought I'd hear it play, myth says it play in times of discord and loss of harmony". He charges at Chara, who readies their knife then the scene warps and Broken!Mags stand there with a manical grin on his face.

    "Stop it Frisk. im warning you im giving a last chance to reset".

    Frisk near them, pleading him to kill them and he starts crying and laughing, his eye glows and he raises his ha…

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  • CorgiMaster


    August 7, 2017 by CorgiMaster

    Hello everyone so I don't know who calls me friend so down in the comments please tell me Drift!sans: well that's enough I had enough of that hey CorgiMas- Corgi!sans:*bark bark Well bye (Everyone there)

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  • Corly

    Tomorrow is gonna be an hell,i will never be able to access to internet EVER again,ALL THANKS TO MY FAMILY! NOT MY FUCKING DECICION SO BYE HOPE YOU ARE ALL HAPPY WITH ME THE DRAMA ITSELF GONE!

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  • Midnight from DITLOR

    Hey there, people behind the screens. It's me, Midnight from DITLOR. No, I won't be saying that I want to commit suicide or something like that, so don't think I want to or that I ever will. No, all I wanted was to share some info on some things.

    Alright, I can't take any more for now people. I have so friggin many that I can't work on since I don't have access to currently. I'm sorry for the inconvenience, but I am an actual person behind my screen and I can't work right now. For those ththat have already made requests, I will work on them once I have the access to a computer I can actually make sprites on.

    My family is doing alright. My parents are possibly going to try marriage counseling to help their relationship. They have apologized to…

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  • Raytaygirl


    August 6, 2017 by Raytaygirl























    (May not be accurate XD)

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  • Toa Inori

    Due to the large amount difficulty I have been experiencing, I have decided to permantely MOVE (Yes, Move, not cancel or delete, MOVE) Bombertale to my Deviantart. This way it'll give me less confusion, and it'll be faster to upload the parts better. Just a little recap, Bombertale will be getting moved to Deviantart. I will still post Bombertale related things here, such as the character pages.

    Deviantart link: Blurrthehedgehog27

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  • MickRunner

    "Chara, Chara, Chara... WAKE UP!".

    Chara shot up immediately and scared of their mind and looked at Frisk, who seemed relieved. Chara stood up and looked at Frisk with a dumbfound look.

    "What happend Frisk i just remember blacking out what happend"

    Frisk looked panicicky and then sighed.

    "We're on Mars and landed outside the entrance to Luna Town, you fell into the hole where it leads to the Red Ground". Frisk said it with a worried look but then sees Chara walking ahead. "Hey wait up".

    Chara enters a room where a flower pops up with a huge grin on his face, she looks weirdly and nervously.

    The flower looked at Chara and then spoke., "Howdy im Flowey the Flower and it seems your new here". Flowey grinned and then summoned some pellets and hit Ch…

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  • Corly


    August 5, 2017 by Corly

    FINE! I wont leave or kill MYSELF. Just dont bother me.

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