• Billybobmcjoe

    you know, i think i speak for a good chunk of us when i say i wish that undertale were real, in the sense that there actually was an underground filled with a bunch of pretty friendly monsters. but what would we do if this were the case? well, i personally would probably be unaware of this until months after the monsters were freed, assuming that frisk even did a pacifist run, and didn't reset immediately afterwards. when i did, i would probably instantly try to get to wherever the monsters were so as to befriend all my favorites, because im weaboo trash, except for video games. is there a name for that? afterwards, id probably fail befriending everyone except papyrus, and only papyrus because he wants to be everyone's friend. i would go h…

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  • ADgee

    Coincidences? is a fun game/activity started by ADgee. It consists of him researching about other people's usernames, going through a serie of steps in an attempt to find any secrets hidden on them. Of course, most messages are involuntary, as you can't truly know if your username has any meaning. This game is just for entretainment and fun, and doesn't intend to offend anyone.

    There are many ways to do this. Some are easy, and others are more complex. This also depends on the username.

    NOTE: Some usernames are undecryptable, or just have no secret on them.

    This consists of two simple steps:

    1. Remove the first letter of each word the username is composed of. (Numbers doesn't count.)
    2. (Attempt to) Translate the word results in the Google translator.
    3. Thi…

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  • Psuet

    more lyrics.

    October 19, 2017 by Psuet

    Sung to the tune of ‘Creep’ by Radiohead.


    Psuet enters.

    He places down a flute and a guitar.

    He picks up the mic, unsure.

    He starts singing.


    “If only you knew.”

    “That you don’t need control.”

    “You don’t need a perfect body,”

    “You don’t need a perfect soul.”

    “All that matters is that you’re not broken,”

    “That your heart is fixed and whole.”

    “Your life isn’t worthless.”

    “It’s not fucking worthless.”

    “You aren’t alone.”

    “You aren’t a weirdo.”

    “Why the hell are ya giving up?”

    “They say you don’t belong here.”

    “Your hair isn’t perfect.”

    “It may not be, but still,”

    “Nobody’s life is perfect,”

    “‘Cause we’re all on the same mill.”

    “You look disappointed.”

    “Though it’s not the end,”

    “I wish I could tell you.”

    “Tell you tha…

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  • Psuet

    Yet another song.

    October 19, 2017 by Psuet


    God... this is one of my oldest works.

    You can stil find the original on wattpad, but I’ll edit it a little.

    Have fun.

    (Verse 1)

    My mother once told me,

    You’ve gotta be happy if you want to be free.

    But now I'm dead in my mind,

    So now I'm bound by invisible lines.

    In fact, my soul is broken, my spirit, destroyed,

    Because the demons within insist to be heard.

    Ooooh, how I wish I had listened to my mother's advice,

    Ooooh, now I'm trapped in this box with those that entice,


    I'm stuck in my mind,

    I'm know I’m damned to die in this time,

    For it’s all that I know, to be bound,

    To be forced with those never to be found,

    Oh, how I woe that I didn't listen to her.

    Now I'm bound to this material world,

    And I can't. Be free.

    (Verse 2)

    So, now I try my ver…

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  • ChinchouziasOtherProfile

    So I haven't been releasing any REAL blogs, and I was just chickening out about posting my AU.


    "Ne Plus Ultra "

    So, I actually found Alternate Universes and Alternate Timelines extremely interesting...

    ...The AU, Underverse, was an Altternate Universe's Alternate Timeline!

    So, I decided... Why not?

    (Sadly although, Everywhere I see a Sans character and nothing else to use as a character for my AU, So I had no other choice but to use a Sans for a male character)

    It's a secret for now, Someone else should write it down when the fangame/book/animation is released.

    • Ruin it with your horrific WHATEVER x WHATEVER or WHATEVER x YOURSELF, and I will, in fact, give up all my hope. This game is not for me, This is for my parents who are…

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  • Midnight from DITLOR



    1 Kudos: Ima draw some normal fanart (as in, Undyne the Undying or somthin.)

    5 Kudos: Ima draw the Crew cosplayed as their parents (Oliver as Toriel, Anemone as Alphys, Clover as Asriel, etc.)

    10 Kudos: Holiday themed stuffz

    15 Kudos: Crossoverssss (of your choosing if you want to add it with your kudos :3)

    20 Kudos: Me tomato familyyyy

    25 Kudos: Art requestssss

    30 Kudos: I doubt we'll get this many, but... Ima attempt to do a comic.

    Anything between those may count as nothing or as all of the ones below that amount, depending on me mooodddd. So... yeah. Kudos away me friends!!

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  • Psuet


    October 18, 2017 by Psuet


    nah it’s not the zeppelin it’s THE GODDAMN DRAGON


    anyone play cuphead?

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  • Psuet

    1. Is life just another name for constant suffering?

    2. It’s impossible to have a hundred percent of people to like you. So don’t be affected by the people who don’t.

    3. Anti-depressants really need to be improved.

    4. Cuphead took seven years to make, but I wouldn’t make a decent sprite in ten.

    5. My band is terrible, despite being called the best school band in Singapore.

    6. There’s always darkness around, be it literally or figuratively.

    7. Poems are just a way of expressing your innermost thoughts unless you’re just really not good with words.

    8. Songs are the same, but you’ve gotta but more thought into them. Which isn’t saying much about today’s musicians.

    9. Being ‘edgy’ isn’t the definition of depression. Edgy’s being a typical ‘emo’ or ‘go…

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  • Psuet

    Lyrictale Announcement!

    October 17, 2017 by Psuet

    Yep, time to add onto my already full playe!

    Hoo boy.

    So, right now, I’m working on three AUs: Musictale, A Tale Without Humour And Equilibriumtale.

    Welp, why don’t I just add another one?

    So, here’s the concept(thanks to AskCastellar!):

    Each area, character and scene has lyrics to waht would be the song.

    So you should probably prepare for a cringefest.

    Have fun!

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  • Psuet

    Musictale: The First Chapter.

    October 16, 2017 by Psuet

    Though barely even awaited, this AU is probably gonna be a thing once I write this story.

    Hoo boy.

    (This AU follows the SOUL of Kindness’ journey if she had been the one to free the monsters. Also, the characters are slightly changed, since Chara had never fallen down in this AU.)

    She walked along the road, hair covering her face. “Just another broken SOUL,” they said. The people around her knew that her family... well, to say the least, it wasn’t perfect, unlike the numerous faded copies of the ‘Ideal’.

    After the war with the monsters, wizards had sealed the barrier, causing the pitiful creatures to live confined for the rest of their life. The humans hoped that they would die and be forgotten once and for all, despite the fact that the earth…

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  • Alphasaith

    Remember to give it a good name:

    for Congress/Executive
    • Add "Counter-Veto" if you're countering a veto.


    Greetings, I'm

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  • Vincent Endethyst

    Yeah yeah, I know. One, I’ve told many of you this before and two, people say admin doesn’t matter. Well, I was sort of born with a slight inferiority issure that I’m not proud of. I can’t take being the lesser person. Now, others can take it just fine, but not me. Seeing all my friends superior to me in some way makes me sick. Most of my friends are admins and content mods here, and irl, all my friends are taller, get better grades, etc. Whenever I see one of my friends here with a higher rank than me, it makes me sick as well. I’m sorry if I sound whiney about it. It’s just that throughout my life I’ve been seen as the lesser individual. Sure, I can hide it, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s not there. Well, anyways, sorry for wasti…

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  • Psuet

    Actual Poem

    October 15, 2017 by Psuet


    the topic?


    you'll see. (:


    Antics, ambience, trashtalking and conscience,

    From WikiT to NintendoG, a need for an ambulance,

    The amount of hate and bullying is overpowering, a blemish to the palate,

    A great amalgamate of massive hate.

    But, no, this poem isn't meant to be a rally,

    It's not meant to make people see.

    It's simply a descriptor of this ever so special wiki.

    A goat, a magical sentient tomato(upon request), a font, Emotional Sonic with an afro.

    The Derpster, a star, the Alpha, a Disney character.

    A person, a colour, a ghost, a raygun.

    200 banned users, and don't forgot the muser:

    Psuet, the fish, the great confuser.

    The pages on which quality work is written are preserved, liked, and given prese…

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  • UndertaleAUwikipersonandthings
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  • UndertaleAUwikipersonandthings
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  • AskCastellar

    Welp, the long anticipated AU, Plannedtale, is finally hitting your screens, and I simply hope you enjoy. Let's get straight on with the story.

    MickRunner sat alone and scared on a patch of scrapped files, somehow, it doesn't hurt his back, must be all the mental pain he's experiencing right now. He is sat, tears in his eyes sniffling away, attempting to act like nothing is bothering him and everything is alright; the sight is extremely depressing, but nobody can see him, not even those with clear eye sight. He's quietly humming 'Don't Tattle On Me' by popular music creator 'Fandriod', he shakes and shutters as he hums this. He eventually plucks up the courage to begin singing, not worrying about what anyone thinks.

    "Don't tattle on me... do…

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  • Sr.Chuu

    Warning: There can be Dark Humor, Swearing, or blood. Wiewer is advised, it’s recommended to be 14 or older, blahblah…

    Note: The episode will be longer, because the original pilot was much shorter than the rest of the series. And this means that from now on, the next episodes, will last approximately the same than this.

    Note 2: And, of course, the first season will have a full continuity. Reading the episodes in order would help you a lil’ bit to know the full story

    “Get ready!” is the second episode of the first season, and the second episode overall

    Frisk has just beaten up Flowey, because of his purpose. Once she runs away, she’s got bad luck and meets him again, but this time, things manage to get better. But, unexpectedly, a maternal, ant…

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  • Psuet

    A sprite!

    October 14, 2017 by Psuet

    I wonder what it's for?

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  • Psuet

    Psuet's Random Thoughts

    October 14, 2017 by Psuet

    1. Oh look, it's another one of these.

    2. Yes, I am verrrrrry original.


    4. I'm feeling slightly poetic.

    5. But then again, no one cares.

    6. DHMIS is kinda overrated, but I still like it.

    7. Maybe the sea is salty because the land never waves back.

    8. Trump may actually be a good president.

    9. The flute is the most versatile wind instrument.

    10. Why is Spongebob the main character when Patrick's the Star?

    11. Humour annoys people. But it also makes people laugh. So which is better: not making others pissed or making others laugh?

    12. I have no idea why I'm in the SSCU considering the fact that I've only been around since late September, but oh well.

    13. I both despise and love paradoxes.

    14. My next se…

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  • AskCastellar

    Cast's Random Thoughts

    October 14, 2017 by AskCastellar

    All credit goes to Midnight from DILTOR for inspirin' dis.

    1. If I were to say 'Nyeh Heh Heh' in-front of Papyrus and he said " YOU ARE STEALING MY LAUGH! ", wouldn't that be ironic/hypocritical because his laugh was based off of Skeletors laugh from He-Man, so, essentially he stole it?
    2. Why hasn't Castellar kissed or hugged Midnight yet, I thought my group were all up-and-adam with the ladies, how come that's not happened?
    3. If I could make my eyes go anyway, anytime, anywhere, would I be considered a sociopath, a psychopath or high?
    4. How come I can mimic every Don't Hug Me I'm Scared character's voice, except the Notebook?

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  • Midnight from DITLOR

    Hello friends! Welcome back to Afterground, and I hope you enjoy! 


    They regained consciousness a short time later. The human felt as if they were in a completely different environment than they had been, and this was confirmed the moment they sat up and looked around. They were no longer in the luscious garden. They did not even seem to be outside any longer, in fact. They were in a small bedroom, the walls painted orange-red, a small lamp in the corner, and a wardrobe next to the bed the human was settled in. It was a peaceful and comfortable setting, as if they had always lived there. But, the human realized, this was not their room at home. For one thing, their room had flower wallpaper, and a rocket ship-shaped bed. This room did n…

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  • Psuet

    hoiya kiddoes

    life is just grand ya know?

    probably the best it could be

    especially when the star is dead in the sea

    idk what i’m talking about

    just that someone in my family has gout

    terrible rhymes, i know, i see,

    because, after all, they’re coming from me.


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  • Psuet


    October 13, 2017 by Psuet

    Well, I’m having a performance for the president next sunday.

    I’m really hoping I don’t fuck up.

    Also, on a side note, I’m in the process of making music for quite a few things.

    However, I will still take in requests for music!

    ~ your favourite attack helicopter

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  • Bone Apetit

    If i say REAL LIFE PROBLEM, it doesn't mean i have depression, no, other than that. No, not lowered grades in school ( Even though i'm always absent BUT WHOO CARE SSS- ) Ya know what it is?


    Why 2 weeks ya ask? Well

    i got the wild chicken pox ;v;

    I was having a fever at first, i said "IT'S JUST A FEVER, ITS MINOR, I CAN DEAL WITH IT." the illness slowly got worst, and you already know, woopee, wild spots. If you know chicken pox, there are spots coming from your body, resembling pimples. And if you SCRATCH one of them, you don't like what will happen next.

    Because of my chicken pox getting worse, i got to a doctor, and they said that i am already infected. I have 2 weeks before my chicken pox disappear, i can still do everything, except it'…

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  • Psuet


    it’s an honest question tho

    also, probably gonna start on the music for stuff and other stuff.

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  • TheNitroFlamer


    October 12, 2017 by TheNitroFlamer

    I've clearly been gone for awhile. If you even remember who I am, you may remember I left the wiki due to personal trouble and fleeting interest for AUs. None of this has changed, as I'm going through alot MORE personal crap and now my enjoyment of Undertale, much less the AUs are at an all time low for me, but I was curios on how the wiki was going. What the heck happened here?! Now the wiki's all red, alot of the users i am familiar with are replaced with other users and this wiki wipe, which I can't even comprehend half of the pages being deleted, and that's ignoring my creations (Which I couldn't care less about at this point). I don't know what direction this wiki is going, but I wish the best to the people guiding it. Also, if you ar…

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  • Corly

    Poll time

    October 12, 2017 by Corly

    Do you want me to fucking die? Yes YESSS FUCK YOU CORLY!! YES NIGGA. YESSSS Yeah ...Corly please don't kill yourself No because I like you No because I can fuck you over and I can treat you like an asshole,NIGGA!! FAG!! ...Please don't PLEASE DO! I HATE YOU SO MUCH!

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  • Vincent Endethyst

    Me as an Admin...

    October 12, 2017 by Vincent Endethyst

    Welp, a lot of you were right, I apparently do make a bad admin. More people have opposed my promotion than support it. Ik it’s really early, but still. I mean, people say I’m a good person. But, apparently not good enough for this wiki and its users. Just admit it Vincent, like they said, you are a jackass of an admin. You don’t deserve admin rights. *sigh* And I miss the Halloween contest thing, making me more upset. Goddamn it. This wiki has gotten worse. Now, a clarification, for those of you who supported my re-promotion, I do appreciate you guys, it’s just that most of the time, I’m a pessimist. Sorry if you thought I thought you didn’t matter to me. You do, though. Yes..I know I sound like an attention seeker. Truth be told, I’m jus…

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  • ChickenFries231

    FINALLY, AN AU NOT CENTERED ON ONLY SANNS(well, I guess Sans IS important..)


    This AU begins on day after W.D. Gaster sends Sans and Papyrus to Toriel, Asgore, Asriel, and Chara one day, as he is trying out a dangerous lab experiment(GASTER, IN UNDERTALE, IS NOT ACTUALLY SANS AND PAPYRUS' FATHER, BUT IN THIS AU, HE IS, OKAY!? >:O). Gaster knows he can trust them with the brothers because, well, one, they have children of their own, and two, Gaster had no one else to give them to to babysit.(FUN FACT: Asriel is OLDER than Sans and Papyrus in this AU, as he was in my original headcanon(he's just dead in Undertale so he still seems young.)) Sans was only 3 and Papyrus was about…

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  • InfiniteDrawer8

    Halloween junk

    October 10, 2017 by InfiniteDrawer8

    to celebrate halloween, i decided to do a picture.. it will soon be done..  Here's a progress on how i do stuff on ms

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  • Zeldakit


    October 10, 2017 by Zeldakit

    fell keshaton is first,then hunter, then akumu, and finally thiaWolfHeart (talk) 23:05, October 10, 2017 (UTC)

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  • SpirtlyTaken


    October 10, 2017 by SpirtlyTaken

    It ended up being to cancerous.

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  • DustyTheGoat

    Greetings, scrubs! Welcome to the Undertale Crossover AU Test!

    Have you ever asked yourself if your crossover AU can be considered 'original'?

    Well, here you are! Now, take the test! (You better be keeping score, by the way.)

    • Quesiton 1 - Do the new characters retain the original Undertale role's personality?

    If yes, hold up one finger. If no, keep your fingers down.

    • Question 2 - Is the layout of the areas the same as original Undertale?

    If yes, hold up another finger. If no, Don't move any fingers.

    • Question 3 - Is your AU's equivelent of the 'bad time' quote '(synonym for bad) (synonym for time)'?

    If yes, hold up another finger. If no, DON'T MOVE YOUR DAMN FINGERS!!

    • Question 4 - How are your character's dressed in the AU?

    If the same or very simila…

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  • Psuet

    Song Lyrics for... idk.

    October 10, 2017 by Psuet


    I’m feeling poetic sooo... meh.

    A Feeling I Rarely Feel by Amathea (feat. Sweetness Euphoria)

    (Ammy: Verse 1)

    Oh, no, it’s her again,

    She told me we would just be friends,

    I can’t help it but feel my heart pound,

    As she walks by with that same frown.

    Her status is too high for me to bring down,

    So I’ll try my best not to make a sound,

    She’s perfect, in her own way,

    And it seemed like just yesterday...


    She’s been running circles in my head,

    Though I know that God may forbid,

    For this love was not meant to be,

    She’s not even close to liking me,

    Her hair, her face, her personality,

    It’s all I dream of and all I see...


    ‘Cause if you, take the road, the road of my demention,

    You might just find, the source of my redemption

    My life is constant ag…

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  • ChickenFries231


    Fell: SANS! THEY'RE SO CUTE!! *holds up tiny Frisk*

    UF!Frisk: *cries while hugging Papy's arm*

    Edge: OH, APPARENTLY ITS YOUR WEAKNESS!? WELL, HOWS THIS!? *kicks his bro in the shin*

    Fell:*drops Frisk,w and falls over, landing on them* Ow.

    • STATIC*
    • Frisk is in the Papyrus fight, spamming the MERCY button*


    Frisk:*throws Flowey, still in a boot, at Papyrus*

    • STATIC*

    This is based on a vine, I don't know who made the vine, cuz I saw it on a FNAF video a while ago.

    Edge: SMACKCAM! :3

    Fell: *grabs the spaghetti plate Edge has and slaps Edge's face with it*

    • STATIC*


    Fell: ?


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  • DustyTheGoat

    Greetings, ya fuckweeds! Welcome to the endless pit of drama known as the Undertale AU Wikia! Where hopes die, dreams die, brain cells and common sense die- and if you don't put that FUCKING COOKIE DOWN, YOU DIE!!

    Anyways, I am Dusty and I will be your tour guide through this eternal hellhole!!

    As you can see, our staff here is full of nothing but the best! Such as:

    • MickeySprintz
    • Ms. Earrape
    • A Friendly Tomahto with Googly Eyes
    • Spooky Scary Skeletons or Somethin'
    • Raytaytaytaytaytaytaytaytaytaytaytaytaytaytaytaytaytaytaytaytaytaytaytaytaytaytaytaytaytaytaytaytaytaytaytaytaytaytaytaytaytaytaytaytaytaytaytaytaytaytaytaytaytaytaytaytaytaytaytaytaytaytaytaytaytaytaytaytaytaytaytaytaytaytaytaytaytaytaytaytaytaytaytaytaytaytaytaytaytaytaytaytaytaytaytayt…

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  • Psuet

    Heya kiddoes.

    It’s ya favourite Attack Helicopter back at it again with the daily blog posts.

    Anyway, today I’m gonna list down my AUs which are either in progress or just ideas.


    Musictale(well, in progress too, I guess)

    Unnecessarilylongtitleandcharacterorarcstale(yes, I’m legitimately gonna make this a thing)

    Equilibriumtale(it’s centred around a certain topic that i’ll say later)

    Infinitale(*cough* timeloops *cough*) Ecstacytale(dystopian)

    Accidentale(shoot, i mystyped)

    Nonedertale(hey, what’re you looking at?)

    heheh. yeaaaaahhh, i’ll need a lot of help.

    (this is a cry for help i can’t draw)


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  • Psuet

    Heya kiddoes.

    It’s ya favourite Attack Helicopter back at it again with the daily blog posts.

    Anyway, today I’m gonna list down my AUs which are either in progress or just ideas.

    Pundertale(clearly) Musictale(well, in progress too, I guess) Unnecessarilylongtitleandcharacterorarcstale(yes, I’m legitimately gonna make this a thing) Equilibriumtale(it’s centred around a certain topic that i’ll say later) Infinitale(*cough* timeloops *cough*) Ecstacytale(dystopian) Accidentale(shoot, i mystyped) Nonedertale(hey, what’re you looking at?)

    heheh. yeaaaaahhh, i’ll need a lot of help.

    (this is a cry for help i can’t draw)


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  • Grillbs


    October 8, 2017 by Grillbs

    I wanted to say something I forgot in the last post. I do infact think the new bodies from the monster and human souls would fuse into some kind of new body. They would probably also share conciousness.

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  • Grillbs

    My new Au idea

    October 8, 2017 by Grillbs

    So my Idea for an AU is called Olympiatale, a crossover with the percy jackson series. I have a long plot that I plan to post once the wipe is over. 

    Once upon a time, there was a large undrground of freindly monsters who lived a quiet life. Then one day disaster struck, in the form of an earthquake. All of the monsters were violently destroyed in said natural disaster, And all that persisted was the souls of a few select and powerful monsters. As they wandered around the coutry mourning for the loss of many monsters and there home, they come across a very particular group of demigods. And you know what happens when monster souls get too close too human ones....

    I haven't got much more than that on it yet, but i think it could be a cool idea…

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  • DustyTheGoat

    My AUs or some sh*t

    October 8, 2017 by DustyTheGoat

    Here is a list of Undertale AUs I have planned!

    • KoopalingTale and varients (KoopalingFell, KoopalingSwap (which is more like InvertedFate than Underswap, just more swaps), Shells of the Mafia, Inside(her)Shell (no way to stop me on this one!) and Shifted Shells)
    • Tales of Central Perk
    • Terratale
    • A Tale of Regrettable Choices
    • The Underlands
    • UnstableChanges

    Huh, that's it I guess.

    Also, how do you like my new Halloween-y profile picture?

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  • Sr.Chuu

    WARNING: Dark/crude humor, Swearing, (Some of them censored) and some blood. Wiewers are advised.This series are made to make a TV-14 show model, so...

    This is a Black comedy AU/AT of Undertale, that will work as some series

    Note: In this series, Frisk and Chara’s Genders are assumed, both of them being girls. Also sorry for grammar mistakes cuz I’m Spanish.

    The Fallen Human is the first episode of Season one of An Upsetting Tale, and it's also the first of the series.


    Welp. It’s time to start with this bizarre thingy. Y’know, I’m not used to tell my stories very often. (And less since they are so surreal). Anyway, everything started in a normal day, where I…

    Wait! If you want to go to the bathroom, just go now. I don’t FREAKING …

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  • Psuet

    Pundertale: The Beginning.

    October 8, 2017 by Psuet

    Hoo boy.

    I’m just gonna write some story I have planned for the first part of Pundertale, up to where Frisk meets Flowey.

    Have fun!

    (Remember, this is a choose your own adventure comic. The bracketed words and those after the options are textboxes.)

    heya. what’s your gender?



    • white screen*

    (You fall.)


    (You find yourself in a strange place, landing on some flowers.)

    MALE path(yes, this is a monologue)

    Ouch. That hurt.


    (Spread the flowers?)


    YES: You spread the flowers, finding a dead body and a sheet of music which says: Pundertale OST.

    (You point with both fingerguns, winking.)

    Well, I guess it’s still in decomposition!


    Okay, I’m not talking to anyone.


    (Move on to NO)

    NO: You carry on with your adventure.



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  • Child of Sun Flowers

    Heya! ;)

    So I've been wondering how to add more character description to my Crossover AU FNaF.Undertale's page. I know that character pages aren't allowed here anymore (Is that rule new btw?). So I wondered how do display the current information the best. Ideas I have are for example.. A table:

    Name character Name character Name character
    Image Image
    Small description Small description Small description

    Or just like this:

    This description is oddly short. Or maybe like THIS!!!

    Thanks for reading! :)

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  • Psuet

    Heya kiddoes of the Undertale world.

    I’m looking for some Digital(emphasis on the digital) artists for the ridiculous choose your own adventure comic known as Pundertale.

    Here’s how you apply.

    (nah i’m not gonna bother with an application form and shiz)

    Just tell me and show me an example of your work!


    ~your favourite attack helicopter

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  • AskCastellar


    October 7, 2017 by AskCastellar

    Yes, art contest because... well, you know, that's just me? I do random stuff. * clicks on some shades * I won't stop I'm feelin' rude!

    Okay, okay, the thing to draw will be... SHOWSTELLAR! Basically, here's Castellar: and here's Showcard:, imagine those two with a badass fusion and with a psychotic grin! There. You've got Showstellar.

    NOW! THE PRIZE? Hmm...

    You get to own CastellarTale! An abandoned AU that, y'know, had some competency.

    What do you say?

    You in?

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  • InfiniteDrawer8


    October 7, 2017 by InfiniteDrawer8

    I'm making this blog for nooooo reason...

    Nah just kidding... I just want to make a rough coloured sketch that's all..

    I have to agree that glitchtale stepped it up abit and the latest episode do I explain...I can''s too...ahhhh whatever

    Oh btw....spoiler alert... Sry But now that's out of the way...I'll just leave and do something else

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  • ChickenFries231

    LustFell!Papyrus: Greetings! :33

    Underfell!Papyrus:*sitting tied to a chair* LICORICE!! LET ME GO!

    Licorice: Why~? :3

    Fell: Uhm, because I said so? 

    Licorice: But why did you say so~?

    Fell: Uhm... Because maybe I don't like being tied to chairs..?

    Licorice: But I like when your tied to a chair, so hush. 

    Fell: Uhm, okay.

    Licorice: ANYWWAAAyYysSss 

    Fell:*whispering* "I'm really fucking annoying and shouldn't be writing this blog post."

    Licorice: What was that, Fell?

    Fell: What?

    Licorice: You said something, what was it?

    Fell: Nothin'.


    Fell: *ahem* "I'm really fucking annoying and shouldn't be writing this blog post."

    Licorice: Wut?

    Fell: *shrug*

    Devil!Sans:*bursts into the wall* OH HI I'LL TAKE THIS THING THANK YOU *he grab…

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  • Midnight from DITLOR

    Thank you to AskCastellar for helping me think of how to actually start this chapter, I wouldn't have been able to write the actual chapter yet. I did have to change his idea a bit, as the setting of Afterground is slightly different than that of Undertale, but the entire credit for the actual idea of it goes to him! So, thanks Cast!


    The human blinked as light flooded their vision, a warm blanket of heat washing over their body. Is this death? They thought, rubbing their eyes. No, the pain of this light would not be possible in death. Right? 

    The human pulled themself off of the ground, and then noticed how soft their landing had been. What is up with that? They looked down and, to their surprise, they realized that they had landed on a …

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  • Undercraftfangirl

    Blehhhh I try to help but I always do things wrong! Honestly I know everyone makes mistakes but I'm making too many on this wiki! If I was an admin I would block me! I've accidentally helped a vandaliser, added a wrong wiki template where I shouldn't have, added too many categories... honestly, I'm contemplating taking a break until the wiki Wipe is over.

    ... Okay, I feel better now. This was just a rant, I have no intention to actually leave.

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