• Psuet

    Hey there!

    A lot has changed since I last posted, including me being demoted from admin, and stepping down from moderator.

    Anyways, I’m not here to explain why, but it’s for the better(in my case, anyways).

    Well, on to the real meat of this post!

    I’ll be rating from a scale of 1-100, plus an additional few lines describing how I feel about them.

    If I missed ya out, just say it in the comments!

    Alpha: 87/100. I used to think you were a little pretentious, but we’ve grown closer. Now you’re good in my books!

    Cast/Cinnibun/TooManyDamnFonts: 90/100! We’ve always been good friends, but I haven’t talked to ya in awhile. Nicest admin around! :3

    Ray: 77/100, I’ve never really talked to you much, buuuuuuuut you do a good job, and are pretty noice!

    Rain: 80/…

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  • V0lTzZ360

    So, cool. I came back. But, over the course of me returning and actually scouting, there is something that's bothering me about this place. Now, I'm not usually the type to be overly upset and bothered by something, but this issue is quite annoying. Nah, it has nothing to do with admins or mods, or how this place is operated. Most simply, it has something to do with the users, as usual.

    So, over the course of many changes, I've been hearing a lot of overly negative things. Things like "this person is [negative comment]" or "I hate this person because of [whatever negative reflection]"

    And, those comments just like really kill my chill, relaxed vibe. And here's why: I view them as basic accusations. Now, when I say "basic accusation," I mean …

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  • RainTheFan-Person

    It was my birthday on June 15th.

    Just thought you should know.

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  • Klepto Popsicle

    blogg pos

    June 19, 2018 by Klepto Popsicle

    dis is my blogg. 

    sometimes I will add something stupid on here.

    gud dae.   

    • idk wat to put here lel
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  • Drream98
    • boi..
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  • CandyLover4378
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  • Botsiten

    My Au

    June 12, 2018 by Botsiten

    S Tale is my au. Coming soon 

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  • Drream98

    don't have :p

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  • Drream98

    holiday's day

    June 9, 2018 by Drream98
    • So , guys i wouldn't much be very active here i will go in sweden at goteborg were my dad was born .  So i already to said thanks guy for all thing to improving my english here . And i would be active some weekend . Guys don't worry i will  be back
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  • Terrariatale! GameR

    This is my last day at school... So this server might be dead for a good while(specifically 3 months.) I will miss all of you, over the summer... this wretched summer... I know that I shouldn't think that way... but as you know, I'm going to be losing my pappy... a Vietnam War veteran who has lived to tell his story for so long... I wish I had done more to spend time with him... I wish I had more time to see him before he went... but... it's a part of life... a painful part of life...

    I'm going to miss him too much...

    Thank you for being here with me on my first year of being on here... I appreciate all that all of you have done for me in the development of myself in this community... and I wish I had more time to spend with all of you as we…

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  • Raytaygirl


    Our Religion 

    It follows me everywhere I go but EYE barely see it...

    Cast a spell! Oh hes a goose now.

    Known as dat woomy

    Yeah... "Nonconspicuous" 


    More Expresso Less Depress-o

    A goat with a roast

    Are you the rain or a fan? :oooo

    CaliforniaFristo (Dat just popped in my mind XD)

    So you're the Conspicuous one?

    Skip AD in 5 seconds

    I don't remember adopting this time kid



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  • BloxTheLoco2900

    Yes, this ded shit again... but it was revived again! who cares?

    You can visit AUs in the Wiki activity, or Categories... who cares?

    so for that, ill move on to the users!

    Try not to destroy the place.


    In great pain, please help me

    Lets go feeshing!

    Memer 1

    Memer 2

    Memer 3

    Positive, but not at all...

    Raining and flooding your backyard


    Past lover

    Past lover 2

    I Got nothing...

    I Got nothing... x2

    I Got nothing... x3

    Because this is what is is


    So this is all... just enjoy the wiki... or just try it, you can somehow enjoy it, idk...

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  • Drream98

    OFFICIAL AU server!

    June 7, 2018 by Drream98
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  • Uraniam

    Watch out

    June 6, 2018 by Uraniam

    Someone in the wiki is trollinhg other users and getting their Information. You guys need to watch out of links like these 

    Note from Alphasaith
    A dash has been added between ht and tp so the link gets broken and is unclickable.

    Please don't be stupid and click THIS link. If you do... don't say I didn't warn you. If you do click on a link like this your Information with be comprimised. Be careful with the links you click on. If you realize something is wrong with the link, make sure to notify a Admin. Immediately. Good luck and be careful. But seriously don't click on the link.

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  • EclypticAstrid15
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  • Gamer Geek Faxs

    WOW holy crap it's been forever since i've been here i  forgot that i was here but here's a little update 

    1. I'm now an anime nerd 
    2. I have a new soundcloud
    3. i have a phone now
    4. just playin overwatch and binge watching anime 
    5. and thats pretty much it

    I missed this wiki soo much i remembered when i first joined this wiki over a year ago i love this wiki this wiki i call home

    I hope that i can stay in this wiki for as long as i can

    so see ya in teh flip side

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  • FurryLord

    Hahaha, didn’t see THIS coming! I finally learned how to post! Let the annoyance begin.

    Undertale- the original

    Underswap- the original but people are different

    Underfell- the original but everything is red

    Glitchtale- o hei ima do this and now were fucked


    Inktale- ima go draw now

    Errortale- Eraser Head from BNHA is now a snas. How original

    Poketale- papyrus needs a cubone WHY DOESNT HE HAVE A CUBONE

    Underlust- sexysnasohhhhhhhhhh (NO. STAHP. PLEEZSE.)

    Disbelief- *dies inside*

    Flowerfell- *still ded rest in pepperoni*

    Quantumtale- who the hell gave sans the time stone

    Colortale- undyne is sans now. hhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmm- *screams*

    SCPtale- don’t enslave papy

    Mettatale- ohhhh yesssssss

    Papytale- dONT B…

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  • Billybobmcjoe

    so, i was checking for new blog posts by the people who's blog posts i like, and i noticed dusty made a blog post one upping my billytale blog post. naturally, i decided "that bitch! i have to do shit and one-up him now!"

    so here we are. a one-up of a one-up. if theres actually even any way to one-up his shit with my slightly lower quality shit.

    track number-new track name(the real shit)

    1. 1-wait, what time is it?(once upon a time)
    2. 2-let us begin!(start menu)
    3. 3-hiiiiii theeeere friend!(your best friend)
    4. 4-havent fallen so much as sauntered vaguely downwards(fallen down)
    5. 5-the dead zone(ruins)
    6. 6-why is it so fucking temperate?(uwa!so temperate!)
    7. 7-oh god...(anticipation)
    8. 8-wait dont leave my autophobia nuuuu(unneccesary tension)
    9. 9-god you guys are viole…

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  • Terrariatale! GameR

    This is my last week on here before I head off for the summer. This summer... is going to be the worst summer... and why that is? Well... my grandfather is going to be passing away, and I'm going to be out in California before he dies... and I probably won't be on here for the summer. So... I might be depressed for a good bit... please understand that I will be experiencing loss, once more... So don't be too harsh...

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  • Drream98
    • hello , here this is an introducing for aus and users^^

    • EVIL
    • swap!
    • it's just glitching
    • pg 18
    • spaceland

    • our god it's here
    • it's raining TACO!!
    • The creator of an AU called 'Planned'
    • THE Creator of the SINS OF 12
    • a people's how can using his power called 'LASER'
    • FD  & AD
    • A  hedgehog user!
    • A snake guy
    • MOOSE
    • very inactive , my old friend
    • the doctor naming 'murrao'

    tell , me if i forget something

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  • Terrariatale! GameR

    Welcome back to a completely overused shitpost... once again! Let's see how many people we can offend today!

    Get the fly swatter!

    SwweeeTT HHHOoooomMMMe Alaaaaaba- *shot*

    Genderless? Well, we'll have to see what R- *shot again*

    *insert F-R-I-E-N-D-S joke here*

    Adgee? More ST- *shot once more*

    Silent... but still will kick ya

    I feel like someone is watching me...

    About as gone as my will to live!*xdddd funnee edgy jokes xddddd*

    Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa*ten years later*aaaaaaad brrruuuuuuuuuuu*about 20 more years later*uuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhh


    Bagel Queen


    Dodo do do doooo, I'm lovin it!

    Swapswap in a Nutshell

    Stfu this is who I really am


    *bass boosted hick voice*M'Lord

    Spell "…

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  • Billybobmcjoe

    wellllll, welcome all y'all newcomers to this here wiki! my name is billybobmcjoe and i will be yer guide to this here site! so, lets get started with some of the AUs you might hapen to encounter, shall we?

    i just cut myself on this edge


    Kinkshame, kinkshame, aaaand kinkshame

    *renfest intensifies*

    actually completely safe for teens. this aint porn.

    so innocent, i forgot to put the lube back

    what you get when you need an au to combine the two most precious cinnamon buns

    so many versions.. of this one fucking au...

    if the music aint metal, it aint good.

    yeah, i know its for soriel, but... the asgore and papyrus music thats been made!

    so, is geno a ghost of a skeleton, or...

    i rpomise you, this was absolutely neccessary

    only nineties kids rem…

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  • Drream98
    • here's the skectch for my cover art it's form my AU
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  • Drream98

    i'm positive

    June 1, 2018 by Drream98
    • since , february 2018 i was blocked about an stuff . But now i'm positive!
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  • Billybobmcjoe

    welp, its 3:00 A.M., i cant sleep, what better time to do a bit of spontaneous blogging?

    so uh... finally gonna be able to start on my music producing soon, since the software we ordered finally got here. so yeah, maybe soon i can actually make something for any of my like, 27 AUs that i have music ideas for. so yeah that'll be cool.

    ever suddenly be thinking about random shit and make some massive realization? or even just a minor realization that feels like it should have been obvious?

    i kinda just ended up being given this au from some guy on a... not quite undertale amino. so yeah. that happened

    meltdown stay the fuck outta my snake closet. next time you go in there im gonna install a pheremone sprayer into the door, and you are not gonna …

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  • Natilie system

    hello everyone.....its me , Natilie system

    this will be the last blog post from me for a while...

    summer is coming....

    ill see you soon...

    untill next time......

    im sorry

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  • GreenStarryOfficial

    OK. Hello guys! Today I'm gonna start a camp on this wiki. You can sign up as your OCs if you want. But it's OK if you're yourself. Sign ups end when we have 15 people.

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  • Eeveetale

    top 3 WORST aus

    May 20, 2018 by Eeveetale

    remaber this is my opoion if you like this au sorry

    number 3 underpants

    i get it its souppose to be a parody but im not that much of a fan of it so yeah 

    number 2:mafiatale

    who the hell thought this was a smart idea?! to me it just reminds me of are horribly past

    number 1 underlust


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  • SWArtemis102

    A Slice of Life

    May 18, 2018 by SWArtemis102

    I’ve noticed a significant decrease in activity in this wiki, so just for fun, I’ve compiled an activity for all users in this blog post.

    1:List your favorite AU.

    2:List your favorite character from that AU.

    3:List your favorite AU that you’ve created.

    4:List your favorite character from the AU that you created (answer to previous question)

    5:List your favorite character out of the whole Multiverse.

    And the rest of you can comment on the answers!

    You don’t have to answer the questions you can’t answer if you don’t want to.


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  • ZoneBreak


    May 18, 2018 by ZoneBreak

    Lorem Ipsum Delores is the starter of the spells

    Mortalis inflictus, inflicts many tiny cuts on the victim

    Chronum stops time

    Kinetica removes all kinetic energy from the target

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  • MickRunner


    May 18, 2018 by MickRunner

    Hey Ho Hey Ho I'm Ashy Brown, and today we got Opinions by names!


    God Himself

    Teh definition of dots

    Cazzorine Pepperoni

    Woomy Dwarf

    My Funky Vrother


    Feesher Waifu to dots

    My Main Man Casto

    " I had to use the worse insult"

    Funky Vro Waifu and a flower wolf

    I'll add me l8tr lmao

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  • V01DlezZ180

    So like, I've been trying to experiment with writing for a while, and it's been going relatively interesting, but yah, I would like to fill you guys in on a little somethin. 

    So, ya know, I was just chilling after preparation for relaxation from work, and then I suddenly got this random scene that could be drawn in like a comic or whatever. Then I tried to write what went through my mind on paper, but I couldn't express it in words. Finally, I got his idea, and then I just bullet pointed details.

    (I was told by Zone that I had some sign of Romantic or whatever, and I was thinking about it yesterday, then pit of no where, this tragedy came to mind).

    So here are the bullet points:

    The Beginning:

    • There is a boy who has feelings for a girl 2 years …
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  • Coolbattlegirl

    au ideas

    May 15, 2018 by Coolbattlegirl

    i wanted to make an au of my own but i can't think of any ideas so can you guys give me some ideas for an au we/I can make,I won't take the credit for the people that came up with the ideas for this au? I hope this can become a project that people can join in and have fun, anyone can join. That would help thanks also have a nice day.

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  • BloxTheLoco2900

    (I Made this because i was bored)

    • Yo estaba caminando ay en maincra
    • Y En eso me encontre un cubito!
    • Y No podia creerlo
    • Ai un cubito en maincra XddxddxdXDXdxdCXDDDXSdddd
    • Eeeh que raro cubitos en maincra
    • Y De la nada me encontre con un lagarto gigante
    • Y Dije que es eso 0-0
    • Que es ese lagarto gigante
    • Despues mi amigo roberto
    • Me conto que era un creeper
    • Y Pues pase a jugar musho maincra
    • Si musho maincra
    • Y En eso Roberto se muere al tercer dia
    • Y Resucita al tercer dia
    • Y En eso me hago un pikito
    • un pikito de metal
    • ujum ajam metal
    • Y en eso resucita mi amigo Roberto
    • Y Mi amigo Roberto
    • Se fue con eso si con eso
    • Siiii emmm
    • Le quitaron un hueso
    • Y Le pusieron otro hueso
    • Y Roberto
    • Murio por sobrepeso
    • Porque estaba muy obeso
    • Ujumm yea
    • Maincra
    • sofsoifjosijfsidojfofspi8rupifsjdgsijfs…
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  • Torch58

    Undertale STUFFS

    May 13, 2018 by Torch58

    So Undertale...A game full of monsters and other stuffs. The RPG that encourages you to spare all monsters instead of fighting them

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    Mettacest AU???

    May 13, 2018 by MEK-ANGEL

    So one of my friends (who likes Mettacest) suggested making a Mettacest AU. Since I'm not too comfortable making an AU centred around the ship I've decided I might just include a little bit in some of my current AUs.

    Run Hide Seek and Upside Down did almost have Mettacest (edit: Upside Down!Mettaton did have feelings for Neo in the beginning), so I might expand a little bit on that. I'm not sure about my other AUs.

    Another edit: If I'm including the Quadrants (from Homestuck), then there's already Mettacest in every AU I've made where they're two different people.

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  • Raytaygirl

    Yup... Heres this crap:

    Its ran by a user who got T R I G G E R E D because they were not mod on this wiki.

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  • V01DlezZ180

    Hm, hello.

    May 12, 2018 by V01DlezZ180

    Coming back as a really old user, not gon' tell who that is. 

    So, I guess this is a greeting message to all of the users of the UTAu wiki. Gotta say, the chat is a lot more dim than it was when I was here, anyway, yeah. 

    Sooo, I guess I start off with at least telling you all some things about me, so, I'm gonna dive right into it:

    11. I am mostly quiet, so I won't bite. I don't usually like joining chat a lot, but I'll make my way downtown when I can.

    12. Not afraid to make friends, but we won't talk much, heheh. Yet, don't hesitate to try though.

    13. Guys, I'm sorry, but I do not know what over half of a million of these acronyms you guys say mean. The most I know is "lol," "lmao," and "gtfo.", not so much.

    14. mobile games…

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  • Child of Sun Flowers

    I want a name for this au that doesn't scream "Fnaf plus UnDeRtAle crossover AU!!1!1!!!!1". Many people think FNaFTale AUs are cringey. That's Why I want a name that makes it stand out more amoung other FNaFTales. I have a few ideas:

    • Tale of Completion
    • AftonTale (Idea of my friend)
    • AnimatronicTale (I think this name is too general.. as animatronics aren't FNaF only obviously.)

    What do you think of these names? Also insulting me or the au won't do anything. ;)

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  • NconspicuousN10

    Yep, the third user opinions blog this week. Glad I got to do the honors, but let's get to the point.

    Alphasaith: You're...interesting. My opinion of you fluctuates. Most of the time I have a decent opinion of you, other times I'm on the fence. I'll rate you an 8.2/10

    Vincent Endethyst: First off, how do you just sit there and take all this hate coming at you from different people? You're better than me, that's for sure. Like Alpha, my opinion of you fluctuates, though most of the time I see you in a positive light. I'll rate you an 8.6/10

    Raytaygirl: Honestly, I haven't hung around you enough to form a strong opinion of you, but you did make a good first impression. For now, I'll rate you an 8/10.

    Nonconspicuousproxyuser: Proxy, I'm gonna be …

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  • Klepto Popsicle


    May 11, 2018 by Klepto Popsicle

    i'm getting into a ded sho

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  • Natilie system

    so this is a thing that has flown around the wiki.....anyway i guess your here for my opinions.....plz dunt hate

    Alpha: strict, but funny at times.....but for somereason has a thing against spam...the food spam......i dunno why tho

    castellar: all-in-all a cool dude! he knows how to make me feel good about my skills as an artist....

    ruby: a good friend abit shy tho

    dusty: a funny but strict guy similar to alpha albeit funnier

    adgee: a good person!

    FDlleo:funny as hell cool dude

    vince: a cool dude with a slight anger problem.....but hes funny as well!

    zone(exotic meltdown): funny guy with a obession with dabbing

    so yeah..thats about it....bye!

    (edit: i removed my HPG opinion....cuz it was too insulting)

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  • Rubyshade

    Sigh... I can't believe I'm saying this but, I'm leaving in a week. I know, this is heartbreaking, but as soon as I get on summer break.... I'll be unplugged. And that means no electronics, which means no communication with any of you... I'm sorry, I'm really am.

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  • ZoneBreak

    Opinion on Users

    May 10, 2018 by ZoneBreak

    DustyTheGoat: 'He can be quite mean, but I've seen light in him. I don't hate him but we're not "buddy buddy"

    Alphasaith: MMMM. I've been pretty harsh on you since I've joined this wiki but I've realized you're not the bad guy. You're doing your job.

    MickRunner: You've gained some bad attitude. You need to tone it down. Other than that, you're good in my book.

    GreenStarryOfficial: Dude. You are like me best friend. I love Roleplaying with ya!!

    FDlleo: Meh. I don't know.

    SmolDream: I don't know if you're out there but if you see this.. Thank you for all you've done.

    ADgee: Your a pretty good person. Well, mostly.

    "Astrid Good god. I wouldn't touch you with a 39 1/2 ft pole. [Insert Home Alone Reference here]

    Anonymous AnonoMoose: 

    Prettu good. 

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  • Vincent Endethyst

    Here are the Sins in their human forms.

    Left to right: Terracus, Hades, Blasphus, Boravus, Beowulf.

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  • Uraniam

    My friends ratings

    May 5, 2018 by Uraniam

    Hunter Amirose: 10/10 she's nice to rp with

    N10: 9/10

    Ruby: 6/10

    Vincent: 10/10

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  • EclypticAstrid15

    So, I was checking around on the wiki, and I saw that some users were making a User opinions page, and an endearing friend of mine was telling me that instead of "flaming" on my profile, why not make one myself? I was a bit hesitant at first, because no one really likes me up here, so why would they want to know how I feel about them, but I grew some tits and was like "why not," so here it is. If I forget you, then comment and remind me of your presence.

    Disclaimer: You all have your own definition of "offensive," as do I, so if something I find not so offensive offends you, then just tell me, and hope and pray that I give a damn.

    You mentally kill me with your promotions

    An edgy, bloody hatred

    I guess this person- er...feesh, is okay.

    Just ano…

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  • A Bat Who Laughs

    MAY THE 4TH BE WITH YOU, EVERYONE!  AND FRIENDSHIP IS A STUPID MADJICK!                                                                                                                        Eh, I was chosen to do and make this for fun, but it is cringe, I can tell...

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  • RainTheFan-Person


    May 3, 2018 by RainTheFan-Person

    When someone calls your outdated art a rip-off of Core Frisk.

    And you made it when you had no idea what that was.

    I hate it when that happens.

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  • UndertaleAUwikipersonandthings


    [Depressing dramatic dots]









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