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Blind Art is a two-part AU that gives Ink and Dream (here known as Anti!Ink and Nega!Dream) much different and tragic stories, which at the same time affect many other characters. Some characters in the AU, notably Ink, are intentionally different from their canons in terms of backstory and personality.

About the AU

The first part of the AU, known too as Blind Art, tells Anti!Ink's story, while the second one, Blind Joy, follows Nega!Dream's.

In Blind Art, Ink lost a fateful fight against Error, which ended with his soul destroyed. Isolating himself, he began to forget his own meaning and deem himself useless until Dream found him and tried to help him. However, everything went wrong when Error found his timeline, causing a chain of chaotic events that ended with the destruction of more than half of the multiverse, Ink's death, and Nightmare taking advantage. This part has two endings, and the full story can be found here .

Blind Joy tells the aftermath of Error and Nightmare's influence in the multiverse. Out of vengeance and hatred, the latter put an end to his one-sided rivalry against his brother by taking his emotions as well as everyone else's, leaving Dream as a suicidal, nervous wreck who can't feel anything but self-hatred, fear and despair. As opposed to Dream's successful attempts at trying to save Ink, Underswap Sans and Papyrus, CORE!Frisk and Science!Sans' attempts to save him don't go as swimmingly and cause Nightmare to harm Dream further as a threat. Ink still makes an "appearance" here, though as his essence. Unlike Blind Art, this part will only have one ending. The story can be found here (it's still a WIP). 


The main characters are Ink, Dream, Error, Nightmare, CORE!Frisk, US!Papyrus and Sans and Science!Sans. Minor characters are Geno, Fresh, UF!Frisk, Toriel and Flowey and SS!Chara, though only a few are any relevant in Blind Joy. 

Ink: after losing his soul, he fell into depression and, powered by fear, he isolated himself in his own timeline for quite some time before Dream came along. Being alone and afraid for so long, he forgot everything that made him himself, including which universe is which, his friends, and even his reason to live. Even though Dream found a successful way to help him, Error eventually found his timeline and proceeded to destroy it, making all the progress Ink had made pointless and finally leading to his death. He came back as a spirit after he died, doing what little he could to help Dream back. 

Dream: he became heavily protective of Ink and did everything he could to assure that he regained his true self. However, his attempts failed after Error found the timeline, and after a fight against him and Nightmare, he turned to be the one in need of help. After those fateful events, his soul was taken by his brother, leaving him devoid of any will to live and constantly afraid of everything. He lost all trust, and forgot his own past. After Nightmare kidnapped him, he actually managed to fight back, but eventually lost and made his brother accidentally kill him while he fought his friends. 

Error: his persona changed drastically when he lost what was left of his sanity after his LV raised beyond the limit while he destroyed every universe in sight. His raised stats gave him stronger powers, but even still he was defeated by Nightmare and Ink and ran back to the anti-void, until the former decided to hunt him down and lure him into Ink's timeline, where he was mind-controlled and forced to fight the Underswap skeletons; accidentally killed by Blueberry in the process. 

Nightmare: he was the one to stop Error from killing Ink and Dream, as he needed the latter alive. With his brother out of the way and having obtained god-like powers, he took over what was left of the multiverse, though he left Core, Blueberry, Papyrus and Sci alive and unharmed because he found their hopes amusing. He constantly taunts and hurts Dream to keep his friends from trying to help him.

Swap!Papyrus: he is shown to be more overprotective of his brother, and everyone left alive in general. He's somewhat anxious and shows slight signs of paranoia and faint PTSD, and can be rather aggressive at times. During the events of the second part, he was the strong-willed one in the group and the one to take most of the decisions as well as being the only one truly capable of protecting them. 

Blueberry: since he was rescued from the anti-void by Ink, he remained traumatized and was dealing with PTSD, but that never stopped him from being kind and cheerful all the way even though it's easy to manipulate his emotions. He truly wants to help Dream and does everything he can to make sure he's fine, but with little success at first - in a way, though, he did stop him from committing suicide. 

CORE!Frisk: feeling useless since everyone in Omega Timeline was practically turned into an emotionless zombie, they are bent on helping Dream and aiding the rest as much as they can, though they can't do much aside from spreading useful knowledge.

Science!Sans: he is somewhat more anxious than usual, knowing what is happening to the multiverse and that he is a major part in the events that are to unfold. He agreed to help Dream along with Core, Papyrus and Blueberry, and was the one to finish the serum he was given in Dreamtale, made out of part of the last golden apple's energy.

Geno, UF!Frisk, Toriel and Flowey, Fresh and SS!Chara: they only have a notable role in the first part, where they help in the fight against both Error and Nightmare. During the events of the second part, all of them except for Fresh lost their emotions, and Toriel was the test subject for the serum Sci was given in Dreamtale, proving it to be successful. Fresh went crazy, accepting that the world was over in the end. 

New characters:

Abu: he is an old man and the oldest human resident of Dreamtale (actually hundreds of years old). He sports great wisdom and a big heart, and cares for Dream more than anybody else. He has some knowledge in magic, and created a serum made out of a fraction of the last golden apple's energy that was later successfully finished by Sci and turned into the key to save the multiverse.

Arel: Abu's grandson and the last of his family along with him, the rest killed off by Nightmare in the past. He survived Nightmare's attack with only a permanent scar over his eye, despite the fact that he tried to protect his family, and is often moody, distant and taciturn.  

Shenshe: a rabbit-like creature, and close friend of Arel and Abu. She lives alone and is bold yet sentimental, and is really sorry for what their village did to Nightmare in the past and blames everyone for it. She is bent on believing peace can be restored. 

1, 2, 3, 82 and 40: some of Nightmare's minions, dark replicas of Underfell's Papyrus. 1, 2 and 3 are the elites of the army; the former is the egocentric leader (his defining trait being the number one he carved in his 'battle body' with his sword), the second is the spitfire (his defining trait being his bigger scar and stature), and the third is the demented one (his defining trait being his lack of speech and hunched posture). 82 is the only compassionate one and feels sorry for what he's forced to do, and 40 is the closest he has of a friend but is mocked by him either way.


  • Ink never lost his soul prior to the events of the AU, so his backstory differs from canon. His personality is also slightly different since he has a soul, though it doesn't vary much depending on the situation.
  • Nightmare cannot kill Dream (or viceversa) because they are linked. If one killed the other, they would both die. In order to kill his brother, Nightmare would have to break that bond first - by torturing Dream, both physically and psychologically.
  • Even though Dream was redesigned, he retains his original design throughout the AU; however, he does transform into his new design towards the end of the story.
  • Arel's both design and personality were partially based off of Ichimatsu Matsuno, from the anime Osomatsu-san. Abu is the "moribund elder" mentioned in the Dreamtale comic. 
  • The Doodle Sphere in this AU is much different than what it looks like in canon. Here, it's portrayed as an endless field made out of sketchy grass and some hills, with the sky being a constant sunset. The AUs are doors, painted over to represent each universe accordingly - they can only be damaged with magic, and if the doors are destroyed, the respective universes are gone for good. After Error's attack, the sky becomes a purple/red blob and the grass turns grey, and later on Ink's presence makes the sky cloudy and Nightmare causes the grass to blacken as though it were burned.