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Blind Art is a three-part AU written as a story, focused on Ink, Dream (here known as Anti!Ink and Nega!Dream), Error and Nightmare. Some characters in the AU, notably Ink as he actually has a soul, are intentionally different from their canons in terms of backstory and personality.

Before reading, note that all three of these stories can include themes such as depression and suicide, and contain graphic depictions of violence.

This page might contain spoilers. 

About the AU

The first part of the AU, known too as Blind Art, tells Anti!Ink's story, while the second one, Blind Joy, follows Nega!Dream's. A third and final one, Unseeing, concludes the series. Blind Art starts when Ink loses a fateful fight against Error, which ends with his soul destroyed. Isolating himself, Ink begins to forget the meaning of his life and deems himself useless until Dream finds him and tries to help him. However, everything goes wrong when Error finds the Doodle Sphere, causing a chain of chaotic events that end with the destruction of more than half of the multiverse, Ink's death, and Nightmare taking advantage.

This part has two endings, and the full story can be found here .

Blind Joy tells the aftermath of Error and Nightmare's influence in the multiverse. Out of vengeance and hatred, the latter puts an end to his one-sided rivalry against his brother by taking the power of the apple as well as his emotions, leaving Dream as a suicidal, nervous wreck who can't feel anything but self-hatred, fear and despair. The Sans and Papyrus from Underswap, CORE!Frisk and Science!Sans' find him soon after this, even though their attempts to save him don't go as swimmingly. From then on, everything revolves around them trying to stop Nightmare before he condemns what's left of the multiverse, though with little success. 

Unlike Blind Art, this part only has one ending. The story can be found here .

Unseeing is the conclusion to the series, set in an afterlife where the entirety of the multiverse resides as they had all been killed off, and one in which evil doesn't exist and everyone is given a chance to better themselves. Dream is once again faced with the weight of trying to keep everyone happy, namely his traumatized brother and Ink, who is not yet in good terms with a reformed Error. The rest cannot be told yet.

The story can be found here (still a WIP). It's yet unknown if this part will have more than one ending. 


The story mostly focuses on Ink, Error, Dream and Nightmare, all of them with small, intentional differences from their canon versions. From Blind Joy onwards, minor OCs will make an appearance:

Abu: an old man and the oldest human resident of Dreamtale (actually hundreds of years old). He sports great wisdom and a big heart, and cares for Dream almost as much as his mother, the guardian of the Tree of Feelings, did. He is a shaman of sorts, and has some knowledge in magic.

Arel: Abu's grandson and the last of his family along with him, the rest killed off by Nightmare in the past. He survived Nightmare's attack with only a permanent scar over his eye, despite the fact that he tried to protect his family, and is often moody, distant and taciturn.  

Shenshe: a rabbit-like creature, and a close friend of Arel and Abu. She lives alone and is bold yet sentimental, and is really sorry for what their village did to Nightmare in the past and blames everyone for it. She is bent on believing peace can be restored. 

1, 2, 3, 82 and 40: some of Nightmare's minions, dark replicas of Underfell's Papyrus. 1, 2 and 3 are the elites of the army; the former is the egocentric leader (his defining trait being the number one he carved in his 'battle body' with his sword), the second is the spitfire (his defining trait being his bigger scar and stature), and the third is the demented one (his defining trait being his lack of speech and hunched stance). 82 is the only compassionate one and feels sorry for what he's forced to do. 40 is the closest he has of a friend, but is mocked by him either way.


  • Ink never lost his soul prior to the events of the AU, so his backstory intentionally differs from canon. His personality is also slightly different since he has a soul, though it doesn't vary much depending on the situation.
  • Nightmare cannot kill Dream (or viceversa) because they are linked. If one killed the other, they would both die. In order to kill his brother, Nightmare would have to break that bond first - by torturing Dream, both physically and psychologically.
  • Even though Dream was redesigned, he retains his original design throughout the AU; however, he does transform into his new design towards the end of Blind Joy, and keeps it during Unseeing, albeit without his bow.
  • Arel's both design and personality were partially based off of Ichimatsu Matsuno, from the anime Osomatsu-san. Abu is the "moribund elder" mentioned in the Dreamtale comic. 
  • The Doodle Sphere in this AU is somewhat different than what it looks like in canon. Here, it's portrayed as an endless field made out of sketchy grass and some hills, with the sky being a constant sunset. The AUs are doors, painted over to represent each universe accordingly - they can only be damaged with magic, and if the doors are destroyed, the respective universes are gone for good. 
  • The afterlife in which Unseeing takes place is a mixture of worlds: most of it is composed by the Doodle Sphere's landscape, also including part of the Dreamtale village and an entrance to an enlarged Underground. People in it can still die, though not of of illness or age (nobody can age or get sick at all). They can only be killed if they're attacked or have an accident. If they die there, they will be completely erased out of existence. Nobody will be able to remember them, like they never even existed.