AU in progress!

Blame!Tale is an original AU that takes place in a version of the underground where monsters have developed more technology.


The story will have most of the original characters with a few significant differences. One of these being that the six fallen humans, along with Asriel and Chara are dead yet exist in soul form as techno-spirits that will help the protagonist achieve their goal, The other difference being that some characters may have different appearances, personalities and alliances within the plot. Also some characters may not exist/may be merged with others.

Storyline Summary

After the monster-human war , many technological advancements were made by both species in order to achieve their goals. Monsters - to break the barrier and escape to freedom, Humans - to defend against monsters and the impending extinction of the human race. Frisk sets out to try and save humanity by recovering the souls of the humans that came before them. In order to do this they must show that they have the traits of the previous fallen.

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