"But you.You are not human,huh? Even a human wouldn't act like that.Like a filthy murderer.
-During the Genocide fight.
Blake is the name of the human who fell before Chara in ThreeTale.


He fell into the Underground at the age of 16, for unknown reasons. He became the adoptive son of Toriel and Asgore. By the time, another human fell, named Chara and he had a brother named Asriel.

When the two of them died(in the same way that Undertale) his father declare war against mankind. Toriel went down to the Ruins . Josh doesn't knew what to do, so he stayrf with Asgore. He still visits Toriel frequently with his teleportation he obtained during his works with Gaster.

He saw all the 6 humans chils who fall die by the hand of Asgore, being often their last confident.

When Josh worked with Gaster, he found a way to never die and stay young forever.

He's still alive when Frisk falls in the Underground.


He wears a black hoodie, black jeans and black sneakers.


He is quite reserved, and seems to be cold with strangers.Howewer, that's just shyness.

He's lazy most of the time, but can act real quick if necessary.

He is very intelligent, he was often bullied for this at school, so he worked with Gaster when he was alive and Alphy after.

He have knowelge of the others Timelines and the SAVE option, however he never told anyone about this.

He's also very creative when drawing and painting.

The AU

This AU is almost similar to Undertale, except that a human fell before Chara. Chara and Asriel still die.

I created the AU myself.

Other AUs

He have knoweldge of the other AUs, and sometimes visits them. How he travels to them is unknown at his day. He enjoys helping Ink to create things in AUs.


Neutral Route

You'll meet him in the last corridor, where he substits the role of judge of Sans.He judges you the same way as Sans. After you'll meet again him in the room before the Throne Room.

Pacifist Route

He appears in Asriel Dreemur fight as one of the lost souls.

Genocide Route

He will appears each time you killed a boss monster and take their soul, even if it's not possible normally.

He actually bring the souls to Alphys, in order to revive them. By the time you come to the Throne Roomn, all of them have been resurected.

He doesn't appears in the last corridor, but in the Throne Room after you killed Asgore and Flowey.

He is the final boss of the Genocide Route. He's know that if you get past him, everyone of Mankind and the surviving monsters will die, and he can't allow you to do this.

His fight is really difficult.

In battle

His fight is a mix of the attacks of Sans and Papyrus and Toriel and Asgore.


"You won't get past me, sorry to say it so rudely." [1st quote]

"I remember the first time i saw you in the neutral Timeline.You weren't that bad.[2nd quote]

"I was wrong to think you were gonna stay at the pacifist ending.Still not surprised tho.[If a pacifist ending have been reached before.]

"Ah, humans.They were always a huge piece of disgusting things."[3rd quote]

"But you.You are not human,huh? Even a human wouldn't act like that.Like a filthy murderer.[4th quote]

"You just kill everyone,without any seconds thoughs,without any regrets.You're definitely not human.[5th quote]

"Still, I saved everyone.[6th quote]

"I know I'm just gonna die, until the next reset." [7th quote]

"And i'll make sure you reach the next reset and then the next timeline the latest possible."[8th quote]

"Now let's just focus on the fight." [9th quote]

"..." [Until death]

"So that's it,huh? My demise. I'm not even surprised."[After getting deadly hurt]

"I've probably die so many times before."[If he was killed before]

"Does that even really matter? Not at all.

"Goodbye, murderer.See you in the next timeline." [Before turning into dust.You absorb his soul]

Flavor Text

Josh stands right in front of you. [When engaged]

Blake is waiting for your next move. / Blakecross his arms, a serious look on his face. / Blake thinks about his deads friends. / Blake thinks about the future of humanity. [Neutral]

Blake have low HP. [Low HP]



Blake cares for his mother very deeply, and will never let someone hurt her. He often visit her in the ruins.


Despite having saw all the human children die, he still cares deeply about his father, as he knows Asgore feels remorse and guilt.

Asriel and Chara

He was never close to them when they were alive, but he liked them.However, when they died, he didn't feel anything. He have suspicions about Flowey being Asriel.

W.D Gaster

He worked with him, but he never knew his personal life.


He currently works with her, and likes watching anime with her and Undyne when he has the time. He doesn't know about the amalgamates.


As Alphys friend's, he quickly befriended her. Besides watching anime with her and Alphys, he cooks with her and Papyrus and sometimes fight with her for training purposes.


He enjoys hanging with him and Undyne on occasion, and he often works on new puzzles with Alphys for him.


He is probably his best friend for now. He shares with him and Toriel the love of bad puns. He also enjoys spending time at Grillby's with him.


Depending on the route taken, Frisk can be a simple pal, a trusted friend or a real ennemy.


He met Ink during his travels through the AUs.He quickly established a bond with him. He spends sometimes time with him practicing drawing and painting. (Non-canon)

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