Between The Timelines is a "AU" that takes place inbetween timelines that are close to VERY OLD aus, or you have a chance of accessing it without the AU being very old.  


(anyone who comes here) -- Varies from person to person.

Coragassane -- God & and multiversal judge, created this place.

Sky Birds -- Not really a character, but they live in the sky, just flying around, shooting lasers at bad people.


The Sky: The points of light in the sky aren't stars, but AU portals.

Blue = Good AUs.

White = Neutral AUs, not bad, not good.

Red = AUs that are evil like Underfell or Horrortale.

Black with purple fire = VERY EVIL, like NSFW AUs, or absolute 666 universes.

Green = None of the above. Just there. 

Creative Zone: You can access any AU from there, and you can make your own for a WHOPPING 1,000,000G!!!!!!  

Error Dump: Bad people are thrown out there and sent to Errortale, if you aren't bad, nothing happens. 

Portal: Spot where you come in from. 

Starlight Village: Hotels, apartments, houses, & mansions are there. 

Bridges: Connects the floating islands. 

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