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Beta! Toriel is an out-code character that isn't exactly a glitch. She keeps unknown AUs, bad AUs, or ripoff AUs hidden so that AU destroyers can't find them and destroy them.


Toriel looks almost the same as she did in Undertale. She wears a faded gray robe with black sleeves. Her dress has an upside-down heart (resembling a monster soul) on it with an old pen and a white flag in the soul. She has a pearl necklace on at all times. Her horns are as long as Asgore's and her ears get grayer the further down you get. She has a little tuft of fur on her head, but she also has angel wings. These are too small to do anything but sit there and make clothes hard to put on.


She is caring, sweet, and often confused if someone calls her mom. However, she also has a "colorful vocabulary", doesn't hold a grudge against Asgore (as she doesn't have one), and if another monster flirts with her she will flirt back, especially if the monster is an Asgore.


Beta! Frisk was doing Genocide. Flowers were wilting. Birds were lying on the ground, oozing blood. The King was dead. Toriel was hidden in her bedroom closet, weeping. She knew that how she had survived for that long was a miracle. She heard loud screaming, from the flower she hurt earlier. She knew that it was all over. Just as she drifted off to sleep, she heard a rumble, and then a sudden jerk. She opened her eyes. THIS was not what the end of the world should of felt like. Another jerk, and screams. Toriel felt sick to her stomach. A rumble, a jerk, another rumble, and then the world fell over. Toriel held on to the remaining clothes hangers in her closet. She heard a glitchy yet gentlemanly voice. "I-Is that-t-t i-it-t?" Toriel started to whisper to herself, "Is this this what ERASURE really feels like? It's the end of the world, yet I'm still standing. And...what is this...?" Just as she said that she heard laughing and something walked over to her closet "I-Is there a s-s-s-surviv-vor? Hmm-m...doesn't-t seeeee m-m t-to beeee.".Then, everything felt like a dream. Toriel's vision faded, and she saw things. strings...a black and blue Sans? More laughing, and she came tumbling out of the closet. Blue strings were everywhere, and a big hole filled with static replaced the ceiling. Toriel stood up. She started screaming "Who are you?! And what have you done to my world?"The Sans whirled around, and his eyesockets widened. "Ha! I knew-w that someone-e-e was there! I'm S-Sans. S-Sans the skele-e-eton-n." Toriel realized that she couldn't live if she stayed there. She ran throughout the Ruins. She didn't stop to deactivate the puzzles or anything. She ran out if the doors before Error could catch her. Then, she was in the Omega Timeline. She got to know a few people, but quickly left in fear of Error finding her. She wandered into the in-between files of Undertale and found another AU called Horrorlust. She looked around, and to her surprise, Error was going up against Wanderer. She quickly hid the AU somewhere so that Error couldn't find it, and now she hides AUs.


Her powers are similar to the original Asgore's powers. She can also use a "red screen hack". This differs from Crimson's blue screen hack, as the red screen hack can't control other humans or monsters. She can also put your soul in Dark Blue mode.


Find her AU hiding spot. Yep, she isn't smart enough to scatter them across the map. Do this, and she'll become really weak.

(And for you guys down in the comment section saying that you found the AUs no you did not I'm not having that.)

Also, try to un-separate the timelines. Merge them into one. Beta! Toriel will soon feel a disturbance in the M.T.A.U.B. (Multiversal Timeline Alternate Universe Balance) and rush straight to the timeline. She will immediately try to fix the chaos (merged timelines are much harder to separate than alpha timelines), and that gives you a chance to attack. However, if you wait for too long, she will put a temporary spell on the timelines until she can get someone to turn them into spin-off AUs, or do something else with them.


Crimson - They met up once. Crimson gave Beta! Toriel permission to use (a variation) of her Blue Screen Hack.

Annoying Dog
This information is based on alternate scenes or materials, and is not considered canon within the overall plot of the AU series.

Programmer Frisk - The two are allies, and though Programmer! Frisk isn't completely happy on the thought of hiding AUs, she respects it and sees why Toriel does it.

Error!Sans - Instead of hating him, Beta! Toriel really wants to become friends with him and care for him.

Sans.ES - She keeps trying to ask it why Sanses overpopulate the Multiverse.

Revivetale! Sans - Toriel loves their ability to revive AUs, and enlists them if any AUs are erased.

Inkmare - Beta! Toriel doesn't get the concept of fusion sickness. She decides not to question it and gives him casseroles when he gets sick.

CNAS - Beta! Toriel gets a migraine whenever he tries to sing or scream. She decided to hide AUs so that she wouldn't get screamed at by him.

CORE Frisk - They've met before when Toriel ran through a door and appeared in the Omega Timeline, and CORE Frisk can count on her to bring in genocide survivors if they aren't there.

Neutral! Chara - Though Beta! Toriel has never met Neutral! Frisk, she has heard about her when she took a Frisk to the Neutral Timeline and met Neutral! Chara. The two are allies.

Wanderer - Beta! Toriel has heard about Wanderer from various conversations, but never met him until she decided to hide Lusttail (a crossover between - you guessed it - Underlust and Undertail). She has tried explaining to Wanderer many times that she is NOT perverted, but he doesn't want to listen. Beta! Toriel and Wanderer are enemies at this point.

system_information_32_sans.exe - She watches out for him and the other members of his group, not because they are destroyers, but because they are all desperate to get into the original Undertale AU.

system_information_32_floweywave.mp3 - She's scared of him because when he's not about to attack, he's just a bunch of soundfonts. She can usually track him down with the noise, though, and (literally) kick him out of her guarding spot.

Gamma! Alphys - The two are mortal enemies, as Gamma! Alphys was the first one to merge two timelines together. Beta! Toriel originally challenged her to fight, but one she had to run away, she realized that doing her job was harder than it seemed.


  • She would rather not cross paths with the original Toriel, and checks on the AU regularly. She does this because she does not feel that any of the characters (aside from Frisk, Chara, Alphys, Flowey, and...well, she doesn't feel like Sans and Papyrus are ready, but they've been forced into these situations against their will.), so she keeps certain Sanses from entering.
  • The fact that she has seen Crimson makes her very special. Few people - if any at all - ever get the chance to see Crimson, and sometimes, when they do, they just ignore it. They missed out on attacks.
  • Beta! Toriel is HIV Positive.
  • Instead of pies, Beta! Toriel bakes casseroles.
  • Beta! Toriel was originally going to be a destroyer, but after her encounter with CNAS, she decided against it.
  • Beta! Toriel refuses to take in genocide survivors. She pushes them through a door and into the Omega Timeline.
  • She doesn't realize that splitting timelines are one of the main causes that the Multiverse is falling apart as rapidly as it is. The is one balance, and it takes someone extremely powerful to reverse the consequences. She also doesn't realize that Gamma! Alphys is trying to stabilize the Multiverse to keep it running stably.

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