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Bendertale is a finished and complete version of Avatartale (Page is not complete tho), however Undyne, Sans etc. do not exist instead the Avatar: The Legend of Korra characters replace them.

This AU's Story

Long ago two types of people ruled over the Earth, benders and non-benders. They all lived peacefully until one day disaster struck. A gang of non-benders, with their leader being Amon, began to grow into a whole army, they sealed the benders with an invisible barrier that could only be broken with electric weapons, which the benders did not have. After 5 years of seeing his friends suffer Tenzin had enough and resumed the war, he stated that every non bender that fell down would be imprisoned, and their weapon would be taken in order to shatter the barrier. Tenzin's wife, Pema was disgusted with his actions and hid in the Ruins never to be seen again.