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BelowStory is a Undertale Alternate Universe where instead of Monsters being in the underground, it's Humans with abnormal abilities and powers. This AU is made by BelowStoryDev. Names have been altered. None of the characters are real, except for normal enemies, whom will be Users from this Wiki.


Toriel - Anna

Napstablook - Gabriel

sans - derrick

Papyrus - Brianne

Undyne - Robert

Alphys - Julie

Mettaton - Ethan

Temmie - Verenice

Muffet - Isabelle

Asgore - Erik

Asriel - Krystal

Chara - Brianna

Grillby - Maria

Frisk - Dave

Ice Cream Guy - Mark

BurgerPants - Marshall

Monster Kid - Jessica

Gaster - Elvis

The Story and Character settings have also been changed, here are the changes

  • Derrick and Brianne are children to the King and Queen.
  • There's only one Temmie (Verenice)
  • Derrick is friends with Robert and Ethan, making him have some accessibilities.
  • All main characters have some relation to each other. (Family, friends, etc.)
  • Ages are altered
  • Derrick and Bri own a House in Snowdin, where they live alone.
  • Derrick and Bri own a Cat named: Sansui - Chan
  • Bri loves anime
  • Bri says Nyah hah hah
  • Only 1 human fell thru, Brianna
  • Erik has a Genocide fight and a pacifist fight.
  • Anna is 32, Gabriel is 10, Derrick is 12, Bri is 8, Robert is 13, Julie is 11, Maria is 56, Isabelle is 10, Ethan is 11, Erik is 31, Verenice is 11, Elvis is 24 years old.
  • Derrick lost an eye in the war, he was 1 at the time, making a eye similar to Sans "Bad Time" eye.
  • Julie loves anime and ships herself and Robert and her and Ethan.
  • Ethan, Anna, Derrick, Isabelle, Maria, Erik, Robert all have fights in the Genocide run, meaning they won't die in one hit. (Maria's is after killing Derrick, similar to the Fanon fight, Served.)
  • Brianne's outfit or battle body is a OC Cosplay.


Dave (The 2nd fallen human and last) wears a Green sweater with Purple stripes, While Brianna wears a Purple sweater with a Yellow stripe. Brianna will be in control of the Genocide run once Level 10 is reached. Causing all helpless Monsters to be defeated in one hit. (Helpless monsters: Jessica, Brianne, Julie). Unlike Chara, Brianna is a brutal demon, simply disguised as a human. She was ment to destroy the world but saw that Genocide wasn't the way and was punished by her leader of death. Dave's Genocide made her see her true objective and took control.

Character Attitude Changes

Every Character acts the same way as to their Undertale counterpart. Derrick (Sans in this AU), Is aware of the other AUs. He is also aware of Ink!Sans and Error!Sans. Derrick is constantly nervous that Error will destroy his world so tries to be vigilant, Derrick was also diagnosed with Depression, but tries to keep a smile for his sister.

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