Marcel Cunningham also known as BasicallyIDoWrk, is a popular Youtuber known for his insurmountable rage moments and is a ghost living inside a dummy located in the Garbage Dump in Vanosstale. He also serve as a mini-boss in Waterfall and play as the role of Mad Dummy as the The Enrage Role. During a genocide run, He becomes so angry at the player's actions that they become corporeal. This makes him happy but now that he is corporeal, he can be killed.

On a neutral run Marcel gets angry at the player for their interaction with the dummy in the ruins and their interaction with Marcel himself. It doesn't matter what options they select during the fight in the ruins or whether or not the player punches/ignores him, Marcel will always be mad.

Different between Marcel and Mad Dummy

  • Marcel swear even more then Mad Dummy, to a point where he swear then most of the character in the AU.
  • He got 2 different outfit, The 1st one being like Mad Dummy with Finn Hat and a 2nd Version that have clothing such as the Blue Shirt, Black Shoe and Green Backpack.
  • His connection to BigJigglyPanda and Moo Snuckle is unknown seeing how their not his cousin in real life.
  • His battle theme would be based on his outro song.


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