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Bb spoilers

Barrier Blocks is an AU involving Minecraft YouTubers created by a user named ThomasThePencil. It follows a 15-year-old boy named Frisk as he ventures through the Underground under the guise of "curiosity", although nothing is quite as it seems in this new, yet familiar world...

Notable Changes

NOTE: More will be revealed as the reboot of the AU begins and progresses.

General Changes

  • All areas have been given complete overhauls to more closely match their condition in the AU.
    • The Ruins in this AU, in contrast to the lively canon Ruins, are more in a state of disrepair due to being largely abandoned. The area music takes an original, more solemn style to reflect this. Statues lie within the first few rooms, and puzzles dot the caverns throughout. Adam has set up a stage where he occasionally puts on a show for the Ruins' inhabitants. Jason's home lies at the exit, not too far from the entrance to the city that lies within the Ruins, where the monsters within the Ruins are implied to live. A surprisingly high-tech door lies within the Ruins, passworded by its creator...
    • Snowfall is the replacement of Snowdin, although not much is known about it other than that the area near the Ruins door is a dense forest.
  • The battle UI has been revamped to account for the new size ratio and style of the battle sprites.
  • To replace the fallen humans' items, as all of the fallen humans and their belongings are in Jess' castle, a system of item crafting allows for a choice in your weapon and armor progression. You can even craft consumable items.

Character Changes

  • Frisk is a boy. A 15-year-old boy that supposedly climbed the mountain out of "curiosity about what's there." He seems to very much enjoy signs of platonic/familial affection or love, and can very easily grow attached to people.
  • Flowey's role is taken by a friendly squirrel named Dongus, who is notably less aggressive than Flowey and only "attacks" Frisk out of wanting to help him learn how the Underground works. Later on, Cory tells Frisk that there is a human --- Ross (YourPalRoss) --- who died and later turned into Dongus, although the method by which this happened has not been revealed.
  • Toriel's role is taken by a man named Jason, who has been in the Ruins for 6 years prior to Frisk's fall. He wants to help Frisk, yet ultimately leaves him more to figure out things for himself for this reason alone --- he wants Frisk to learn. He also seems to have bad memories attached to the concept of LV, even though his own is 01 (implying he hasn't killed anyone). He's implied to have been in the Ruins for a while, and is married to the Queen. The reason he doesn't want Frisk to leave? He knows that if Frisk goes out there, plenty of humans and monsters alike will try to kill him, and ultimately, Jess will have to kill Frisk. Jason doesn't want Jess to have to go through that pain once again.
  • Napstablook's role is taken by a former celebrity named Adam (Sky Does Minecraft). He puts on shows in the Ruins in an attempt to feel more like he did in the early days of the Underground.
  • Papyrus' role is taken by Shelby (Shubble), who comes to the Ruins door often and essentially acts as a life counselor for Jason. Being alone for that long can drive you crazy, after all.
  • Chara's role is taken by a voice in Frisk's head. His name is Cory (NewScapePro/NewScapeGames). He narrates the story in general and often tries speaking/responding to Frisk directly. Eventually, on the Pacifist run, Cory decides to take initiative and suggest to Frisk that perhaps it's a good idea to leave Jason's home.
  • Jason is the first to tell Frisk the name of the person in Asgore's role: the Queen, Jess a.k.a. Aphmau. According to Jason's word, Jess is implied to have had to kill multiple humans during her time as Queen, with the resulting LV taking its toll on her emotional well-being.
  • There is a second narrator whose name and role have not been publicly revealed, referred to simply as "Mystery Narrator" by the creator. Compared to Cory, they appear to narrate much more objectively, mainly emphasizing other characters' intents and emotions as opposed to their own. They mainly handle SAVE Stars and check text.

The Opening

A long time ago, a game called Minecraft was created. It became very popular over the course of six years. Many people, who came to be known as MC Youtubers, began making videos based on it. Some did roleplays, with deep stories and dark twists. Others did minigames, and contests that kept you on the edge of your seat in excitement. Still others did animations and what-if scenarios, imagining how the game might be different if certain variables were changed. But eventually, the people began to grow intolerant of them. One thing led to another, and eventually, the MC Youtubers were all forced into exile under a mountain. This mountain is known as Mt. Ceplin.

12 years later, a 15-year-old boy named Frisk comes across the mountain...and falls into a hole he could've sworn wasn't there.

Official Soundtrack

Due to the creator of the AU being a musician, there's a lot of music available for the AU. Unless otherwise stated in a specific song, all motifs are original. Here's a link to the full soundtrack.

Some additional notes about the OST:

  • Extra songs (marked with an EX before the number) are either unheard in canon gameplay or very difficult to get to hear.
  • For the song "Hotel", the full title is "Do You Seriously Call This A Hotel, I Didn't Even Get A Coloring Book or Some Crumpets"
  • "Storyteller Shelby" and "Feeling Hopeless" are mutually exclusive. You will never hear both on the same route.
  • The two songs at the end of the current playlist are incredibly spoiler-heavy, but have been uploaded because their context and purpose is important.

Sprite Gallery


  • The AU was just titled "Undercraft" at first conception. The name was changed fairly early into production and became what is now known as "Barrier Blocks."
  • At one point, Jess and Jason's roles were going to be swapped.
  • While it currently only has a sprite comic, the AU is largely built around being a game and will be getting a game sometime in the future, although it will not be created for a while due to the sheer scale of the AU.

Comic Part Links (/r/Undertale)

Preboot Ruins

  1. Jason and the Squirrel
  2. Introductory Discoveries
  3. Statues and Scribbles
  4. An Entertaining Encounter
  5. Someone To Call "Dad"
  6. Subtle Insecurities
  7. Emotional Detachments



No parts of the reboot are released yet, as the story is being picked up from where preboot left off, and as such, many new assets must be made before the parts can be made and released. Please be patient as work continues on the AU.

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