"Not the strangest thing I've heard today"
– Baker on the AUs

Baker the Skeleton is a skeleton undertaker, scientist and guard at the outposts scattered around New Home made by Baker the Skeleton on Fanfiction.


Im going to rework this because I feel that an Undertale version of Divine Intervention is stupid.


Baker is usually quiet, honest and smart, both intelligence and wit wise, but he is quite easy to aggravate. He has a tendency to make empty threats that are way too easy to predict as an empty threat (like drawing a limit on your neck.) and just stare menacing at the person who aggravated him. He doesn't like to be the butt of a prank and doesn't like pranks in general, as he finds them stupid in the fact that you just ruin someones day for your enjoyment. He doesn't really relate to the other monsters in the way they act, the exceptions being Sans, Papyrus, Undyne and Alyphs. He gets easily confused, and he gets annoyed when he's confused, so it's just a stupid little loop for him. Despite being rude, He is also fairly diplomatic.


He is able to use White, Purple, Red, Orange and Light Blue attacks. Purple attacks restrain a soul to more either only horizontally or vertically. Red attacks will add a bleeding effect, which can only be fixed with a recovery item.

He is also a master in soul combat, being able to inflict properties onto himself and other humans. The soul colours he can use are Blue and Orange. Blue makes it susceptible to gravity in whichever way the one using the power wants, and the orange one reverses movement, although Baker near exclusively uses it on himself as an emergency brake.

He uses a Gravediggers shovel as one of his main weapons, and he knows how to use it quite effectively. The shovel itself has razor-sharp edges that never dull, for some reason.

He also wields colored energy items, such as a Light Blue Force field, an Orange Croquet Mallet that does no damage (It's just a distraction) , a Red Hatchet and a Purple Revolver, most of which he only uses to blend in with other AUs.

He can also use Solid walls made of bone, but can only make two at a time. He uses them as general purpose shields and handy paste maker.

He also has the ability to timeline jump, allowing him to go into nearly any AU.


He almost never attacks if he doesn't want to fight, causing some easily preventable injuries.

Baker creates a new AU of every AU he visits. Difference being some version of Baker is there to exist in his place.

He doesn't understand when to leave a situation, even when the fight seems unwinnable.

His rudeness often results in him telling a good character to shove off before saying "Oh, It's you."

His mouth is on a hair trigger, so he often says things without quite thinking about them.

As he is a skeleton, he is immune to most puncturing (Spears) and some slashing (Along the lines of the Real Knife) attacks. However, Weapons that depend on impact(Hammers) and heavy slashing weapons (Swords) will still screw him up. This doesn't make his spine immune, however. And anything getting lodged in there means big trouble.

His energy weapons also have their weaknesses. The energy shield, while practically unbreakable, is the size of his hand. Pair that with someone who can strike faster that his hand could move, it would basically become void. The Hammer doesn't do damage, he can't wield the hatchet effectively and the revolver takes a while to be made.

I'll leave this here for now. This is Baker, Signing off.

NOTE: Most of these interactions of these characters aren't canon in their universes, but in Bakertale. Bakertale would be where you would find this stuff, so don't look at Error Sans or CORE Frisk expecting one of their relations to be with a Skeleton named Baker. They ARE pretty cool characters by themselves, but still.

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