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A/N: Hiya! I'm Lily! I do all the work when it comes to the AU (i.e: Story and Artwork) and that takes time. And I'm lazy. Please don't suggest anything for me to add, since I already have most of the stuff planned out.

But please, enjoy the story! Feedback is appreciated!

About the AU

"You might have caused this... but you're also the only one who can fix it."

After playing through a full Genocide and resetting one time too many, a "Bad End" becomes enforced. The "Bad End" keeps Frisk from being able to reset or show mercy. Every monster is out for blood, even once peaceful NPCs. The only monsters that are aware of the "Bad End" are Flowey and Sans, similar to their knowledge of the timelines.


Judgment Hall

In the final confront with Sans, the tone of Sans' dialogue changes. He constantly insists that Frisk reset before finishing the route. His battle strategy also changes, almost never stopping his attacks. When he finally does his special attack (a real one this time). Frisk barely manages to survive, only having 1 HP left. Sans, having been fully drained of energy after his attack, falls asleep. Frisk quickly uses the opportunity, stabbing Sans and ultimately killing him. But before Sans turns to dust, he tells Frisk "You'll see your mistake.... soon enough..." instead of talking to Papyrus. He also doesn't walk off screen. Frisk then goes on and kills Flowey and completes genocide again.

The Ruins

After resetting and returning to the patch of flowers, Frisk feels unsettled seeing the night sky above them. They continue on. In the next room, Flowey is nowhere to be seen. Frisk shrugs it off and continues through the Ruins alone. After solving all the puzzles by memory without assistance from Toriel, fighting large amounts of the various monsters within the ruins, and being disturbed by the fact they never saw Napstablook, Frisk gets to Toriel's house. Upon finding the door locked, Frisk digs through the piles of leaves and finds the key. After unlocking the door and entering the house, Frisk finds it to be completely dark. Assuming the reason for Toriel's absence being the result of the strange nighttime reset and that they would see her after sleeping, Frisk makes their way to their bedroom. They lay down and fall asleep, thinking about what Sans had told them before dying.

When Frisk wakes up, they find it's still very dark. Cautiously, they get up. Once they walk out, Frisk is met with a ball of fire flying past their head. They quickly turn around seeing a surprised Toriel. Frisk feels relieved for a moment, thinking that it was a misunderstanding-- as it was very dark. Maybe she thought that they were an intruder. With this in mind, Frisk calls out to Toriel, saying they were a lost child. Toriel seems to have some sense of recognition, even smiling a bit. Frisk smiles as well, hoping to continue the route normally. Until Toriel's expression darkens.

Frisk notices this and quickly turns to make a run to the exit of the ruins, Toriel following. Frisk struggles to dodge her fire attacks while running, finally falling in front of the exit. They roll onto the their back, another ball of fire barely missing them. Toriel stands over them, fire in hands. Frisk turns their head and braces for the searing pain. Except it never comes. Instead, they hear a something hit and Toriel gasp. Turning their head back, Frisk sees Toriel, for only a moment, with a bone going through her torso. They watch as the bone disappears and Toriel turns to dust. Without a moment's hesitation, they push open the doors and fall into the snow. Frisk takes a few moments to calm down, trying to process what happened. Until they hear someone approach. They lift their head to see a very somber looking Sans.




Frisk in the Beginning and End.


Frisk is genderless in this AU. They have short brown hair with bangs and a cowlick. They wear a light blue long sleeved shirt with two purplish pink stripes. Their pants are a slightly darker blue and their shoes are brown.


Frisk is generally unafraid and willing to kill. They become fearful during the Bad End, only because they are being confronted with the unknown and unable to reset.


Bad End Tale

Toriel about to kill Frisk.

"My child... Have you mistaken me for someone else?"


Not much changes physically, as this is still technically Undertale. Her clothing is slightly darker and her irises are pure white.


Not much is seen in regards to Toriel's personality, since she is only a minor character. However, what is seen is that she, like other monsters during the Bad End, is lacking of remorse. She is straight to the point in attempting to kill Frisk. Her personality before Frisk is brought into the picture is the same as in a regular run.

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