Axella is a God in the Alternate Universe The Choices We Make.



Axella is completely clad in black armor. He has the appearance of a jaguar or panther. He wields an enchanted katana.


Axella is arrogant and cocky. He wishes for chaos and war to rule the multiverse. He often thinks more about himself than others. He also doesn't like to own up to his mistakes. Axella does not like being wrong. In his Genocide Boss fight, he will realize he has made a terrible mistake in letting the Player kill everyone and promoting them to a Cosmic Destroyer. He thinks about the greater good instead of just what's good for him.


Long ago, there were two all-powerful twin brothers: Fusion and Axella. Fusion, the younger twin, dreamt of order and peace. The older twin, Axella, dreamt of chaos and war. When war broke out, Axella sided with the Humans and Fusion sided with the Monsters. When the Humans won and sealed Monsters underground, Axella relished this victory. Axella was certain that no one would destroy the barrier.

Many years later, in the year 2010 A.D., a human fell into the underground. The Dreemurr family took the child in. They eventually died. In the following years, six more humans fell into the Underground. Both brothers had mixed feelings. On one hand, the monsters would be free from the Underground, on the other hand, there would be another war.

Later, in the year 2016 A.D., a human child came. They had a special power that the previous humans did not.

True Pacifist

Axella is only mentioned by his brother Fusion. Fusion says that he and Axella have been watching Frisk's journey through the Underground and Axella was not too thrilled at the "open display of love and affection" that took place.


Once Chara crashes your game, you must reopen it and wait 10 minutes. After than you will be greeted by the evil twin Axella. He will say how he and his "goodie-two-shoes brother" have watched the Human's adventures and congratulates you on your destruction of monsterkind, saying it, "fed" him. He said that he knew you would turn to the Dark Side. Axella will then turn the Player Character into Chara - the Cosmic Destroyer. Axella will tell Chara that they now have unlimited power and cannot die. Axella will then say that Chara can destroy any world as many times as they feel like. Axella then says, "Go and kill!"

If you close and reopen your game, you will encounter Fusion. Fusion realizes that you are too far gone for any reasoning and resorts to the only thing Chara will understand: violence. His fight will be exceedingly difficult. He not only blocks your every attack with his shield, but he deals Karmic Retribution. If you kill him, Axella will congratulate you on your victory. He will soon realize that you wish to attack him as well after attempting to reason with you, he will then fight you. Axella's fight will be the hardest fight in the entire game.

Powers and Abilities

Axella is an all-powerful being, meaning he has unlimited power.


Only an all-powerful being can kill Axella.

In Battle


To be added



  • Greetings.
  • My name is AXELLA.
  • Welcome to the ABYSS.
  • Me and my goody-two-shoes brother have been watching your journey through the Underground.
  • We chose sides on what you would do down there.
  • I said how you would obliterate all of monsterkind.
  • My brother thought you'd choose to be all kind and pure.
  • Wrong as always.
  • Thank you, for your destruction of Monsters!
  • The killing, the chaos! It fed me.
  • I always knew you would turn to the Dark side!
  • Anyways, this is the end. There's nothing more for you here.
  • You probably want more!
  • More destruction!
  • Well, have I got news for you!
  • You, Chara are worthy of becoming the Cosmic Destroyer!
  • You will have unlimited power and immortality!
  • You will be able to destroy as many universes as you want as many TIMES as you want.
  • From now on, you are now Chara - the Cosmic Destroyer!
  • Go and KILL!


  • Well done, Chara!
  • You have eliminated my goody-two-shoes brother!
  • I bet that felt REALLY good for you!
  • Now what are you going to do next, Cosmic Destroyer?
  • ...
  • ...
  • Why are you looking at me like that?
  • Wait, what are you doing? BACK OFF!!
  • You don't wanna kill me!
  • I made you this way!
  • I gave you POWER you never dreamed of!!
  • Wait!
  • Why should I be afraid?!
  • I'm AXELLA!!
  • I'm stronger than anyone in the Multiverse!
  • I'm stronger than any samurai!
  • I'm stronger than that comedian!
  • I'm stronger than Fusion!
  • But most importantly of all...
  • I'm stronger than YOU!


(To be added.)


  • Axella has extensive samurai training.

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